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  • Category: Presidential Coins (2007-2020).
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  • Obverse Designer: {{::$ctrl.Coin.CoinSpecification.ObverseDesigner}}.
  • Reverse Designer: {{::$ctrl.Coin.CoinSpecification.ReverseDesigner}}.
  • Composition: {{::$ctrl.Coin.CoinSpecification.Composition}}.
  • Fineness: {{::$ctrl.Coin.CoinSpecification.Fineness}}.
  • Weight: {{::$ctrl.Coin.CoinSpecification.WeightGrams}}g.
  • {{::$Ctrl.Coin.CoinSpecification.WeightOuncesLabel}}: {{::$ctrl.Coin.CoinSpecification.WeightOunces}}oz.
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  • Diameter: {{::$ctrl.Coin.CoinSpecification.Diameter}}.
  • Edge: {{::$ctrl.Coin.CoinSpecification.Edge}}.
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