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Gender is an important factor in mental health and mental illness. While much attention has been given to the morbidity of mental disease, there is a need to focus on the gender-specific variables and mechanisms that promote mental health and resilience to stress and adversity.

In this article, we will explore the importance of gender in mental health, the symptoms of mental diseases in women and men, and the disparities that exist in the prevalence of common mental disorders. Additionally, we will discuss the benefits of seeking help from a female psychiatrist and how BetterHelp, a leading web platform, can connect individuals with top-tier female psychiatrists.

Mental Disorders and Gender

Women and men can experience the same mental diseases and ailments, but their symptoms may differ. Some common symptoms include persistent depression or thoughts of hopelessness, alcohol and/or drug abuse, changes in eating or sleeping habits, changes in appetite and/or weight, reduced energy or weariness, excessive worry or fear, hallucinations or delusions, extreme emotional states, unexplained physical symptoms, irritability, suicidal ideation, and social withdrawal.

Gender disparities are particularly noticeable in the prevalence of common mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and somatic problems. These disorders primarily affect women and pose a significant public health burden. For example, women are twice as likely as men to suffer from unipolar depression, which is predicted to be the second major cause of worldwide disability burden by 2020.

BetterHelp: Connecting Individuals with Female Psychiatrists

BetterHelp is a reliable and widely-used web platform that offers a convenient option for individuals who are hesitant to find or see a psychiatrist in person. The platform provides a simple and accessible way to connect with top-tier psychiatrists and professionals who are both knowledgeable and sympathetic.

One of the advantages of BetterHelp is the ability to find a female psychiatrist who is local or international. This allows individuals to choose a psychiatrist who understands their specific cultural and societal contexts, providing personalized and effective treatment.

BetterHelp ensures privacy and confidentiality, making it a safe space for individuals to seek help without the fear of stigma. With BetterHelp, therapy sessions can be conducted from the comfort of one’s own home or any preferred location, offering flexibility and convenience.

The Possibilities of Therapy

Therapy offers a range of possibilities for individuals seeking help with their mental health. Female psychiatrists employ a variety of treatments and often find that the best outcomes are achieved through a combination of therapeutic modalities.

Some examples of therapeutic modalities used by female psychiatrists include psychotherapy, medication management, relaxation training, stress reduction techniques, mindfulness, and visualization techniques. BetterHelp psychiatrists are also experts in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), two of the most frequently utilized and effective anxiety treatment modalities.

Benefits of Seeking Help from a Female Psychiatrist

There are several benefits to seeking help from a female psychiatrist. Female psychiatrists understand the unique challenges and experiences faced by women in relation to mental health. They possess specialized knowledge and expertise in treating mental health issues that are more prevalent in women, such as perinatal depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and perimenopause-related depression.

Female psychiatrists provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their feelings and concerns. They offer personalized treatment plans that take into account the individual’s specific needs and circumstances. Female psychiatrists can help individuals become more self-aware, develop coping strategies, and work towards their goals for improved mental health and well-being.

Top Female Psychiatrists

1. Aisha Abbasi, Psychiatrist, MD

Dr. Aisha Abbasi is a highly qualified psychiatrist who specializes in helping individuals with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. She has extensive training in psychoanalysis, which is a form of intensive talking therapy. Dr. Abbasi listens attentively to her patients, not only to what is said but also to what lies beneath the surface. She shares her understanding with her patients to facilitate desired life changes.

Dr. Abbasi’s specialties include anxiety, depression, relationship issues, divorce, emotional disturbance, family conflict, grief, infertility, medication management, parenting, self-esteem, sleep or insomnia, stress, and women’s issues. She employs clinical approaches such as clinical supervision and licensed supervisors, culturally sensitive therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.

2. Ashwini Gulwadi, M.D. – PLLC Psychiatrist, MD

Dr. Ashwini Gulwadi is a dedicated psychiatrist who provides psychiatric services to adults with various emotional and psychiatric concerns. She combines different treatment strategies, including psychotherapy, medications, lifestyle changes, and nutrition, to help individuals improve their lives. Dr. Gulwadi recognizes that each person has unique characteristics related to physical health, genetic makeup, cultural background, and identity, and tailors her approach accordingly.

Dr. Gulwadi’s specialties include anxiety, depression, relationship issues, ADHD, behavioral issues, bipolar disorder, chronic illness, coping skills, grief, intellectual disability, learning disabilities, medication management, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), pregnancy-related issues, self-esteem, sleep or insomnia, stress, trauma, and women’s issues. She utilizes clinical approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy, motivational interviewing, and psychodynamic therapy.

3. Lindsay Rose Dykema (Psychiatrist, MD, MPH)

Dr. Lindsay Rose Dykema is a compassionate psychiatrist who works with adults experiencing mood disorders, psychotic disorders, anxiety/trauma-related disorders, and substance use disorders. She is also a part-time law student with a particular interest in working with individuals who have had ties to the criminal justice system. Dr. Dykema identifies as queer and ensures that her practice is safe and affirming for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Dr. Dykema offers diagnostic evaluation and medication management. She is open to collaborating with an individual’s current therapist, if they have one. Her specialties include medication management, addiction, alcohol use, anxiety, bipolar disorder, criminal justice involvement, depression, re-entering citizens, relationship issues, substance use, transgender-related issues, trauma, and PTSD. Dr. Dykema utilizes clinical approaches such as interpersonal therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, person-centered therapy, positive psychology, strength-based therapy, and trauma-focused therapy.

How to Get Started with BetterHelp

If you feel that something isn’t quite right with your mental health, it is strongly advised to seek expert help. BetterHelp offers a simple and straightforward process to connect individuals with licensed, top-rated female psychiatrists who are highly knowledgeable in the field of mental health and psychology.

To get started with BetterHelp, you can click on the sign-up button and register. Once registered, you can log in to be matched with a licensed therapist who suits your specific needs and preferences. BetterHelp therapists have undergone extensive training and are licensed to practice. Taking the step to seek help can make a significant difference in your mental health and overall well-being.


Gender plays a crucial role in mental health, and seeking the assistance of a qualified professional is important for individuals experiencing mental disorders. BetterHelp provides a convenient and accessible platform to connect individuals with top-tier female psychiatrists who can offer personalized and effective treatment. By seeking help from a female psychiatrist, individuals can benefit from expert care that addresses their unique challenges and experiences. Taking the step to seek help is the first step towards improving mental health and achieving a happier and more fulfilling life.