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The Cheapest and Best Homeowners Insurance in El Paso

Universal North America.

Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in El Paso if You Have Poor Credit

Insurers in El Paso use your credit score to calculate home insurance rates. If you have poor credit scores, you may be able to get home insurance but will likely have to pay a higher amount each year.

A homeowner with good credit standing will have to pay, on average, $1,9.10 for home insurance annually. In comparison, a policy for someone with a poor credit score costs more than double at roughly $4,037 per year.

If you possess a subpar credit rating, the establishments in El Paso that have the capacity to offer you the most economical home insurance, on average, are:.

  • Universal North America: $1,124 annually.
  • Chubb: $1,367 annually.
  • The Cheapest Companies in El Paso for Poor Credit, Ranked

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    The Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in El Paso

    Prior to making a decision, the cost becomes one of the aspects to consider when comparing various home insurance providers in El Paso, as they offer policies with relatively comparable basic coverage options.

    When comparing quotes from different insurers, it is found that the companies providing the most affordable homeowners insurance in El Paso, on average, for homes with dwelling coverage limits of $250,000.

  • Universal North America: $727 annually.
  • Chubb: $79.5 annually.
  • On average, companies that offer the most cost-effective home insurance are for residences with a dwelling coverage cap of $2 million. The price of your home insurance policy in El Paso is influenced by the limits set on dwelling coverage.

  • Chubb: $2,382 annually.
  • Universal North America: $3,9.9.3 annually.
  • Modify the limits for dwelling coverage in the table below to observe the variations in home insurance rates.

    The Cheapest Home Insurance in El Paso, Ranked

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    The coverage for personal property limits has been reduced from $800,000 to $100,000, and now includes $250,000 of initial coverage for the dwelling in El Paso policies. The coverage for personal property is directly proportional to the coverage for the dwelling.

    The liability coverage is different. It is not affected by the limits of dwelling coverage and stays at $100,000 for all policies.

    You can search for home insurance estimates in Texas, even if you reside outside of El Paso.

    Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in El Paso for High Deductibles

    Adjusting your deductibles may have a large effect on how much your home insurance costs in El Paso. A policy with a $1,000 deductible costs $1,9.10 per year on average. A higher deductible means you’ll pay a higher amount out-of-pocket before your insurance kicks in, but it also means you’ll pay a smaller premium per year. Increasing your deductibles to $2,000 makes your policy cheaper at roughly $1,642.

    On average, the companies providing the most affordable homeowners insurance in El Paso for policies with a $2,000 deductible are:.

  • Universal North America: $625 annually.
  • Chubb: $731 annually.
  • The Cheapest Companies in El Paso for High Deductibles, Ranked

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    Getting Online Homeowners Insurance Quotes in El Paso

    Homeowners are always encouraged to compare home insurance quotes in El Paso, which can be obtained online, to simplify the process.

  • Within your policy, this establishes the limits for dwelling coverage, hence it is advisable to engage the services of a skilled contractor to evaluate your residence in order to obtain a precise figure, which corresponds to the sum required for reconstructing your dwelling – commonly known as your home’s replacement cost.
  • To ensure that you have adequate coverage, it is important to maintain an inventory of your personal belongings. Homeowners often underestimate the value of their personal property, so it is crucial to keep track of the value of your belongings.
  • Insurance providers will request your residential address as it is considered when calculating home insurance premiums in El Paso. Additionally, they will inquire about your insurance background and the household size. This pertains to your personal details.
  • In addition to your personal information, insurers will inquire about various aspects of your home such as its size, construction date, and the materials utilized. The inquiries about your home can encompass a wide range of details.
  • Calculate the Cost of Home Insurance in El Paso

    When calculating the cost of your home insurance policy, variables such as the geographical position of your residence, the extent of coverage you opt for regarding dwelling and personal belongings, and your creditworthiness are taken into account, among other considerations.

    You can utilize MoneyGeek’s home insurance calculator to compare different quotes in Texas.

    Home Insurance Calculator

    These are yearly approximations. Obtain a customized quotation to ascertain your expenses.

    The Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in El Paso for 2022

    El Paso$1,9.10.



    El Paso’s average annual homeowners insurance rate is still cheaper compared to the national average of $2,103 per year, at $159. per year or $1,19.0 per year. In the state of Texas, homeowners in El Paso pay an average of $3,39.0 per year for home insurance.

    Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in El Paso if You Have a Lot of Personal Property

    Having home insurance protects you against damages to personal property you keep at your home. In El Paso, homeowners insurance with personal property limits of $100,000 costs an average of $1,9.10 per year. If you feel your possessions exceed this, you can always increase your personal property limits. It will, however, also increase your premium. Policies in El Paso that cover $250,000 of personal property cost roughly $1,9.70 per year.

    Typically, the El Paso-based companies that provide superior home insurance are intended for houses with personal belongings coverage limits of $250,000.

  • Universal North America: $750 annually.
  • Chubb: $79.5 annually.
  • Cheap Companies in El Paso for Extra Personal Property Coverage

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    Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in El Paso for Newly Constructed Homes

    When considering the age of your home, insurance rates for home insurance in El Paso are calculated. It is advisable to use materials that are easier to replace and more resistant to damage when constructing newly built homes. Homeowners of newly constructed homes are also less likely to file claims.

    Home insurance for a house in El Paso constructed in 2000 with a dwelling coverage limit of $250,000 costs roughly $1,9.10 per year. In comparison, a more recently built home with the same dwelling coverage limit only costs about $1,269..

    On average, the companies that offer the cheapest insurance for newly constructed homes with a $250,000 dwelling coverage in El Paso are:.

  • Universal North America: $483 annually.
  • Chubb: $701 annually.
  • The Cheapest Home Insurance in El Paso for New Homes, Ranked

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    The Best Home Insurance Companies in El Paso

    When you submit a claim, both facets prove useful. In addition to being renowned for exceptional user experience, in El Paso, it’s important for your home insurance provider to have strong financial stability. Conducting some investigation into potential insurers is advisable. Your choice of policy should not be solely determined by price.

    MoneyGeek’s research discovered that the top-rated home insurance companies in El Paso include:

  • Top Choice: Chubb.
  • Runner-up: Nationwide.
  • MoneyGeek utilized affordability, customer satisfaction, and financial solvency as factors in their assessment of home insurance providers in El Paso.

    Geek Rapid Overview.

    Depreciation is not taken into consideration as your previous items, which are in excellent condition, will be fully reimbursed. In case of loss or damage to your personal property, you will be reimbursed based on the replacement cost. Chubb will reconstruct your home to its original state in the event of damage, irrespective of the coverage limits specified in your policy.

    Additional Information Regarding Chubb.

    If the damage results in a cash settlement, it can completely destroy your home. Chubb, which ranks high on MoneyGeek’s list, is known for its excellent financial stability and affordability.

    Check out MoneyGeek’s review of Chubb home insurance.

    Geek Rapid Overview.

    Nationwide offers several features to protect you from extreme weather conditions. One of these is their Better Roof Replacement, which ensures that your roof is rebuilt using improved protective materials. Additionally, you can easily add flood insurance from Nationwide to get more protection. You can also add water backup coverage to cover all water perils.

    Additional Information Regarding Nationwide.

    Nationwide is one of the top insurers in El Paso. Nationwide offers similar replacement use policies for personal property as Chubb. It receives perfect scores for all three categories, almost reaching perfection.

    Check out MoneyGeek’s Comprehensive Review of Nationwide Home Insurance.


    Universal North America.


    Homeowners Insurance in El Paso Analysis: Methodology

    The information on this page is the result of an analysis of home insurance quotes from ten companies, using data provided by Paso El in partnership with Quadrant.

    Quotes were collected for homeowners who had higher dwelling and personal property coverages, raised deductibles, and low credit scores in order to generate a comparison. The reference profile employed was that of a homeowner with a house spanning 2,500 square feet that was constructed in the year 2000, with a deductible of $1,000 and coverage limits that encompassed dwelling at $250,000, personal property at $100,000, and liability at $100,000.

    Affordability was calculated utilizing quotes for a residence with diverse coverage for MoneyGeek’s internal rating system, whereas customer satisfaction ratings employed surveys from J.D. Power.

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