16 Low-Sodium Cereal Brands

Cereal with Reduced Sodium

If you are following a low-sodium diet, you can help yourself by looking for a low-sodium cereal that has less than 115 mg of sodium per serving cup. No need to spend time looking at food labels in the grocery store below, we have already rounded up a list of low-sodium options for you. This way, you can find one that has less than 5% of the Daily Value of sodium, which will help you stay within your target sodium intake for the rest of the day.

Shredded Wheat Classic & Large Biscuit

Low-sodium cereal

Wheat Shredded is a high-fiber cereal that contains zero sodium per serving cup. It is made with only one ingredient – whole wheat grain.

Kashi Certified Organic Cinnamon Harvest

low-sodium cereal

Crafted using whole-grain wheat, Kashi Organic Cinnamon Harvest is rich in dietary fiber and has no sodium per 1 cup portion.

Natural Path Kamut Khorasan Wheat Puffs

low-sodium cereal

This cereal consists of solely one component – Whole Grain Khorasan Wheat and has no sodium per 1 cup portion.

Rice Puffs by Nature’s Path

low-sodium cereal

Made with brown rice as the sole component, this cereal contains no sodium per serving.

Shredded Whole Grain Cereal with Bran

low-sodium cereal - shredded wheat and bran

Created using whole grain wheat and wheat bran, this fiber-rich cereal has no sodium in each 1 cup serving.

Kashi Organic Fall Wheat

low-sodium cereal - kashi

This high-fiber cereal is crafted with whole grain wheat and has only 1mg of sodium per 1 cup serving.

Malt-O-Meal Sweet Wheat Clusters

malt-o-meal sweet bundles

Malt-O-Meal contains a mere 5mg of sodium per serving. This breakfast cereal is crafted from whole grains and is rich in fiber.

Jordan’s Morning Crunch


This brand of cereal contains just 10mg of sodium per serving.

Mini Wheaties

mini wheats cereal and nutriton facts table

Mini Wheats have a mere 10mg of sodium per serving.

Quaker Harvest Crunch

quaker harvest crunch cereal and nutrition facts table

The flavors of Original and Raisin Almond have the lowest sodium content, with 53mg and 45mg of sodium respectively. The amount of sodium in Quaker’s Harvest Crunch cereal varies depending on the flavor, ranging from 45-110mg per serving.

Kashi Toasted Organic Oat

low-sodium cereal - kashi organic toasted oat

This Kashi cereal contains just 70mg of salt per 1 cup portion.

Sweet Crisp

sugar crisp cereal and nutrition facts table

Sugar Crisp contains a mere 85mg of sodium per serving.

Kellogg’s Cinnamon Roll


This cereal contains 100mg of salt per serving.

Cinnamon-flavored Rice Krispies

rice krispies cinnamon cereal and nutrition facts table

Cinnamon Rice Krispies have a lower sodium content compared to the original flavor, containing 105mg of sodium per 1 cup serving.

Authentic Honeycomb

honeycomb original cereal and nutrition facts table

Honeycomb cereal has a sodium content of 110mg per serving.

Triple Berry Oatmeal Crisp

oatmeal crisp triple berry cereal and nutrition facts table

This variation of Oatmeal Crisp cereal contains 115mg of salt per serving.

Cereal with Reduced Sodium and Sugar Levels

The cereals with the least amount of sugar and low sodium are:

  • Shredded Wheat Classic, Large Biscuit, Wheat & Bran (0g sugar per portion).
  • Nature’s Path Rice Puffs (0g sugar per portion).
  • Nature’s Path Kamut Khorasan Wheat Puffs (1g sweetener per serving).
  • Malt-O-Meal Honey Oat Medley (6g sweetener per serving).
  • Kashi Organic Autumn Wheat and Toasted Oat (7g sweetener per portion).
  • Cereal with Reduced Sodium and Increased Fiber

    The top fiber low-sodium cereals are:.

  • Shredded Wheat Large Biscuit, Wheat & Bran (7g dietary fiber per portion).
  • Shredded Wheat Classic (6g dietary fiber per serving).
  • Kashi Organic Cinnamon Harvest, Fall Wheat (6g dietary fiber per portion).
  • Mini Wheats (6g dietary fiber per serving).
  • Jordan’s Morning Crunch (6g dietary fiber per serving).
  • Harvest Crunch Classic (6g dietary fiber per serving).
  • Quaker Harvest Crunch (6-10g dietary fiber per serving, depending on the variant).
  • Top-Rated Low-Sodium Cereal Option

    The best overall low-sodium cereals are: We recommend choosing a cereal that is also a source of fiber and low in sugar.