Argentina vs. Bolivia: a qué hora juega la Selección hoy, dónde ver el partido y formaciones

In the afternoon of this Tuesday, all the details for the second match of the Eliminatories: the game will take place at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, located over 3600 meters above sea level.

In the Hernando Siles Stadium in the city of La Paz, the Argentine National Team, led by Lionel Scaloni, will face Bolivia on Tuesday, September 12, under the command of Argentine Gustavo Costas.

Argentina vs. Bolivia: a qué hora juega la Selección hoy, dónde ver el partido y formaciones
El equipo dirigido por Lionel Scaloni se medirá ante Bolivia tras derrotar el pasado jueves a Ecuador.

The meeting will be held at the following times according to the country:

  • Argentina: 17 hours.
  • Brazil: 17 hours.
  • Uruguay: 17 hours.
  • Paraguay: 16 hours.
  • Chile: 16 hours.
  • Bolivia: 16 hours.
  • Venezuela: 16 hours.
  • Ecuador: 15 hours.
  • Peru: 15 hours.
  • Colombia: 15 hours.
  • Mexico: 14 hours.
  • Esteban Ostojich, the referee from Uruguay, will officiate the game, which marks the 42nd encounter between Argentina and Bolivia. The Argentine national team has emerged victorious on 29 occasions, whereas El Verde has managed to secure seven wins, along with five draws.

    Messi scored a hat trick as Argentina defeated Bolivia 3-0, prior to this match, which was their third consecutive victory in the South American World Cup qualifiers for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The game was played on September 9th.

    Argentina vs. Bolivia: where to watch the match for the 2nd round of Eliminatorias

    Through the following channels, you will be able to watch the match between Argentina and Bolivia on Tuesday, September 12th, starting at 5 pm.

  • TV Pública.
  • TyC Sports: channel 22 on Cablevisión, 629 on DirecTV, and 106 on Telecentro.
  • TyC Sports Play digital platform.
  • Flow digital platform.
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  • Telecentro Play digital platform.
  • Argentina vs. Bolivia: Is Lionel Messi playing today?

    Lionel Messi’s starting position for this Tuesday’s match against Bolivia is in doubt, following a muscle discomfort he experienced during Ecuador’s game last week.

    On Tuesday, FC Miami Inter’s current team, led by Scaloni, will face a series of consecutive matches, despite not yet advancing. Although no studies have indicated any significant muscle fatigue, they have not played 10 games.

    Argentina vs. Bolivia: a qué hora juega la Selección hoy, dónde ver el partido y formaciones
    La titularidad de Lionel Messi está en duda para el partido de este martes.

    “Sino no viajaría, si viaja es porque está en condiciones de jugar”, adelantó el entrenador. Este domingo se desplazó a La Paz y realizó un entrenamiento diferenciado en las instalaciones de Ezeiza con cargas más livianas, luego de la victoria contra Ecuador en las primeras dos sesiones de práctica. El antiguo jugador del Barcelona.

    “We all know that he always wants to be there, but let’s wait until Tuesday to see what decision we make,” Scaloni pointed out in a conversation with the press this Sunday. The decision will be revealed just a few hours before the match.

    Argentina vs. Bolivia: the potential lineup

    Lionel Scaloni will determine the starting lineup for the La Paz city match based on the players’ ability to adapt to the high altitude that hinders physical activity due to the scarcity of oxygen at an elevation of over 3600 meters.

    One possible lineup, according to journalist Gastón Edul, would be if Messi starts or comes in the second half confirmation is expected and the names of Ángel Di María and Julián Álvarez as starters are being mentioned, for now.

    The team includes Lionel Scaloni as the coach. The attacking options consist of Ángel Di María, Lautaro Martínez, or Julián Álvarez along with Lionel Messi or Nicolás Gonzalez. The midfield comprises Alexis Mac Allister, Enzo Fernández, and Rodrigo De Paul. The defensive line is made up of Nicolás Tagliafico, Nicolás Otamendi, Cristian Romero, and Nahuel Molina. Emiliano Martínez serves as the goalkeeper.