Angel Reese, Jill Biden share hug at LSU’s White House visit

On Friday, LSU star Angel Reese and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden embraced each other when they visited the NCAA champion Tigers at the White House.

Reese took offense at Biden’s reaction to Iowa’s 102-85 win over LSU on Apr. 2, which she expressed a desire to invite both teams to D.C.

On her appearance on “SportsCenter” on April 7th, the 21-year-old First Lady rejected the idea of a dual invitation, which was also declined by the White House staff she had joined in Washington, D.C.

If there were no lingering negative emotions between the celebrated Tigers and the President Joe Biden, the NCAA’s first title didn’t show it.

“In this space, I witness the utmost excellence,” expressed Jill Biden.

First lady Jill Biden hugs LSU
First Lady Jill Biden hugs LSU’s Angel Reese, right, as President Joe Biden speaks with LSU’s Emily Ward.

She exclaimed, “We have achieved significant advancements and there is still a considerable amount of work remaining.” “Each basket brought immense happiness, and I couldn’t help but reflect on the remarkable strides women’s sports have taken.”

With “FLOTUS” displayed on the nameplate, Reese, the recently announced Sports Illustrated model, warmly greeted Jill and presented the First Lady with a personalized white LSU jersey.

The freshman Tigers of Fainting Smith Sa’Myah briefly participated in a ceremony to commemorate his presidential number, 46, both on the front and back of the jersey. President Biden and Jill also received a custom Lady Tigers jersey and posed with the team for photos.

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden receive jerseys from Team Capitans Angel Reese and Emily Ward
President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden receive jerseys from LSU team captains Angel Reese and Emily Ward.
Angel Reese snaps a selfie before LSU
Angel Reese snaps a selfie before LSU’s visit to the White House on May 26, 2023.
Instagram/Angel Reese

“Ladies and gentlemen, we experienced a momentous occasion,” he declared. “Amongst this assembly, we perceived hopefulness, we perceived a feeling of achievement, and we perceived a sense of guidance. This holds great significance.”

“Dear ladies and gentlemen, it is imperative that we demonstrate our backing for women’s sports, not solely during the championship timeframe, but consistently throughout the entire year and every season.”

As per Ari Chambers from Highlight Her, the commander-in-chief also playfully mentioned that Reese — who stands as one of the NCAA’s leading earners in the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) domain — “caused the price to rise.”

President Joe Biden talks with members of the Louisiana State University NCAA Division I women
President Joe Biden talks with members of the Louisiana State University NCAA Division I women’s basketball national championship team.
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As of May 2023, Reese’s NIL worth is $1.4 million with a total of 26 NIL agreements in her assortment of brands, which encompass Raising Cane’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Calvin Klein, Bose, and Coach. She recently disclosed her most recent NIL contract with Mielle Organics this week.

Caitlin Clark, the leading scorer for the Hawkeyes, earns headlines with her double-double game, taunting her opponents. After a stellar performance, she rose as the star of the Tigers’ run.

Reese referred to it as “a jest” because both teams played an excellent match, as suggested by Jill Biden, the White House invited them to attend.

Angel Reese arrives at the White House.
Angel Reese arrives at the White House.

The 21-year-old was named the “Most Outstanding Player” during the Final Four of the March Madness 2023 tournament, which she found out while watching “SportsCenter” at the White House, where the team for the best is visiting.

Reese expressed, “I am really excited about what we have decided to do for the team, and I’m confident that my coaches are supportive of that. I probably know that my team wants me to go to the White House so that I can have that experience. However, I understand that you don’t want to miss out on that opportunity. We were emotionally affected because we know how much effort we put into everything throughout the year — we were hurt from the beginning.”

“I’m a team player,” Reese remarked. “I will prioritize the team’s best interests. I hold the position of captain.”

Reese — who celebrated her 21st birthday this month and bought herself a Mercedes-Benz — is starting her third year at LSU.