14 Great Restaurants in Atlantic Beach, NC

To ensure that you have an amazing experience on the Crystal Coast during your upcoming vacation, we have compiled a variety of the most popular dining establishments in Atlantic Beach!

Just a handful of establishments accept reservations, and numerous dining establishments become swamped with large numbers of people during the summer months, hence it is advisable to consider this when selecting dining options in Atlantic Beach.

If possible, consider dining during non-peak hours to minimize waiting time.

Prior to your visit, make sure to verify the operating hours of the restaurants you plan to go to, especially if you are visiting Atlantic Beach during the off-peak period, as certain establishments may either close or have reduced hours during the winter season.

travelers gathered at the bar in idle house biergarten atlantic beach nc

We have provided the website or Facebook page of each restaurant below to assist you in conveniently verifying their operating hours.

Additionally, while keeping in mind that this guide is specifically focused on the Atlantic Beach area, there are many excellent places to eat nearby, such as Pine Knoll Shores, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, and Beaufort.

There are numerous options available when it comes to dining on the Crystal Coast!

Delicious Restaurants in Atlantic Beach, NC

Amos Mosquito’s

A beloved local gem, Amos Mosquito’s is undoubtedly one of the finest dining establishments in Atlantic Beach, NC!

During summer evenings, you can find both tourists and locals lining up in the parking lot before the opening to order dinner, so they don’t take reservations.

Their menu is famously eclectic-our last dinner there featured steamed pork dumplings, meatloaf, scallops, and cobbler, among other things-and everything is fantastic.

You can enjoy a view of the evening breeze while waiting for your table on the dock, as the restaurant is situated on the side with pleasant sounds.

4 Corners Diner

The 4 Corners Diner is a traditional Atlantic Beach establishment that provides unpretentious and modest diner fare, conveniently situated in the center of town.

The most ancient eatery structure in Atlantic Beach is the edifice 4 Corners Diner occupies, and the inside certainly exudes a charmingly nostalgic atmosphere while the diner itself is more recent.

I particularly enjoy the breakfasts, but the burgers and daily specials (like unlimited shrimp) are also highly favored.

Venice Italian Kitchen

Searching for delicious, traditional Italian meals in Atlantic Beach?

Venice Italian Kitchen has got you covered!

This blink-and-you’ll-miss-it family-run Atlantic Beach restaurant is just past the bridge when coming in from Morehead, and it’s well worth checking out.

Their lasagne, manicotti, eggplant parmesan, and other dishes are all popular, and the serving sizes are huge.

Oceanana Pier House Restaurant

The Oceanana Pier, which is home to a down-home diner, is the perfect stop before or after your fishing trip or stroll on the waterfront. It features one of the best views around the pier.

Oceanana Pier is a fun spot to grab a quick bite in Atlantic Beach, offering favorites like burgers and breakfast platters, as well as fresh local seafood from a diner-like setting.

Their pie from Atlantic Beach is also delicious!

First thing in the morning, there’s nothing quite like relishing a water view: the cuisine is delightful, and we’re also inclined towards stopping by for breakfast.

diner counter at oceanana pier, one of the best diners in atlantic beach north carolina

Idle Hour Biergarten

Located just a few steps from the water, Atlantic Beach Biergarten is the perfect casual beach restaurant, offering both indoor and outdoor seating at Idle Hour.

Whether you want to enjoy a full meal or grab a drink in the shade, this spot near Circle is an excellent choice.

Their outdoor terrace space is also welcoming to dogs, which is a bonus for our canine companion Ranger.

Don’t miss out on the soft pretzel!

soft pretzel at idle house biergarten, one of the best restaurants on the water atlantic beach nc

Island Grille

Island Grille, located in Atlantic Beach, renowned for its intimate and comfortable dining area, its delectable oceanic cuisine, its distinctive filet, and its weekly buy one, get one free promotions, remains one of the consistently favored seafood establishments.

Feel free to make arrangements and call ahead for your special dinner occasion, as the Grille Island offers many places to eat, unlike other options.

Located at the very end of Grille Island Drive, just a few steps away from a public beach with perfect point-access, is a delightful stroll on the sand before dinner!

upscale seafood dinner plate featuring scallops

On The Rocks

The Atlantic Beach, known for its competitive prices on burgers and classic seafood dishes, does offer a beach town experience. However, unlike other popular beach towns during the summer, it does not feature outdoor dining and is not located directly on the water.

If you’re looking for a cozy booth, even a gigantic salad bar and the possibility of great live music, this is the place to eat. This is the place to eat in Atlantic Beach.

Make sure to visit their Facebook page for the latest information on events and music.

The Shark Shack

The Shark Shack is a popular spot for dining in Macon Fort off Road, offering a lowkey atmosphere and serving perfect seafood dishes. Customers can enjoy their meals on the outdoor picnic tables while basking in the beautiful Atlantic Beach scenery.

If there are people in your group who do not eat seafood, you can also discover alternatives such as hamburgers and sausages from the barbecue.

Roma Pizza and Subs

This traditional, laid-back pizza restaurant has been serving classic New York-style pizza in Atlantic Beach for many years.

After spending a day at the seaside, Roma Pizza and Subs is an excellent choice for evenings when you crave a simple, piping-hot dinner to bring back with you.

I have very cherished recollections of indulging in their pizza after a lengthy afternoon of swimming as a child!

new york style pepperoni pizza

Table 9 Seafood Restaurant

Searching for a high-end seafood eatery deserving of a romantic evening or a noteworthy commemoration?

Table 9, with its comfortable atmosphere and innovative menu, is the ideal spot for a memorable dinner in Atlantic Beach.

Please note that they (like several Atlantic Beach eateries) do not take reservations and typically open at 4:00 PM on most days.

If you prefer not to wait for a table, contemplate scheduling your meal a little earlier!

upscale plate of seafood featuring grilled fish on a white plate

Full Moon Oyster Bar

This popular chain in North Carolina has multiple well-liked establishments throughout the state, and the restaurant in Atlantic Beach is no different!

If you’re searching for excellent seafood (particularly oysters, naturally) in a memorable ambiance, Full Moon Oyster Bar has got you covered.

Remember to visit their website for upcoming events and promotions!

Atlantic Beach Seafood and Fresh Market

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a plate of freshly fried fish on-site or to go for a steaming pot of Market Fresh and Atlantic Beach Seafood, we’ve got you covered!

The market also offers a variety of local products including olive oil, honey, pies, and various other items.

Whether you’re looking to stock up on fresh market produce or grab a quick bite at the Atlantic Beach Seafood, they’re conveniently located just past the bridge from Morehead Beach.

seasoned seafood boil including crab legs and mussels

El Zarape Mexican Restaurant

Seeking to diversify your seafood experience with something unique?

El Zarape Mexican Restaurant has been in Atlantic Beach for years, serving up TexMex staples like enchiladas, tacos, burritos, margaritas, and more.

When you’re ready to dive into a gigantic pile of salsa and chips after a great day at the beach, this is the place to go.

texmex style burrito served on a white plate with rice and beans

Sub Tropics

Are you in search of a delectable sandwich eatery that is both convenient and scrumptious in Atlantic Beach?

The small, humble, and long-standing Sub Tropics has you taken care of!

Fast Food + Groceries in Atlantic Beach, NC

Planning to fill your beach house with groceries or visit a highly efficient drive-through with the children?

In Produce Island, a small shop located in Atlantic Beach, there is a decent-sized Lion Food that stocks food items for people with vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary limitations.

Many people visit Morehead City to buy their groceries, where they can find various options such as Lidl, another Food Lion, a Wal-Mart Supercenter, and a Lowes.

When it comes to fast-food establishments in Atlantic Beach, you will come across a Mcdonald’s, a Subway, and a Bojangles.

There are also a few nearby takeaway restaurants, including China King.

Two additional local pizza choices are Michelangelo’s and Bella Pizza and Subs.

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