A shadowy figure, gunshots and a dead politician: Who killed New Jersey councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour?

Despite colliding with two stationary vehicles, her car had covered approximately 100 feet prior to the occurrence of the shooting. This incident occurred while Ms. Dwumfour was driving, and she was discovered slumped over in her driver’s seat by the police, who were alerted by the neighbors following a series of gunshots that reverberated through the chilly winter night.

She was declared deceased at the location.

After a months-long investigation, Rashid Ali Bynum, a suspect from Portsmouth, Virginia, was apprehended on Tuesday, May 30th, in connection with her murder.

The police have not released any information regarding a possible suspect. It is unclear if they will release information to the public during the course of their investigation or if they have any leads.

As per RLS Media, neighbors reported that an individual left the shooting scene and headed towards the Garden State Parkway.

It is difficult to make out the individual features identifying any poor quality footage of the shooting on the night of the events described by the neighbors. However, obtained surveillance footage from New Jersey’s 12 News shows a person running from the area.

According to ABC 7 reports, police reportedly brought canine units to the nearby woods to search for any traces or weapons related to the murder scene.

According to News 12 New Jersey, authorities set up electronic signs on the adjacent Ernston Road appealing to the community for assistance in identifying a person of interest.

Prince Dwumfour, the father of Ms Dwumfour, expressed his frustration that no perpetrators have been identified in the killing of his daughter.

“Up to this point, we haven’t received any information yet,” he informed the New York Post.

The spokesperson for the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office in New York Post told that there were no updates provided on the case as it was still under investigation.

The supposed assailant, mere moments before her demise, was recorded on camera engaging in a conversation with the investigators, as stated by Ms. Dwumfour in her statement to the Post. It remains uncertain whether this footage has been released to the general public.

Another video obtained by New Jersey News 12 captured the sound of more than a dozen gunshots being fired last night, resulting in the death of Dwumfour.

Neither the police nor the prosecutor’s office have speculated on a potential reason behind the shooting.

The FBI has joined the investigation and is examining all possible avenues for the motive, including 7 reasons from professional and religious aspects, as well as personal, including the act of killing.

The FBI stated to ABC 7 that if requested, they will provide any necessary aid to the ongoing investigation. The FBI has engaged in discussions with our collaborating local authorities at the Sayreville Police Department and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office. We are cognizant of the inquiry surrounding the passing of Councilwoman Dwumfour, which occurred in Sayreville on Wednesday evening.

Murphy expressed that the killing of the mother appears to be “highly particular,” yet stated that he did not think it was connected to her political beliefs, New Jersey Governor Phil.

“During his weekly radio appearance on WNYC, Mr. Murphy expressed his regret that there is currently limited information available. He mentioned that it seems unlikely that this incident is connected to her role as a councilwoman elected in Sayreville,” he stated.

She was a committed Christian who frequently went to church and, in addition, a Republican who recently achieved a surprising victory in the Sayreville election, defeating the incumbent Democrat, Ms. Dwumfour.

The councilwoman had recently tied the knot, to a clergyman who resides in Nigeria, and was the parent to a young daughter.

“She was a very faithful and driven star shining. Jesus Christ illuminated her life. I believe her daughter lit up her life. Ms. Karen Dwumfour, the former campaign manager for Bebert Bailey at ABC7, was a beautiful and motivated person who did very well in the community. She was living the American dream and seemed to be very happy with her daughter. She was also happy with her new husband.”

In May, they had intended to go to Eze Kings, and Ms Dwumfour’s spouse, Mr. Dwumfour, shared a post on Facebook expressing that she was a “divine being”.

He wrote, “I missed you, love. As you celebrate, I will continue to promise you that I have loved you through every breath, you know me.”

Besides her role as a city council member, Ms Dwumfour also worked as a business analyst and a part-time EMT.

Following her demise, Mr Murphy expressed his sympathies to the family and friends of Councilwoman Dwumfour, as well as her fellow council members and the entire Sayreville community, in a formal statement. He further acknowledged that her public service journey had only just commenced, and she had already established herself as a dedicated Borough Council representative who approached her duties with unwavering dedication and earnestness.

Sayreville’s mayor, Victoria Kilpatrick, recalled Ms Dwumfour not only as a coworker but also as a close companion.

Ms Kilpatrick stated, “Throughout Eunice’s tenure as Mayor on the Borough Council, I had the privilege of collaborating closely with her. In addition to her unwavering commitment to our community, she exemplified a woman of profound religious conviction and exerted tremendous effort to incorporate her strong Christian principles into her everyday life, both as an individual and as a leader within our community. The fact that she was tragically taken from us as a result of a heinous criminal act intensifies the horror of this incident. Eunice was an unwavering member of our Borough Council who wholeheartedly dedicated herself to serving all of our constituents. On a personal level, I cannot adequately express the depth of my sorrow over the loss of a dear friend.”

On Tuesday, May 30th, Bynum Ali Rashid from Portsmouth, Virginia, was taken into custody, stating that he knew the victim from the Royal Champions Church Assembly in Newark.

After the shooting of the 30-year-old, surveillance footage captured Mr Bynum allegedly running from the scene, said Middlesex County Prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone.

Following that, he allegedly stated that Mr. Bynum’s phone showed that she had traveled to New Jersey at the time of the killing, and immediately returned the data from the device.

Mr. Bynum has been charged with first-degree homicide, second-degree illegal possession of a firearm, and second-degree possession of a firearm for an illegal intent.

Prosecutors have not given any motive for the killing and refused to take any questions from reporters when the arrest was announced.