All About Jesse Rutherford, Billie Eilish’s Ex-Boyfriend

In the October 2022 interview, she expressed her genuine happiness and great excitement, stating, “I’m really thrilled and it’s really awesome. And yes, I do have a boyfriend now.” Eilish participated in the Vanity Fair “Same Interview, One Year Apart” video where she talked about dating Rutherford.

In order to know the first sightings from their breakup in May 2023, all of you need to be here. It is important to note that Eilish has a history with Rutherford, so it is crucial for all of you to be present.

Eilish and Rutherford were caught engaging in a passionate display of affection by paparazzi in Studio City, providing undeniable proof of their relationship. According to TMZ, the images captured the couple “embracing, kissing, holding hands and smiling joyfully.” The publication highlighted that the pair had been spotted together on three separate occasions within a week: firstly, at Halloween Horror Nights, followed by a romantic dinner, and ultimately engaging in intimate moments. These sightings occurred shortly after speculations arose due to their joint appearance at a dinner outing.

Despite some fans expressing concern about the 10+-year age difference between them, neither of them has mentioned knowing each other prior to this. It is worth noting that when Eilish was only 15 or 16 years old, fans observed a photograph of the two meeting in 2017.

Eilish and Rutherford made their relationship public on Instagram on Halloween.

Eilish shared a photo at the end of her Halloween carousel post, featuring two individuals dressed up in seemingly critical costumes of trolling those of a different age decade. While Rutherford appears as an old man, Eilish is dressed up as a baby. It’s a craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy way of celebrating Halloween! 🥰🎃

Eilish and Rutherford publicly appeared together for the first time on the red carpet on November 5, 2022.

Rutherford and Eilish made their debut at the 11th annual Gala Film + Art LACMA in November 2022, dressed in Gucci pajamas and wrapped together in a cozy blanket.

Eilish raved about Rutherford being her partner in an interview published in November 2022.

The Sixth Year video, which was filmed in October, was released at the end of November, featuring Eilish discussing their relationship extensively for the first time in her Vanity Fair Same Interview.

She began, “Yes, I indeed [have a boyfriend now].” “And it’s extremely awesome, and I’m genuinely thrilled, and I’m genuinely content about it. I succeeded in reaching a stage in my life where I not only was recognized by an individual that I considered to be the most attractive person alive but also attracted his attention. Are you joking? Can we simply give a round of applause for me? Thank you. Jesse Rutherford, ladies and gentlemen! I captivated his attention—all by myself! I accomplished that feat. I secured that individual completely.”

Cool, I am really inspired by this person, Rutherford. It’s important to me that there is equal admiration, attention, and love. I want space to be able to trust and not be controlled. I know you value freedom just like I do. Another important thing for me is physical affection, such as hugging, cuddling, and touching. “I just need that skin-to-skin contact all the time,” she started. “They say whatever they love about me.” Eilish shed a little light on their relationship.

The couple stole a kiss during Eilish’s 21st birthday celebration in December.

During a star-studded Christmas-themed bash on December 18th, Eilish and Lavigne Avril, guest Instagram stories were shared, capturing the moment when Phem, the Musical 21 artist, stole a kiss from Eilish and Rutherford in front of an enormous crowd.

Rutherford and Eilish made their first appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscar after party in March 2023.

They held hands on the red carpet, showcasing their subtle affection. The couple proved their strong relationship when they attended the post-Oscars bash together, posing heavily for the cameras.

Eilish cunningly shared a picture of Rutherford with her during Easter 2023 in April.

Eilish and Rutherford celebrated Easter 2023 with their loved ones. Shortly after the celebrations, on April 11, Eilish made a public announcement by posting a picture of Rutherford’s hand resting on her leg. Despite not being mentioned in the photo, his tattoo spelling “love” on his fingers was the clear indication.

Eilish and Rutherford’s separation was declared on May 17, 2023.

Eilish’s representative provided Page Six with a concise statement regarding the separation and stated that any rumors of infidelity are “untrue.”

The representative stated, “We can verify that Billie and Jesse mutually ended their relationship and continue to maintain a positive friendship.” Although they did not attend the Met Gala together, they were last spotted together at Coachella in April. (Eilish attended the event solo.)

In August, she wanted her fans to know what was going on with her by inviting them to ask her a question in her Instagram Stories. She simply wrote a response to her ex’s name and invited one follower to ask “anything” in order to be her forever friend.

Another supporter inquired about her relationship status, to which she responded with a resounding no.

Rutherford was raised in Newbury Park close to Los Angeles and has been a member of The Neighbourhood since 2011. He performed as a child.

“Females are thrilled about our music, which is truly remarkable to me, as I was raised with only two females. Alongside numerous others, a great number of women appear to enjoy the music. I acknowledge that I will continue to write about my personal encounters; nonetheless, I have been endeavoring to actively listen to the perspectives of others and give greater consideration to the demographic of individuals who are listening to my music,” he expressed. Rutherford conversed with Messed Up magazine in April 2019 regarding the influence of his life on his music.”

Rutherford has an older sister who wields a significant influence. In January 2021, he revealed to Complex that his sister, who is about ten years older than him, serves as a reliable gauge for truth. I have often questioned why she has experienced all the things she has and why I have had to go through different paths.

According to his IMDB page, Rutherford featured in Life or Something Like It (2002), an installment of Star Trek: Enterprise, and additional projects, performing as a youngster. In his Complex interview, he discussed his previous experience in acting, stating that he commenced television acting at the age of 5 “until I was 13, so that’s the environment that I originate from. I’ve been conditioned to be an actor. Therefore, when I discovered my desire to become a rock star or a musician, I was adapting to that position.”.

In 2020, Rutherford made his debut in podcasting, with Patients doing the podcast. He shared his experience, saying, “When I started doing Patients, I was just like, ‘I’m going to jump right into it.'” He also mentioned that he wanted people to check it out and hear it because he had already gained some attention on the internet. However, he emphasized that he doesn’t really promote it too much and feels like he’s probably saying too much about the podcast. He just wants people to get a little idea about it.

Rutherford and Danny Parra operate Therapy Records, a music publishing company.

In October 2020, during the music publishing process for Main de Coup Rutherford magazine, Rutherford spoke about his experience. He reminisced, “It occurred naturally over time. Danny and I have collaborated for the past six years – he has served as my engineer, and then we brought him on board to produce this album [Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones] with us. This album felt like we finally discovered our process. We had been searching for it for a long time, experimenting with different individuals, but for this album, I thought, ‘We all possess knowledge in this area. Let’s behave as if we know what we’re doing and proceed without the involvement of a producer.'” He clarified, “Not that Danny didn’t contribute to the production of the record, but it was low-pressure because we didn’t hire an external person who would immediately receive a significant portion of the album budget. It allowed us the freedom to think, ‘Great, we have this fantastic album budget, and we will handle everything internally. That’s exciting, let’s go for it.’ Danny played a crucial role in this process. As we progressed, we realized that people wanted to be around us, which made me reluctant to establish a record label. Nowadays, every young person understands the intricacies of the music industry. I feel like the new trend is that nobody wants to sign with a label. Therefore, publishing presents more opportunities. I love providing first-time opportunities to people, and publishing can be a great platform for that. It doesn’t have to be the largest paycheck in the world, although for some, it may be substantial. The beauty of publishing is that it allows you to remain a creative without being tied to any specific role. If you sign a publishing deal while being in a band and the band later disbands, the publishing deal will still function as it should, allowing you to pursue whatever you desire and remain stable in that world. It just feels like less pressure and more about granting opportunities to those who want to relocate to LA but lack financial resources. They have a genuine passion for continuing their musical journey, but they lack the means to do so. I enjoy giving people the chance to pursue their dreams. And, forget about the financial aspect. It’s about bringing people together in a room to create and write a song. It’s truly amazing.”

Rutherford introduced a character similar to an alter ego, named Chip Chrome, in 2020.

In September 2020, Rutherford and The Neighbourhood unveiled an album under the guise, Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones. Rutherford discussed his colorful alternative music persona in an interview with V in December 2020, referring to it as an “artistic endeavor.”

Rutherford expressed, regarding Chrome’s character, “I believe Chip was Jesse’s greatest admirer.” “Chip is greatly influenced by Jesse, he brought back memories of being a child at my mother’s residence. When you are at home, you possess a vulnerable and imaginative state where you can admire yourself in the mirror and think, ‘This was quite impressive.’ Before stepping out, you might reconsider and opt for a casual attire by saying, ‘Oh, well, not today. I’ll put on my jeans.’ However, Chip served as a reminder that there was no postponing. You had to take immediate action.”

He stated, “In my opinion, that is essentially my purpose for being here. I find it thrilling to be acknowledged for my concept. The recognition that Chip receives does not give me the sense of being acknowledged for who I truly am, as Jesse. However, I genuinely enjoy being involved in the online art community, and I view Chip as an artistic endeavor. It is inevitable that, as a human being, I desire a connection with others and crave acceptance and attention, just like everyone else does.”

Rutherford’s connection with social media is intricate, but he follows Eilish on his profile.

It’s supposed to be funny and ridiculous, but it’s also supposed to be good in its own ways if it’s an emo commentary on how ridiculous and funny the whole thing is.

Chrome follows her, but Eilish does not. Lipa and Bella Hadid account for the followers. Although he hasn’t posted since December 2021, Chrome Chip, Rutherford’s music persona, has a verified Instagram account.

In January 2021, Rutherford began posting less frequently on his Chrome account. In general, he expressed, “I still face difficulties with social media.” It’s difficult to avoid thinking about it when you’re constantly online and actively engaged. Interestingly, even after being involved with it for a long time, I believe I reached a point where I was able to detach myself from it.

He continued, “I want you to see how bad I am feeling and why I need to make this thing into myself. It all exists because of Chip, and that’s part of the reason why I want to be seen as a bad thing. I know my brain is fucked up, but the truth is that I don’t know that. I’m fine with it, so I can just have a drink and think, ‘No, it’s cool, I’m able to be like that.’ I actually think I’m an addict, so it’s working for me. I relapsed, went to rehab, got hooked again, and now I’m on a high again. I keep getting high because it’s hard.”

Rutherford includes Alexa Demie, Blake Griffin, and other well-known individuals in his circle of friends.

The music video “Stargazing” featured Griffin and Demie alongside Rutherford. Rutherford had informed V that Demie was someone he had known for years. He mentioned that she was one of the first people he had ever met in LA and that she was truly a person he connected with. Griffin referred to Rutherford’s childhood as a significant aspect of his life, calling it a major part. V also listed DeMarco Mac, Blanco, Benny Smith, and Jaden as part of the singer’s circle of friends.

Rutherford was in a relationship with model Devon Lee Carlson from 2015 to 2021.

In November 2021, speculation of a breakup between Jesse’s girlfriend and TikTok bio partner sparked when Carlson pointed out that Tango Your had “removed” her after the couple spent six years together.

“In January 2020, during an interview, he suggested attempting this approach at the very least. He expressed his belief that there might be an opportunity to deviate from the platform or, at the very least, give it a try. Occasionally, he found it difficult to handle the fact that it generated more interest than his music. Rutherford would often discuss the perplexing and demanding emotions he experienced when a piece of music he had worked on for a significant period of time received a certain number of likes, while a picture of him and his girlfriend would receive a different number. Prior to their separation, Rutherford occasionally mentioned Carlson in interviews, along with the attention their relationship received.”

Rutherford appears to have addressed his connection with Eilish in his latest musical release.

In her childhood, along with the impact he might have exerted on her, Rutherford launched a new music track titled “POV” in mid-August 2023, which some fans speculate refers to the intimate connection he shared with Eilish.