A Look Back at Nightbirde’s Inspirational AGT Audition

During Season 16 of AGT, Jane Marczewski won the hearts of both the judges and fans with her original song performance “It’s OK,” which has over 45 million views on YouTube.

Marczewski’s family expressed their profound sadness and indescribable grief in a statement, stating, ‘As her family, we are completely devastated by her death and the unimaginable void it has left.’ Individuals worldwide were deeply moved by her messages of belief and perseverance, showcased during her performance of the song ‘It’s OK’ on America’s Got Talent. Those who were acquainted with her admired her charismatic and humorous nature. Even when the joke was at her expense, she always had a clever quip ready for any situation.

Marczewski advanced to the Live Shows with his Golden Buzzer of the season, and Judge Simon Cowell immediately selected her Audition. The singer’s story, combined with her impeccable vocals, moved Cowell to tears.

He expressed, “Your vocalism is breathtaking.” “There was something regarding that tune, the manner in which you nearly nonchalantly disclosed to us your personal experiences…Every aspect of that was genuinely exceptional.”

“It is astonishing how individuals understood my desires, and something is 2%…0% is not 2% but rather an arbitrary chance of surviving, a 2% possibility I have. The fact that everyone knows I am more aware of unfortunate events happening to me than anyone else is extremely significant…,” She said in her audition video, “I underwent a check-up last time and discovered that I have cancer in my liver, spine, and lungs.”

On January 11, she shared her final update, ensuring that her extensive Instagram following of over 1 million people remained informed about her life, despite Marczewski’s inability to progress to the AGT Finals due to her earlier declaration in August 2021 regarding her deteriorating health.

She wrote her final post, saying “alright, we all lost a little in that. But this is a photo of myself from last week, where I felt really human and awake and alive and pretty. Honestly, things have been quite harsh.”

Following her demise, members of the AGT community expressed their condolences on their individual social media profiles.

On Instagram, Host Terry Crews expressed, ‘Nightbirde, we adore you. During this challenging period, we extend our sympathies to the friends and family who were closest to her. We are deeply saddened to learn about the passing of @_nightbirde.’

Judge Howie Mandel tweeted, “The passing of @_nightbirde was such a profoundly inspiring presence in our lives. We must strive to carry on and gain wisdom from her profound words and heartfelt lyrics. Despite the immense sadness I feel about her departure, I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet, listen to, and be acquainted with her.”

Both Judges Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum shared statements on their Instagram Stories.

Vergara expressed, “She was truly remarkable. To all of Nightbirde’s loved ones and companions, we send an abundance of affection. You were a genuine source of motivation to everyone; we mourn the loss of an exceptional individual today. May you find eternal strength, @_nightbirde.”

Klum penned, “We adore you. Rest in peace @_nightbirde.”.

“Peruses her family declaration, ‘We express gratitude toward all individuals for their messages of affection and backing.’ The fortitude she discovered in Jesus and the blessing of expectation she gave to such countless individuals through her music will be her enduring heritage.”