Alleged Killer Bryan Kohberger Only Meant to Kill One of the Victims Who He Was “Obsessed” With, According to New Expert Theory

The investigators were confident that they had found the killer, even though arrest warrants and affidavits have been unsealed and there is still uncertainty about a possible motive. Bryan Kohberger was arrested in December 2022 after months of working on the case. The murders of Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Madison Mogen, and Kaylee Goncalves, who were all students at the University of Idaho, shocked the nation. It is still unclear why anyone would commit such a heinous crime and why these four students chose to leave their home and stab the two surviving people inside during the early morning hours. The journalist believes that there may be a potential explanation for what happened that night.


In a new video for The Daily Mail, Caitlyn Becker, an Emmy Award-winning host and journalist currently seen weekdays as the LA Correspondent on DailyMailTV, asserts that Bryan Kohberger, whom she suspects is the actual murderer, argues that only one of the four college students who were slain was the intended victim.

Now, we are trying to understand why we have to get inside the mind of the alleged killer, Becker, and it is possible that these three suspects actually have caused collateral damage. However, I suspect that these four innocent victims ended up in the crosshairs of a cold-blooded killer.

Becker, who has “dedicated months to investigating the horrifying events that occurred that night in order to understand the situation,” states that the police firmly believed that the quadruple homicide was premeditated and not a spontaneous act. “Investigators mentioned in their search warrant affidavit that they were certain Bryan Berger had planned his actions in advance, possibly at his home or workplace,” supporting the police’s theories about Kohberger premeditating the alleged crime.

Kohberger Probably Conducted His Research, Becker Asserts

Latah County Sheriff’s Office

She continues, “The police have said that the homicide rate has quadrupled since one day ago.” Becker adds that Kohberger likely researched other assaults, such as stabbings, and also stalked the residence in the weeks before the murders.

“In my view, the presumed murderer had intended to kill only one individual that evening, but his plan went wrong upon entering the house,” Becker further states, “informants with knowledge of the investigation have suggested that there was only one intended victim.” However, the question remains, who was the intended target? “Kaylee’s family suspects it was her. But how did a single target result in four fatalities and leave two people alive as well?”

“Becker postulates,” “However, I am uncertain about the exact person at this moment,” “Now, drawing from all the information I have regarding the case, I am reasonably confident that Xana and Ethan were unintended casualties along with one of the other two individuals.” “According to a source familiar with the inquiry, a colleague’s phone reportedly contained numerous pictures of one of the victims.” “Therefore, it is my belief that law enforcement will likely discover additional images and details through their digital investigation, focusing on a particular victim.” “It appears that the alleged perpetrator might have been fixated on only one of the girls residing in the residence.”

Becker asserts that either Kaylee or Madison was the target and the other was murdered “due to their proximity.”

Kaylee Goncalves Instagram

The plan that the killer had laid out in painstaking detail went completely wrong, and I don’t think Kaylee and Maddie expected things to be in the same bed. I believe the killer had a well-thought-out and well-planned plan. I don’t think Madison or Kaylee were the intended targets because they were in the same room. I think the killer just killed the other person sheerly out of bad luck. Now, the surviving roommate heard noises from the intruder on the third floor, which is likely where the majority of the killings started. Additionally, Becker adds that a source told them that Kohberger repeatedly messaged all three girls on social media, following them.

Xana Was Murdered Because the Assailant “Recognized She Was Awake” and Ethan Because He Was in Her Bedroom, According to an Expert Assertion

Xana Kernodle

She explained that she left unharmed, and there were two survivors who also think that the reason why others were killed is because the suspect felt likely to have multiple victims. However, in my opinion, the suspect never intended to kill before stabbing her. He was saying that he was going to help her by lying down and calming her.

Police state that there were pings from his phone present at the location as early as August 21st, Becker further states that shortly after Kohberger arrived at Washington State University, he began appearing at the victim’s residence. I not only believe that the alleged murderer had a singular target, but I also believe that he developed an unhealthy fixation on said target.