Al Roker makes first TV appearance since hospitalization: ‘Every day I feel a little bit better’

The “Today” show anchors also announced the “great, great” news on Friday’s show while playing his favorite song: “The A-Team” theme song.

Al Roker is back home after being admitted to the hospital twice after a blood clot scare in November.

“He posted the update yesterday evening on Instagram,” Savannah Guthrie mentioned. “It has been a lengthy journey.”

On Monday, Roker, with his salt-and-pepper mustache, checked in virtually with his colleagues from the hospital to talk about his return and stay.

He expressed, “I won’t hide the fact. It has been a challenging journey. I have undergone numerous medical procedures, and you are aware that this has been the most difficult one so far.”

He expressed, “I consider myself extremely lucky.” It is deeply appreciated, but it fills you with a profound sense of gratitude and prayers.

When Kotb inquired about his potential return, Roker mentioned that he needs to regain his vitality.

He said, “He is currently undergoing occupational and physical therapy to regain his strength,” you lose a certain amount of muscle mass every week for four weeks while you are in the hospital.

However, he included, he feels well. “I feel powerful and each day I experience a slight improvement.”

Additionally: Al Roker is once again in the hospital due to ‘certain complications’ following his recovery from a blood clot.

In his first absence in 26 years as a meteorologist for NBC, Dreyer Dylan filled in for him, making it the first time that Roker missed hosting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 24th, due to a medical scare.

As per Johns Hopkins Medicine, blood clots, or deep vein thrombosis, frequently happen in the leg but may also form in the arm. When a portion of the clot, known as an embolus, detaches and moves to the lungs, it can obstruct blood flow to the lungs.

Roker has occupied the weather station of the “Today” show since 1996 and has been forthcoming about health worries in previous cases.

Upon receiving the diagnosis of the ailment, Roker made his prostate cancer diagnosis known to the public in 2020 in order to shed light on the high number of males affected.

He said, “I’m going to be okay because, Al, I know you don’t want poor people thinking I don’t want.” We can all learn together how to protect and educate men who live in our society, which is why I wanted you to come along on my journey, because this is a truly treatable disease if you detect it early.

Contributors: Amy Haneline, Cydney Henderson, Morgan Hines.