Before, During and Aftermath

On Tuesday, August 28th, Darnell Christopher Jones Jr. Starts his first year at UVA, where he never plays but always participates in team football.

Jones attempted to purchase a handgun at Goods Sporting Dance’s near his home in Petersburg on Monday, December 31st, but was denied due to being underage, as the legal age is 19.


On Tuesday, August 27th, D’Sean Perry and Mike Hollins, football players, embark on their first year.


On Sunday, August 9th, Jones is accused of committing a serious hit-and-run offense in Petersburg.

On Tuesday, August 25th, Player Lavel Davis Jr. Starts his first year.


Jones is apprehended with a hidden 9 mm semiautomatic handgun during a traffic stop in Chesterfield County, just outside of Richmond, on Sunday, Feb. 21, without possessing a permit.

On Thursday, June 10th, Jones pleads no contest to a misdemeanor offense of possessing a hidden weapon, leading to a suspended sentence and the surrendering of the firearm.

Thursday, July 8: Jones tries to buy a rifle at Dance’s but can’t because of the felony hit-and-run charge from August 2020.

Friday, Oct. 29: Jones pleads no contest to a reduced misdemeanor charge in the hit-and-run incident and receives a suspended 12-month sentence.


On Saturday, February 19th, Jones, who purchased a Ruger rifle, is charged with a felony for the hit-and-run incident, with no longer showing up for dance at Dance’s.

On Friday, July 8th, Jones purchases a Glock 45 9 mm handgun at Dance’s.

On Tuesday, August 23rd, Devin Chandler, a player, joins the UVA football team after transferring from the University of Wisconsin.

On Thursday, September 15th, a report emerged stating that Jones, a member of Team Assessment Threat UVA, possibly possessed a concealed weapon, which heightened concerns.

On Wednesday, October 26th, Jones, a University student, informed the Student Affairs Office that he has not been cooperating with the investigation conducted by the Judiciary Committee. It is mentioned that the weapon used in the offense was hidden, making it difficult to reveal the truth.

Sunday, November 13th

  • Around 11:30 a.M., The students of Professor Theresa Davis boarded the bus to see the drama class trip of Ballad The in Washington, D.C.
  • At approximately 3 p.M., The show at the Atlas Performing Arts Center commences.
  • At approximately 5:45 p.M., Professor Davis and the students gather for a meal at Ethiopic Restaurant.
  • At approximately 7:45 p.M., The bus departs for the journey back to Charlottesville.
  • Around 10:15 p.M., As Morgan Marlee, a second-year student, is injured and Hollins is shot, witnesses who Jones and Perry try to rescue after returning back are able to identify the shooter as the leaves scene. Onboard the Culbreth Road bus, Perry, Davis Lavel Chandler, and killed are shot when the bus approaches the drop-off point.
  • At approximately 10:30 p.M., Law enforcement officers arrive.
  • At 10:32 p.M., UVA issues a “gunshots detected” notification to the community.
  • UVA authorities are implementing a lockdown, requiring a thorough search of each building conducted by Jones, which will remain in effect until 12 p.M. Tomorrow.
  • Monday, November 14th

  • 1:19 a.M.: A UVA alert that encompasses the entire community identifies Jones as the perpetrator.
  • 3:59 a.M.: UVA President James Ryan notifies the community that three students have been killed, two injured, in a shooting on Grounds.
  • 10:33 a.M.: Authorities lift the lockdown, content that Jones has departed the premises.
  • Approximately 11:30 a.M.: Jones is apprehended in the vicinity of Richmond.
  • Throughout the afternoon, the motto “UVA STRONG” gains traction, with “1-15-41” (representing the jersey numbers of Davis, Chandler, and Perry) being prominently featured on social media and displayed on banners adorning student residences, apartments, and dormitories.
  • At approximately 7:30 p.M., Numerous students gather on the South Lawn to participate in a quiet candlelight vigil.
  • Tuesday, November 15th

    Alongside Carla Williams, the Athletic Director, Tony Elliott, the head coach of the football team, conducts a heartfelt press conference.

    Wednesday, November 16th

  • 8:55 a.M.: UVA cancels Saturday’s home football match against Coastal Carolina.
  • Bond refused. He is accused of 10 serious crimes, which consist of three charges of second-degree murder. Jones will make his initial court appearance in Albemarle County via video link at 9 a.M.
  • 1:05 p.M.: UVA’s Board of Visitors convenes in an urgent private meeting, its second out of three within that week.
  • Thursday, November 17th

  • UVA has formally requested the state attorney general to designate special counsel for conducting an independent assessment. The Virginia State Police assume control of the local criminal investigation, and the attorney general consents.
  • The UVA Strong Fund, a collective initiative of the University, will be overseen by the UVA Alumni Association to pay tribute to the individuals affected and provide assistance to those who have endured, their loved ones, and the UVA community.
  • Remaining months of 2022

    On Sunday, the NFL will also honor, while college football will honor at games throughout the nation. The commemorative ceremony for the killed athletes in John Paul Jones Arena, televised live on the ACC sports network, was witnessed by over 9,000 individuals on Saturday, November 19th.

    Sunday, Nov. 20: Following a week and two medical procedures after the shooting incident, Mike Hollins departs from UVA Hospital.

    Monday, Nov. 21: UVA cancels the last game of the season against Virginia Tech that was scheduled for Saturday.

    Saturday, November 26th: The burial for D’Sean Perry takes place in Miami.

    On Sunday, November 27th, a memorial service for Devin Chandler takes place in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    On Wednesday, November 30th, a commemoration of Lavel Davis’ life takes place in North Charleston, South Carolina.

    The annual Lighting of the Lawn event on December 1st pays a special tribute to the victims, showcasing the strength of the community.