Ben Affleck jokes about his nude shower scene in Gone Girl

Rosamund Pike additionally appeared in the film version of Gillian Flynn’s highly popular novel, the 2014 suspenseful movie Gone Girl, in which Affleck became well-known for undressing during a shower scene towards the conclusion.

In his movie Borat, Cohen created a commotion with the radiant green “mankini” he sports on screen and is also quite familiar with baring his body.

You told Affleck, “Therefore, it’s clear that you have won the Academy Award twice, achieved multiple victories in the Golden Globe, and received a nomination for the best portrayal of nudity, sexuality, or seduction by the Alliance of Women Film Journalists in Gone Girl. How significant was that for you?”.

Affleck responded: “Wow. Everyone aspires to that.”

Affleck responded: “Were you upset? … I mean you expose so much, you’ve been so unclothed, and yet you were disregarded.” To which Cohen then inquired: “Were you enraged when you didn’t emerge victorious?”

“Yeah, the Alliance of Women Film Critics never witnessed what I observed in the reflection,” expressed the Ali G celebrity.

Sacha Baron Cohen (Ian West/PA)

I noticed him asking when you pulled out your penis, it was 14 inches long, then Affleck turned the tables on Cohen.

“Now, how accurate was that statement?”

Cohen swiftly redirected the conversation, jesting: “I sense that we’re deviating. Share with me your thoughts on Batman!”

I don’t know how much longer the guy who is not 25 years old will be going, so I’m saying that at this point in my career, I’m a little old. He also discussed how he decides which projects he wants to take on, previously starring in blockbusters like Armageddon and Pearl Harbor with Affleck.

There are more interesting roles, but I no longer have the ability to do something when I’m halfway bored because people with whom you can be more interesting are not there.

“I simply cannot accomplish it. It is not valuable to be separated from my children.

Dad, although we don’t want to watch your movies, I hope our kids will see that there is something better and more satisfying if we travel to a different destination.

“All operations were halted and Covid spread widely during the week when we released this movie (The Way Back).”

“They closed movie theatres and my movie comes out that I really want people to see. ‘This is a disaster,’ I thought.”

“However, they subsequently shifted it directly to streaming.”

I think more people at home saw it than the people who went out to the theatre, and all of a sudden, there were captive audience members there.

My Armageddon days are in the past. I believe my path has become unclear, and I am simply seeking activities that bring personal fulfillment. It is necessary to consider that, I believe.