2024 Federal Pay Raise Update: Likelihood of 5.2% Increases

The news that affects the pay of federal workers is stirring in the Senate. The first budgetary legislation produced by the committee on appropriations addresses the issue. Additionally, there is legislation from the same committee that sharpens the estimates for the raise in annual pay next year. The Senate is also aiming to increase hiring and improve pay at the Border and Customs Protection agency through two other bills.

Since the year 2000, 5.2% remains the largest such increase for the federal workforce. The FAIR Act proposed an 8.7% increase for the yearly federal raise, but it seems unlikely. History has demonstrated that it is relatively unlikely for either Congress or the President to modify this amount for civilian workers before the year concludes. Military personnel explicitly included a 5.2% increase in the recently sanctioned NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) by committees from both chambers of Congress. The White House’s recommendation of 5.2% has now been tacitly approved by both the House and Senate, as they did not address the yearly salary increase for federal employees in recent budgetary measures.

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Once locality compensation is taken into account, it is anticipated that the Biden Administration will confirm their proposed 5.2% raise, which is perceived to be a typical salary increment, around August or the start of September.

Funding Boost for CBP

Two proposed bills aim to assist an understaffed CBP, an agency at the forefront in the prolonged crisis at the nation’s southern border, also emerging from the Senate and pertaining to salary increases for federal employees. The recruitment of additional officers, technicians, and support staff would be authorized by the ‘Securing America’s Ports of Entry Act’. Conversely, the ‘Border Patrol Enhancement Act’ seeks to address an issue concerning overtime pay for CBP patrol officers while also elevating their position to a GS-12, effectively granting these officers an approximate 14% salary hike. However, a companion legislation has been introduced in the House of Representatives but is yet to progress beyond a committee stage, similar to the corresponding bill in the Senate.

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