5 Shocking Facts About Aiden Caohman Vieques Kennedy: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Hidden Son

In this article, we are presenting five shocking facts about Aiden Caohman Kennedy, a young member of the vast Kennedy family. While some newer lineages of the family have opted for different careers, the Kennedys, like any other family, have faced both criticism and praise for their actions.

5. Junior Kennedy, A Part of the Treasured Family

Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy has a sister called William Finbar “Finn” Kennedy, and two brothers named Conor Richardson Kennedy and Aiden. Kyra has three older siblings: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. And Mary Kathleen Richardson. Aiden, who was born in 2001, is their son.

Aiden can trace his ancestry back fifty-two generations to the Kennedys, and he is a proud member of an esteemed family lineage. Before marrying his first wife, Ruth Emily Black, Robert married Kathleen Mary Richardson, with whom he had two children, Alexandra Kathleen Kennedy and Bobby III.

Robert recently announced his separation from his wife in January 2023, but now he is married to the well-known actress Cheryl Hines, who is famously known for her role in Curb Your Enthusiasm. She has managed to shield herself from media scrutiny.

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4. Aiden Caohman Vieques Kennedy Went Through a Tragic Loss

Did Aiden Little, who was only 11 years old when his mother Mary Kennedy Richardson died, take her own life to further descend into the renowned political dynasty she married into, but why did the architect hang himself in her Bedford home in York?

An autopsy revealed a small portion of antidepressants in her blood. She even faced charges from the police for abusing alcohol and drugs in later years. Mary Richardson, a renowned interior designer who was appreciated for her environmental and philanthropic work, was the mother of Kennedy’s Aiden.

Mary had been going through severe depression in the past few years before her death. She always feared that she would lose the home she had built for her family and she had a huge credit card debt. Cheryl Hines, star of the TV show Alone, humiliated Robert by showing off her relationship with him, which made Mary feel embarrassed. At the time of her death, Mary’s divorce case from her then-husband Robert was still pending, filed in 2010.

Kyra, the only daughter of Robert and Mary, was sent to live with Cheryl due to emotional struggles at the challenging and difficult age that Aiden and his siblings had experienced. They could handle the death more than some others.

In May 2012, the Richardson family arranged a commemorative gathering at the Standard Hotel in Manhattan, while Mary’s burial took place at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Redford by the Kennedy family. Her spouse embarrassed her, along with the sensation of solitude without the children, encompassing numerous sorrowful occurrences, their mother had to endure, while the kids ultimately adapted to the bereavement.

3. An Impressive Pilestock of Aiden Kennedy’s Portfolio

Since August 2022, Robert Kennedy Jr.’S youngest son has been attending the prestigious Harvard University to pursue his graduate studies. He earned his high school diploma in 2019 and subsequently enrolled at Salisbury School and later Middlesex School from 2015 to 2019.

Aiden embarked on his work experience by interning for Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for three months after having occupied various roles at different companies. Subsequently, he dedicated eight months to his role as the Chris Kennedy Gubernatorial Outreach Intern at the Illinois State Senate Democratic Caucus, commencing in May 2017.

Aiden Caohman Vieques Kennedy

Aiden Caohman Vieques Kennedy. Image Source: Instagram.

Situated in Los Angeles, Kennedy’s most recent experience included working as an intern for production assistance and coverage analysis at Grand Electric, according to his LinkedIn profile. Aiden, who interned for West Coast Financial, also completed a three-month internship with corporate attorneys Baum, Hedlund, and Goldstein.

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2. An Avid Fan of American Football

Fervent and enthusiastic, Cheryl posted on Twitter about the unwavering devotion of ten-year-old Aidan Kennedy to the New England Patriots, which greatly influenced her to become a fan as well. The New York Post stated that Cheryl tweeted about the extremely fervent and enthusiastic obsession of ten-year-old Aidan Kennedy with the New England Patriots. Aidan is a dedicated follower of the American football team, the New England Patriots.

In 2014, Hines and Kennedy, as a couple, got married in an effort to progress beyond their unfortunate circumstances. Aiden’s mother was already unhappy about Robert Kennedy Jr. Being in a relationship with Hines. Cheryl’s comment seems a bit tactless considering the tragedy that struck Aiden’s mother, Mary, just a few weeks later when she tragically ended her own life, despite it seeming harmless initially.

1. Aiden Kennedy in Politics? The Kennedys Might Win Again in 2024

In April 2023, the youngest offspring was observed endorsing his father’s political campaign. In recent months, Aiden Kennedy has exhibited significant enthusiasm regarding his father’s bid for the 2024 Presidential Election. Nevertheless, he does not engage actively on social media platforms, nor does he frequently appear in public. Aiden chooses to uphold a discreet lifestyle of relative uncertainty, while certain younger members of the Kennedy lineage have chosen paths in the film industry or pursued journalistic pursuits.

Finn and Aiden, boys and Kyra, girl, and Bobby (Bobcat), four-year-old grandchild, accompanied the 69-year-old politician, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., In Boston for the start of his 2024 Presidential campaign. He was presented to his followers by his actress spouse, Cheryl, on April 19, 2023.

According to the latest updates, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is currently ahead in the favorability polls when compared to Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

2024 Presidential Contenders Favorably Unfavorably
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 49% 30%
Joe Biden 52% 45%
Donald Trump 43% 53%

Table Reference: The Economist.

According to the recent survey conducted by The Economist, Trump, with a 53% unfavorable rating, and Biden, with a 45% unfavorable rating, were not well-regarded. However, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Who is considered a potential candidate for the 2024 presidential election, maintained a lead in the primary with a favorable rating of 49% and an unfavorable rating of only 30%.

Throughout President Barack Obama’s time in office, his dad worked at the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts from 2011-2013, and holds professions as a creator, writer, and artist. In the meantime, his mom has been fulfilling her role as the U.S ambassador to Australia since 2022. His mother, Caroline Kennedy, and Edwin Schlossberg have just one son, who also happens to be the sole grandson of the deceased President John F. Kennedy. Jack Schlossberg criticized his cousin RFK Jr.’S bid for presidency, deeming it as a source of shame.

Jack Schlossberg, who seems to have recorded an Instagram video inside a car, highlighted Robert F Kennedy Jr’s candidacy as a personal project. In the video, Jack mentioned that his cousin Bobby Kennedy Jr. Would back Biden if he cared about the current challenges in the United States. Jack also took it a step further by asserting that Biden shares his grandfather’s vision for America and is the most prominent progressive president in recent times. The 30-year-old son of Caroline Kennedy formally expressed his support for President Biden.

Speaking about the closest family, Cheryl, Aiden’s stepmother, said that she was fully supportive of her husband’s plans to run for the White House in 2024 against President Joe Biden, and that he is very happy with the presidential bid of his daughters and sons, Jr. Robert F. Kennedy.

The commitment of the Kennedy family to public service and the influence of U.S and global politics continue to shape the social and political landscape, giving hope.