7 Times Kim Kardashian Broke The Internet Like It’s No Big Deal

Kim Kardashian, a real-life billionaire, is living her 41st birthday moment shattering the internet. While her businesses and bank accounts may thrive and ring, she has also been ridiculed for being ‘talentless’. However, Kim knows how to get the longest running mouths to differ. As a testament to her social media mogul status, her 259 million Instagram followers understand Kardashian Kim like nobody else. Her career in the limelight may have begun as Hilton’s publicist, but she has managed to turn all the lemons from her 2014 nude magazine cover into lemonade. Her incognito masked look at the 2021 Met Gala is a living proof of how she thrives on underestimation.

1. Provocative Cover For Paper.

She always made it a talking point for days, without any explanation. When the internet was getting used to explicit selfies by Kim, she took it up a notch by posing bare-butt on the cover of Paper magazine and it literally became a joke every time.

2. Selfish: A Book Filled With Daring Self-Portraits.


She decided to immortalize her everyday self-love by turning a coffee table book into a daily image diary. If you’ve been following her on Instagram and Snapchat, you know she loves flaunting her hourglass figure without clothes. Kim has often been ridiculed for indulging too much in vanity, so she decided to clap back at the haters by launching a whole book full of her selfies.

3. Controversial Nuptials.

Kim eloped with songwriter Thomas Damon at the age of 19 in 2000, confessing to being on a high of ecstasy. This wasn’t her first marriage debacle, but it lasted for 72 days, making headlines once again in her personal life. In 2011, she tied the knot with basketball player Kris Humphries, before marrying one of the most famous musicians in the world. While everyone remembers Kim’s dreamy nuptials in Florence, Italy, she is now only remembered as Kanye West’s ex-husband.

4. Introduction Of KKW Beauty & Skims.

Since its inception, the phenomenon of innovative and star-studded campaigns has made inclusive and comfortable silhouettes become quite popular. Kim, always one to navigate through challenging situations, found herself in choppy waters and ultimately landed on Skims as the name for her intimate apparel brand, while initially holding the title of Kimonos. Kim, with her expertise in shapewear, decided to venture into another genre for her next endeavor. It was only natural for her, having started a beauty brand that taps into all things fragrance and beauty. Terms like baking, creasing, and contouring were unfamiliar to netizens before Kim Kardashian brought them into the mainstream.

5. The Met Gala 2019 In Mugler.

If Kim takes fashion very seriously, it doesn’t even mean that she doesn’t sit for the entire evening. She frantically wanted to attain the number of her fitness trainer who helped her snatch this Bod. After spotting Kim on the steps of the Met, half of the internet was convinced that she had removed a rib to fit into the second-skin dress by Thierry Mugler. (She cried while wearing sweats on the recliner)

The 2021 Met Gala in Balenciaga.

She made a point of trying to prove herself by being the top meme on every page, yet this time she decided to cover every inch of herself in Balenciaga custom-made outfits. Regardless of whether they are scandalous or safe, American culture has always been judgmental of Kim’s fashion choices. Let me break it down for you, confused? Kim understood the assignment for the 2021 Met Gala theme: “Fashion Of Lexicon A: America In.”

7. Being the host of SNL.

Once again, despite the internet criticism, Kim single-handedly amused and impressed the haters with her commitment and skills in her acting gig. After the episode aired, everyone collectively praised Kim’s comedic timing and abilities, causing the controversy to quickly spin faster around Kris, her momager. However, she managed to turn the internet around and demotivate them with her announcement of hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL).