10 completely insane Jalen Hurts Super Bowl stats

Jalen Hurts accomplished feats on Sunday that no individual has ever achieved in an NFL match.

Let’s take a look at some remarkable statistical achievements of Hurts in Roob’s Eagles Stats for the final edition of Super Bowl LVII in 2022.

Hurts becomes the inaugural Super Bowl quarterback to achieve a remarkable feat of throwing for 300 yards and completing 70 percent of his passes, all without an interception. Daunte Culpepper, Michael Vick, Justin Herbert, and Lamar Jackson join the exclusive group of four other players who have accomplished the rare combination of throwing for 300 yards, rushing for 70 yards, and completing 70 percent of their passes. Regardless of the type of game – regular season, postseason, or Super Bowl – Hurts solidifies his place in NFL history as the first player to achieve the impressive milestone of throwing for 300 yards, rushing for 70 yards, completing 70 percent of his passes, and scoring three rushing touchdowns.

In December, during the victory against the Bears, he accumulated 20 points – three rushing touchdowns and a two-point conversion. Hurts matched the Eagles’ all-time highest scoring record for any game. The previous highest score for a quarterback in the postseason was 18 points, achieved by Otto Graham in the Browns’ triumph over the Lions in the 1954 NFL Championship Game at Cleveland Municipal Stadium. The previous Eagles playoff scoring record was 16 points, accomplished by kicker Gary Anderson in the 58-37 win over the Lions in a 1995 wild-card game (including three field goals and seven PATs). Adding his two-point conversion, Hurts attained a total of 20 points on Sunday, making it the fifth-highest ever in a playoff game and equalling the record for the most in a Super Bowl with the Patriots’ James White, who also scored 20 in 2016 against the Falcons.

Nick Foles has achieved four, while Donovan McNabb has achieved three. Hurts, with a passer rating of 112.2 against the Giants and 103.4 against the Chiefs, becomes the third quarterback in Eagles history to have multiple postseason performances with a high passer rating. In the 2017 NFC Championship Game against the Vikings, Nick Foles becomes the sole quarterback in Eagles history to throw for 300 yards in a playoff game without an interception. Additionally, he becomes the first player in any game to achieve 300 passing yards and 20 points.


Steve Young set the NFL record of eight rushing touchdowns in 22 games from 1987 through 1998. He is also the sixth-most rushing touchdowns in postseason career history, with five. In 1947, Eugene “Spec” Sanders had the most rushing touchdowns ever by a quarterback for the New York Yankees, with 18. He also had ties in 16 games. When LeSean McCoy had 18 rushing touchdowns in 2011, he set the franchise record. Additionally, he gave the Super Bowl in this year three rushing touchdowns.

In San Diego, the Broncos established the Super Bowl record, which was later equaled by Hall of Famer Terrell Davis, with three rushing touchdowns in their Super Bowl XXXII victory over the Packers. Hurts replicated this record by scoring three rushing touchdowns for the Eagles in the Super Bowl, making him responsible for three out of the team’s four all-time rushing touchdowns in the championship game (the other one being scored by LeGarrette Blount). In terms of career rushing touchdowns in the Super Bowl, Hurts falls behind Hall of Famers Emmitt Smith (5), John Elway (4), Franco Harris (4), and Thurman Thomas (4), making him one of only four players with such achievements.

Hurts’ eight overall touchdowns – three through the air and five on the ground – mark the highest number ever achieved by an Eagles quarterback in a single postseason. McNabb accomplished this feat twice, first in 2001 with five passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns, and then again in 2004 with seven passing touchdowns. Hurts now joins the ranks of only five quarterbacks in history who have recorded a minimum of three touchdowns both through the air and on the ground in the same postseason.

In a Super Bowl, Hurts’ 103.4 passer rating was not just the utmost by a quarterback below 25, but it was also the highest by 17 points. Following the 2001 season, Tom Brady’s 86.2 in Super Bowl XXXVI against the Rams in New Orleans was the previous record. Hurts is the most youthful QB to possess a completion percentage over 70 in a Super Bowl, the most youthful QB to pass for 300 yards without an interception in a Super Bowl, and the youngest with four total TDs in a Super Bowl.

Hurts’ 70 yards gained on the ground set a new Super Bowl benchmark, surpassing Steve McNair’s record of 64 rushing yards for the Titans against the Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta. In terms of rushing touchdowns in the postseason, Hurts stands as the second-most prolific player in Eagles history, with a total of five touchdowns scored from 1981 to 1978, fewer than only Montgomery Wilbert. Additionally, he is the 11th player in history to achieve both four rushing touchdowns and four passing touchdowns in his postseason career.

Randall Cunningham, in his NFL career, has attempted 65 interceptions, which is the 10th best in history. Among quarterbacks in the league’s history, he ranks 7th highest with at least 100 attempts. This is also the highest since his previous high of 65 in 1992. Furthermore, he holds the record for the most attempts without an interception in the postseason by an Eagles quarterback, with 87 attempts.

In the playoff careers of these five quarterbacks – Patrick Mahomes, Kurt Warner, Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith, and Dan Marino – only Hurts has now accumulated a total of nine touchdowns in his first four postseason games, both rushing and passing.