A comprehensive list of 2023 tech layoffs

If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can contact us here. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of all the layoffs that occurred in the tech industry in 2023, which is updated monthly.

Based on the information provided by the tracker, the overall count of technology job cuts in 2022 surpasses the number of job cuts that have taken place so far this year. Layoffs.Fyi states that the cumulative total of job cuts for 2023, taking into account the complete months up to the present time, stands at 224,503.

  • In the month of January, a grand total of 89,554 workers were terminated from their positions. Further details regarding the Tech Layoffs that transpired in January 2023 can be obtained.
  • February: 40,021 workers terminated — explore all February 2023 Tech Layoffs.
  • March: 37,823 workers terminated — view all March 2023 Tech Layoffs.
  • April: 20,014 workers terminated — view all April 2023 Tech Layoffs.
  • May: 14,928 workers let go — explore all May 2023 Tech Layoffs.
  • June: 10,958 workers let go — explore all June 2023 Tech Layoffs.
  • July: 10,589 workers let go — check out all the July 2023 Tech Layoffs.
  • August: 9,545 workers terminated — view all August 2023 Tech Layoffs.
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    On September 6th, the company made an announcement stating its plans to decrease its workforce by approximately 10%, equivalent to over 300 employees.


    Around 200 individuals, who were part of Tekion’s India office, were among the 300 employees who were laid off. The startup made the decision to reduce its workforce by approximately 10% or around 300 employees, as announced on August 2 by Inc42.

    August 2023


    On August 31, it was announced that 100 employees were laid off, primarily affecting corporate staff.


    On August 21st, it was declared that the organization intends to decrease its workforce by terminating 283 employees, making up around 33% of its overall personnel.


    This marks the company’s second wave of job cuts in 2021. Declared on August 14th, the company plans to dismiss 15% of its staff, affecting approximately 300 workers.


    It was announced on August 14th that the organization is reducing its workforce by 16%.

    NCC Group

    The company’s declined state has resulted in a reduction of employees. It has been confirmed that the company will be making additional layoffs in August, marking the second round of layoffs within a span of six months. In February, NCC Group cut 125 employees.


    On August 9th, it was announced that the company intends to reduce its workforce by 18%, impacting over 400 employees worldwide.

    Premier League Mobile

    It was announced on August 8th that around 50% of its workforce, or 350 individuals, will be laid off.


    It was announced on August 4th that the company has downsized its staff by 25% since the start of the quarter.


    On August 3rd, it was declared that the organization has let go of around 40 employees, constituting 4% of its overall staff.


    On August 2, it was declared that around 50 employees, equivalent to 12% of its workforce, would be laid off.


    The organization made an announcement on August 1st regarding its decision to downsize the workforce by terminating 117 employees, constituting around 10% of the entire staff.

    July 2023


    So far this year, the company has cut approximately 400 positions. Their third round of layoffs, expected to result in the elimination of over 200 jobs, will occur soon. Dunzo executives have notified employees that starting from July 20th, they will be deferring salaries for a month and are planning another round of job cuts. This was announced on July 19th.


    It was announced on July 18th that they plan to terminate the employment of 80 employees.


    It was announced on July 13th that the Indian startup has terminated around 225 employees, which accounts for 20% of its workforce.


    Announced on LinkedIn on July 9th that the organization is downsizing 52 staff members.


    Alongside the 10,000 job cuts reported in January, the organization is removing extra positions one week after the commencement of its 2023 fiscal year, as announced on July 10th.


    On July 4th, it was declared that approximately 90 individuals, amounting to 10% of the workforce, have been let go.

    June of 2023


    On June 29, it was revealed that the organization had released 230 employees, which happened one year after about 90 workers were terminated.


    On June 29th, it was declared that the organization has terminated approximately 20% of its staff, resulting in the dismissal of 37 employees.


    During the week of June 23rd, the company made an announcement regarding the termination of more than one thousand employees, representing approximately 11% of its workforce.

    Olx Company

    The company announced in June that it has cut around 800 jobs globally. The news comes as the company started to close its Olx automotive business operations in some markets.


    On June 18, it was declared that the organization intends to terminate around 150 workers, the majority of whom constitute the bulk of the staff.


    Tada, the subsidiary of Socar, a Korean ride-sharing company, has announced on June 15th its intention to lay off approximately 45 employees, which accounts for at least 50% of its staff.


    On June 7th, an announcement was made regarding the dismissal of the real estate team, and the exact number of people impacted remains unknown.

    Big Dipper

    Ursa Major, as stated on LinkedIn, currently employs 292 individuals. Ursa Major has not yet addressed the number of individuals impacted by the layoffs, which were announced on June 7, at the rocket engine startup. At least 14 individuals have been terminated.


    The company recently announced a significant wave of layoffs, just a few months after it comes. It revealed in its podcast that it will cut 200 jobs, leading to a reduction in workforce, starting from June 5th.

    May 2023


    It was announced on May 30th that the company has terminated 20% of its workforce, which amounts to 120 employees.


    Since November, roughly 21,000 people have been jobless in Meta. Meta has declared the termination of employment for about 6,000 individuals, as disclosed on May 24th.


    In the upcoming weeks, Reliance Retail’s e-commerce platform intends to reduce up to 9,900 additional positions and terminated over 1,000 workers on May 22.

    Krebs Stamos Company

    The consulting company terminated the employment of six individuals on May 18th. In April, the company had a total of 18 staff members, which included the founders. However, on May 18th, the website indicates that there are now only 14 team members.


    It was announced on May 18th that approximately 30% of the workforce will be laid off.

    As per the organization, there will be approximately 220 staff members after the workforce reduction, and before the layoff, TuSimple had around 550 employees in the United States.


    On May 12th, it was declared that around 340 workers, constituting 30% of the staff, would be terminated across the organization.


    It was announced on May 8th that LinkedIn will be reducing its workforce by 716 positions, which accounts for approximately 3.6% of the total number of employees. Additionally, LinkedIn intends to discontinue its local jobs application in China. However, despite these cutbacks, LinkedIn has plans to create around 250 new job opportunities starting on May 15th.


    The company’s headcount has decreased significantly, with only 42 individuals remaining, a decrease of 82% from the 230 employees in April. Rapid (formerly known as RapidAPI) has recently terminated an additional 70 staff members, following the previous layoff of 50% of its workforce, as announced on May 5th.


    Approximately one year ago, it terminated 150 positions, which occurred subsequent to its initial wave of layoffs. It has reduced its workforce by 15%, equivalent to 251 positions, as declared on May 4.


    Flexport, a business logistics company, announced on May 4th that it is selling roughly 13% of its stock. This move is also impacting its workforce, as it is laying off more than 2,000 people, which accounts for approximately 20% of its employees.

    Bishop Fox

    On May 2, it was announced that approximately 50 workers, which accounts for 13% of its staff, were laid off.

    Cool Robotics

    Neato Robotics, a company owned by Vorwerk, declared on May 1st that it would be shutting down, leading to the displacement of nearly 100 workers.

    April 2023


    Clubhouse, the company that TechCrunch informed Davison about last October, will be closing down with 100 employees. A spokesperson for Clubhouse declined to comment on the exact number of employees affected by today’s workforce reduction. The company announced on April 27th that it had laid off more than 50% of its staff.


    On April 27th, it was announced that 500 workers, which accounts for 16% of the staff, would be laid off.


    Amazon’s corporate workforce is set to experience a reduction of 27,000 jobs, which accounts for approximately 8% of their workforce. This includes the previously announced layoffs of 18,000 individuals in January. The layoffs in March involved 9,000 employees, including the closure of its Halo Health division by July 31st, along with other divisions. The announcement was made on April 26th.


    115 impacted individuals have been affected by the layoffs. Previously known as RapidAPI, the company has laid off 50% of its staff.

    Anthemis Company

    On April 25th, it was declared that the institute will dismiss 16 individuals from its staff, comprising 28% of its employees.


    On April 27, an email will be dispatched to inform employees about their employment status, as previously communicated on April 21.

    Lyft job cuts will impact approximately 1,072 individuals, which accounts for about 26% of their workforce, as initially announced on April 27th.


    This is the top of the 11,000 jobs that were cut in November. It was announced on April 18th that it is expected to lay off 10,000 jobs in the upcoming months.


    The Seattle-based real estate company has downsized its workforce for the third time since June. A total of 201 employees, which accounts for approximately 4% of its workforce, were terminated and the announcement was made on April 13th.


    As per Bloomberg’s report on April 3rd, Apple is downsizing its corporate retail teams by eliminating a few positions.

    March 2023


    Netflix has confirmed a “small number of job cuts,” which involves two executives who have been with the company for a long time. The specific count of job cuts remains uncertain. Netflix is set to disclose its Q1 2023 performance on April 18.


    The company announced on March 30 that it had laid off 200 U.S. Employees in November. It is currently in the process of letting go of approximately 200 employees, which accounts for about 6% of its workforce.


    In November, the company eliminated approximately 350 positions, resulting in a reduction of more than 350 roles, which accounts for 12% of its employees. This decision was made just over four months after it was initially announced on March 30th.

    Shift Innovations

    It was announced on March 29th that the company let go of 30% of its employees in the first quarter of 2023.


    As of March 28, it has been announced that by the conclusion of Q2 2023, the company will be releasing 1,300 employees, representing approximately 18% of its workforce.


    TechCrunch told us that GitHub, a firm that recently announced a layoff as part of its efforts to streamline operations, has eliminated over 100 jobs in its engineering team in India. This move virtually lays off the entire team, marking a reduction of approximately 10% of its workforce by the end of Q1 2023 in the South Asian market.


    In February, Disney disclosed that there would be three waves of job cuts, commencing this week with the initial round. As indicated in an internal communication to employees on March 27, around 7,000 staff members will be affected.


    If layoffs were to happen, it could potentially affect the top 10% of employees in January. Brian Millham, the Chief Operating Officer at Salesforce, stated that the company may also consider adding to the ongoing job cuts in the tech and CRM sectors. Bloomberg reported on March 24th that there could be more layoffs on the way.


    On March 23rd, it was declared that the organization plans to downsize its workforce by 19,000 workers, constituting 2.5% of its entire staff.


    On March 22nd, the company made an announcement regarding its plan to downsize its workforce by letting go of 2,200 employees, which represents around 15% of its overall staff.


    On March 22, it was announced that around 100 employees, which accounts for 27% of its workforce, have been laid off.


    It was announced on March 20th that the company will be letting go of 400 workers.


    DPReview is closing its operations, with Amazon being involved in the latest wave of job cuts. According to TechCrunch, approximately 10% of the current workforce reduction is attributed to AWS. It has been reported that 9,000 individuals will be affected by this round of layoffs, which were officially announced on March 20th.


    On March 20th, it was declared that the company has dismissed a minimum of 100 employees, representing around 2% of the company’s overall staff.

    Course Champion

    On March 16th, it was declared that the organization has reduced its staff by 15%, resulting in a decrease of 42 employees.


    It was announced on March 15 that the company has terminated the employment of 140 of its employees across all departments.


    As part of Microsoft’s recent announcement to lay off 10,000 people, Operations Redmond and Bellevue have laid off 559 workers on March 27. This layoff is aimed at guiding the entire dedicated team towards sustainable and responsible outcomes, leading to ethical AI innovation.


    The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, confirmed on March 14th that there are rumors about cutting around 10,000 people from its workforce, leaving approximately 5,000 roles still open.

    Y Combinator

    It was announced on March 13th that 17 team members, which accounts for 20% of the staff, will be affected.


    As part of the 10%, Salesforce has verified the occurrence of these job cuts. More workers are presently becoming aware of the situation during the week of March 10. Certain employees were unaware until February, however, Salesforce initially disclosed the intention to lay off 10% of the staff in January.


    Atlassian, which made the announcement on March 6, is reducing its workforce by approximately 500 employees, constituting 5% of its total staff.


    Announced on March 6th, the organization terminated 475 workers, which accounts for 8% of its overall staff.


    Following the company’s confirmation on March 6 that Alerzo had downsized its full-time staff by 15%, approximately 800 employees remained at the startup. Prior to the initial round of layoffs in September 2022, the Nigerian B2B e-commerce platform boasted a workforce of over 2,000 individuals.


    Announced on March 1st, the organization is laying off 15% of its employees — approximately 285 workers.


    Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving technology company, announced its second round of layoffs for this year in March, with a workforce reduction of 8% or 209 employees.


    Declared on March 1st, the organization downsized approximately 4% of its worldwide staff, which equates to roughly 500 workers.

    February 2023


    Since Musk assumed control of Twitter in October of last year, the company’s workforce has decreased by over 70%. In addition to Esther Crawford, Haraldur Thorleifsson, and Leah Culver, the company terminated the employment of over 200 individuals, as disclosed on February 26th.


    Poshmark, which announced on February 24, confirmed that less than 2% of its workforce, primarily based in the U.S., Has been affected. According to TechCrunch, the company has approximately 800+ employees.

    Eco-friendly Laboratories

    We do not have the exact figure of how many staff members Green Labs plans to lay off, but it is confirmed by TechCrunch that at least 50% of its workforce could be affected by the layoffs.

    Lively Cash

    Cash Chipper has relieved approximately one-third of its workforce, which amounts to about 100 employees. The African cross-border payment platform conducted its second round of layoffs, cutting approximately 12.5% of its workforce after just 10 weeks. This announcement was made on February 20th.


    On February 17th, the corporation verified the termination of 129 employees.


    In February 16, it was announced that 20% of its staff will be cut across its 11 markets, with more than 900 positions being affected in Q4 of 2022.


    This is the third time in less than a year that the company has laid off a portion of its workers. It was announced in February that they will be laying off workers and closing their Atlanta office.


    On February 15, it was announced that over 100 employees, which is approximately 4% of its worldwide staff, will be affected.


    It was announced on February 13th that approximately 85 employees, which accounts for 7% of its workforce, will be laid off.


    It was announced on February 13th that approximately 1,400 individuals, which accounts for roughly 17% of its worldwide staff, will be affected.


    Prior to the end of the company’s fiscal year, it was reported that around 3,000 employees had been affected by the announcement made by GitHub, which stated that 10% of its staff would be impacted. This announcement was made on February 9th.


    Announced on February 9, 20% of its staff, impacting 1,600 employees in its adtech business. Yahoo is the parent company to TechCrunch.


    As of February 9, approximately 114 individuals will be affected by the actual number of employees, although the exact number is subject to change depending on the round of job cuts. The company is decreasing its workforce by 7%, which was announced on February 9.


    Announced on February 8 that it is reducing its staff by 19%, or about 500 employees, and shutting down its crypto unit.


    On February 7, it was announced that 1,300 individuals, which accounts for 15% of its workforce, would be laid off.


    VinFast, which made the announcement on February 6, has not disclosed the exact number of employees who have been laid off. However, according to a LinkedIn post by a previous staff member, around 35 positions were impacted.


    Announced on February 6th, affecting 6,650 individuals, or 5% of the global workforce.


    On February 2nd, approximately 42 employees, which accounts for 10% of the staff, were announced.


    On February 2nd, it was declared that 150 workers were impacted. This marks the second downsizing within a few weeks of the initial round in December 2022.


    Announced on February 1st, reducing 6% of its employees for the second instance in less than a year.

    January 2023

    SoFi Technologies

    The Wall Street Journal initially reported that the reduction of 65 positions, which makes up around 5% of its workforce of 1,300 individuals, was announced on January 31st.


    Announced on January 31st, affecting approximately 8% of its workforce — around 960 individuals.


    The corporation stated that these recent job cuts will be distributed throughout the initial two quarters of 2023, affecting an additional 500 workers that were announced on January 31st.

    Unreal Foods

    According to Bloomberg, the first report stated that more than 100 employees, which is equivalent to 20% of its staff, were affected.


    It was revealed on January 30th that around 2,000 full-time workers, constituting 7% of the overall staff, were affected.


    On January 30th, with a recently appointed Chief Executive Officer, cutting down 50% of its staff – 800 workers worldwide.


    Many staff members at Waymo will be affected by how unclear it is. Alphabet’s self-driving technology unit quietly laid off several workers on January 24th, according to multiple posts on Blind and LinkedIn.


    Declared on January 23rd, affecting approximately 6% of its worldwide staff — roughly 600 workers.


    On January 21, the parent company of Google revealed its decision to reduce its global workforce by 6%, resulting in a total of 12,000 employees being laid off. Divisions such as Area 120, Google’s internal incubator, and Intrinsic, Alphabet’s robotics division, will be affected by these reductions.


    According to a report by Variety, the company employs around 500 people and approximately 10% of its staff have been affected by layoffs at various sites. The entertainment company announced an unspecified number of impacted employees across multiple properties on January 20th.


    On January 20, the company announced its intentions to cut 380 positions and close its meat market.


    Declared on January 18th, around 450 individuals, which accounts for 10% of its worldwide staff, were laid off.


    As stated on January 18th, 10,000 workers will be affected.


    On January 18, the company terminated 70% of its employees.


    Declared on January 17th, affecting 30% of employees across all departments.


    ShareChat announced on January 15 that it would be laying off over 400 employees, which accounts for 20% of its workforce, just one month after eliminating more than 100 positions.


    It was declared on January 12th that around 120 people, indicating a 40% reduction in the labor force of both the United States and China, would be impacted.


    Alphabet’s robot software firm, Intrinsic, is laying off 40 employees TechCrunch confirmed on January 12. Amounting to around 20% of the headcount.


    On January 12, the fintech startup, which provides debit cards for children, laid off 104 employees, representing over 21% of its overall workforce of 485.

    Professional Success

    Educational navigation platform Career Karma terminated an additional 22 employees on January 12 throughout its worldwide and national staff.


    The company made an announcement on January 12 regarding its intentions to terminate around 10% of its management staff on January 20.


    It was reported on January 11th that the company plans to reduce its workforce by 7%, which amounts to 450 employees worldwide.


    The stock ownership management system reduced its workforce by 10%, as declared on January 11. Based on LinkedIn data, approximately 200 workers may have been affected by the staff reduction.


    Affecting 33 employees on January 11.


    The crypto exchange, which previously laid off 18% of its employees or approximately 1,100 jobs in June, has now announced the reduction of 950 jobs or roughly 20% of its workforce, along with the closure of “multiple” projects. This marks the second wave of significant job cuts, with the previous one occurring in June.


    The NFT marketplace has announced a 30% reduction in its workforce on January 6th.


    The company announced on 5th January that it would be eliminating more than 18,000 roles. This extends the previously announced round of layoffs in November 2022. On 19th January, AmazonSmile announced that it would come to an end.


    The declaration of the reduction in workforce by 10% was announced on January 4, affecting over 7,000 employees. A month later, certain employees at Salesforce were just informed that they too were included in the layoff.


    Announced on January 4th, reducing its workforce by 11%.

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