ADAMS: Condolences are not enough

I feel a personal obligation to ensure that every woman has the right to be safe and free from violence, and it is important for me to actively oppose any male intolerance towards women. It is not enough to simply express condolences; more men need to take responsibility in this fight.

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Our friend and Sinn Féin MLA Emma Sheerin says this better than I ever could. Here below is what she has written.

If they chose to commit a mortal sin, whether it was to prey on a neighbor or to lock up menstruation, they deserved a life in an institution. Our grandmothers educated us about the catechism and Latin, but not about this.

The priest said, “Don’t mourn your baby’s conception. There is no consecrated burial for a stillbirth or miscarriage. Caring parents after child or child, a life locked to the kitchen sink. Those girls were lucky enough to be considered “good” and their reward was what?”

The vibrant 1960s. Short skirts and birth control pills. The church still held authority.

She carried secrets that would be held forever. Some people fled England by boat. The loss of a baby brought judgment and whispers, but they were able to find happiness and health. Those who escaped the convents found solace in scrubbing brushes. She found trouble within herself.

“She was absolutely devastated when she found out the news.” Output: “She was completely crushed when she discovered the information.”

“Do they neglect to inquire? Why does he strike her?” Uninformed about financial truths, someone not appalled by separation, a wiser companion might ask, “Why does she remain with him?”

The 1980s, the 1990s. Our mothers. “What are women complaining about? They can vote and work and drive! Terribly hahaha.”

It’s funny how feminism used to joke about abandoning all the work of raising children, whether it was done by someone else at home or outside the home using someone else’s money.

Now women possessed all the privileges that men have always enjoyed.

If they were to engage in sexual activity, they would surely become a subject of discussion, and their professional aspirations would impact their plans for having children. Naturally, their compensation was lower, with the exception of a few cases.

And they still had to do the ironing and the cooking, and the vacuuming.

However, they still faced fatalities, sexual assaults, and physical attacks. However, they still faced pressure to alter their behavior.

“She was intoxicated. Wore snug attire. Was out and about.”

“What was she anticipating?”

“Sexual assault” referred to as “engaging in sexual activity with a minor.” The “survivor” was an “intoxicated adolescent.”

What is PCOS? (The tampon you provide might be for TSS, with mild cramps every 28 days). We now have a basic understanding of periods and sex education in school.

Rape alarms included in goody bags. No education on the components of a healthy relationship, and no discussion about consent.

It’s brilliant how an unidentified profile can now harass us from the witty banter person sitting in the corner of the office. The dawn of social media.

The politician made a decision? Look at what she’s wearing! She’s unattractive or she’s overweight or she’s too thin, actually.

Is the journalist stating a personal viewpoint? Ridiculing her regarding her dental appearance or her hairstyle; has she received any cosmetic enhancements on her mouth/chest?

Utilize it and acquire a spiking detection kit. Carry a canister of pepper spray. Avoid walking alone during nighttime. Such guidance is heeded in light of any atrocious offense committed against any individual among us.

We’re not sure who attacked us, so it’s not our responsibility to make blame. Victims are never to blame because it never matters. It didn’t matter. She did as she was told. It was in a public place in broad daylight. It’s good for us. She went out to exercise, running.

Of course, it’s not exclusively men. But it is exclusively women. We are all tired of it.

The most valuable inheritance we can create for Ashling Murphy is to transform the society that permits these offenses.

I hope the expressions of sorrow throughout the nation bring some solace to her family and friends.

May she find peace.