A discarded coffee cup may have just helped crack this decades-old murder case

David Sinopoli, 68, was arrested on Sunday morning and charged with the murder of 19-year-old Sue Lindy Biechler, who was stabbed to death in her own home. Investigators had been chasing down leads for decades until they used advanced genealogy tracking and DNA, which ultimately led them to the suspect.

“I honestly don’t know if we would have ever solved this case without the use of genealogy DNA and specifically DNA analysis,” said Attorney Heather Adams of Lancaster County District.

Adams stated that when her aunt and uncle visited their niece’s apartment to share recipes, they came across a truly dreadful sight. On December 5, 1975, Adams was found dead alongside her husband, who was residing in the Spring Manor Apartments in Manor Township at the time.

The U.S. Legal system would need at least another decade to begin testing DNA, even though the evidence collected was DNA. There were clear signs of struggle, and Biechler’s autopsy reports showed that she had been stabbed 19 times in her chest, neck, and back, with defensive wounds evident.

After Biechler’s case turned the focus back on investigators, another nearby cold case was solved with the assistance of advanced analysis from NanoLabs Parabon.

Moore stated that approximately 2,300 individuals residing in County Lancaster, a small town in southern part of the country, had genetic connections to Italy, specifically to Gasperina, an ancestral town. In order to narrow down the list of potential suspects, Moore utilized Parabon to analyze the DNA collected from Biechler’s clothing, which was believed to have been used by the perpetrator.

During the news conference, Moore stated that the individual involved in the crime was of the correct age, gender, and possessed a family lineage that aligned with these origins. Additionally, it was noted that there were only a small number of people residing in Lancaster at the time of the incident. These limitations served to further narrow down the extent of the subsequent investigation.

Adams stated that Sinopoli was never a possible suspect on radar, prior to the tip. Moore provided information to law enforcement teams, which made Sinopoli a prominent suspect. Eventually, Moore said that the candidates were narrowed down further with additional newspaper archives and court records.

Adams inquired, “Can you believe that CeCe and Moore’s company astounds me? Even though I have seen similar cases before, I am still amazed by the DNA technology, right?”

Upon the occurrence of her demise, investigators unveiled that Sinopoli had resided at the identical apartment complex where Biechler was dwelling, consequent to the information provided by Moore.

Adams stated that additional monitoring was required prior to making an arrest. Consequently, they opted to obtain a DNA specimen from him, leading investigators to discover that Sinopoli had persistently resided in the vicinity up until the present time.

In a plot reminiscent of a TV crime investigation, officials surveilling Sinopoli at Philadelphia International Airport retrieved a discarded coffee cup that the suspect had used before boarding the flight. Analysis was conducted on the DNA from the coffee cup, which was then compared with the DNA taken from the crime scene.

Adams stated, ‘It has been an ongoing quest for justice for Lindy Sue Biechler that has led us to identifying and apprehending David Sinopoli.’ Over the course of time, Lindy Sue Biechler remained in the thoughts of numerous individuals. The individual responsible for her murder will be held accountable, and this arrest signifies the initial step towards achieving justice for Lindy Sue Biechler. Undoubtedly, law enforcement has always remembered her.

Sinopoli was accused of one charge of criminal murder and is being detained without the possibility of bail.