Bianca Devins, Murder gone Viral

I recommend reading the story about Kenneka Jenkins, but if you have difficulty with graphic images and violence, the intention is not to glorify the horrific attack. The shared images of Bianca Devins are intended to provide a complete picture of the atrocity, without disrespecting her memory. Please read with discretion, Reader.

“Just understand that I am currently not experiencing any pain.”

Apologies, individuals, you will need to locate someone else to encircle. The picture, accompanied by the caption, was circulated on Discord and 4chan this time.

Additional images emerged, with one labeled, “Apologies, Bianca.”

Today she was planning to return to her house. It was rewarding, I hope. Chinese username with the offensive jerk Alex. Pewdiepie to follow. Anyway, foolish Bianca screw I vehicle screwing my. On Discord, Clark kept on sharing.

“Her complete names are Bianca Michelle Devins from Utica NY by the way.”

“There should be several articles available in a few days. Enjoy!”

Bianca Devins  Brandon Andrew Clark Discord

Clark personally received a 911 call shortly thereafter, as they did not have to search for an extended period. Law enforcement promptly initiated their investigation, reached out to the relevant authorities, and treated it with utmost seriousness. Certain individuals doubted its authenticity, considering that sharing such information on social media seems unlikely.

I’m not going to stay on the phone for long because I still need to do the suicide part of the murder-suicide, My name is Brandon, and Devins Michelle Bianca is the victim.

The man, Clark, started stabbing himself in the neck while posting online photos and streaming live. Once officers approached him, they were able to determine that the caller on St Poe in Utica, NY was the one who found a man lying on a tarp beside the black SUV and Brown hair could be seen sticking out from beneath it.

Authorities requested immediate medical assistance, and the Utica Fire Department arrived shortly thereafter.

Who was Bianca, and why did Clark murder her?

Born on October 2, 2001, Bianca Michelle Devins, an E-girl, gained a dedicated fan base and found solace from the loneliness she experienced on various online platforms. Alongside her ongoing battle with depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder, she had been grappling with mental health issues for quite some time. In order to embark on her psychology studies, she was scheduled to enroll at Mohawk Valley Community College in the upcoming autumn, following her recent high school graduation.

According to Bianca’s mother, Kim was delightful and courteous. They subsequently had a face-to-face encounter when he came to her high school graduation. The pair connected on Instagram in April 2019, when he started following her profile. It was through social media that she initially encountered Clark.

It was clear that Clark had romantic feelings toward Bianca, but she did not reciprocate. She wanted their relationship to remain platonic.

Alex and Bianca saw him when he was not excited, although Clark was aware of the meeting. She knew that she had to meet another friend, Alex, there. Clark and she attended the concert of Nicole Dollanganger, a Canadian singer, in New York City before the night Bianca was killed. It was the evening of July 13, before the night of Bianca’s death.

“Clark woke up in his seat, holding up a large knife at Bianca’s throat. Bianca saw this and later watched a video that showed the authorities on his side. It reminded her that they were just friends. Again, she confronted Clark about the kiss after the show and drove home, taking the long way.”

The investigation by the police uncovered evidence of online searches for methods of killing, including how to find the carotid artery and how to incapacitate or kill someone by hanging or choking.

The Instagram hashtag #yesjuliet was blocked, and the pictures were included in a “digital fingerprint database.” However, duplicates of the picture persisted in being circulated, and in certain instances, users who reported the images were informed that they “did not breach community guidelines.” The killing of Bianca has generated anger, not only towards her perpetrator but also towards the major social media platforms that permitted the dissemination and prolonged presence of her images.

According to Kim, the images were still present on Facebook as recently as September. Hany Farid, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who specializes in digital forensics and image analysis, stated that it was almost criminal for these companies, including Instagram, to not take action and prevent the images from being circulated online.

Illegitimate fundraising sites have emerged, seeking donations to run and make money. Taking advantage of Bianca’s tragic death, some influencers on social media changed their profile pictures to hers, promising to follow in her footsteps.

“He explained that he wrote a letter to a friend, bragging about his actions which drove him to kill, as he couldn’t handle her out walking his thoughts. It wasn’t Bianca’s influence from social media that drove him, but rather a much deeper issue. Kim has criticized this idea, that the narrative of the dangers of meeting people online was used to push Bianca’s case in the aftermath of the media.”

Following the discovery of a toothbrush that he had transformed into a makeshift weapon in his prison cell, Clark entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of second-degree murder on July 29, 2019. Additionally, he faced an additional accusation of facilitating the possession of prohibited items within the correctional facility.

On February 10, 2020, Clark changed his plea to guilty. The video he recorded of him killing Bianca was later announced to the public, four days after her death, highlighting the erasure and concealment of evidence that damaged his claims of existence.

Brandon Andrew Clark Court

Because he confessed his guilt, his plea was rejected, citing his attorney’s incompetence. Consequently, he opted to retract his admission of guilt during this period. However, the process was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and the sentencing was rescheduled for April 7th.

Brandon Andrew Clark was given a prison sentence of 25 years to life on March 16, 2021.

Anthony Brindisi, the attorney, and Kim have called for increased social media monitoring since the Commission Trade Federal has requested full accountability for the case investigation. However, we are yet to share the results of the audit, as we are aware of the results. The social media giant has promised to share the results but allowed Instagram users to block private messages from strangers in response.

On September 21, 2020, the Devins family, along with Brindisi, proposed “Bianca’s Law.” This bill aims to create a dedicated department responsible for identifying and deleting aggressive material that goes against the platforms’ guidelines. The proposed law would apply to all social media platforms that generate over $10 million in revenue and have more than 100,000 monthly users.

Introduced a law that would create criminal and civil penalties for spreading an image of a crime victim with the intent of glorification or harassment, Educator and member of the New York State Assembly Marianne Buttenschon, and New York State Senator Joseph Griffo (R), and Output: Proposing legislation that aims to establish legal consequences, both criminal and civil, for disseminating an image of a victim of a crime with the purpose of glorifying or tormenting, Educator and representative of the New York State Assembly, Marianne Buttenschon, alongside New York State Senator Joseph Griffo (R),

Tiana Guzman of Utica, the first recipient of the award, has accomplished their shared goals. As she pursues her career, she keeps Bianca’s spirit with her and asks that she achieves success through others. Our family established this scholarship with The Community Foundation to ensure that Bianca’s dream lives on. Bianca was an incredibly talented artist who used art to work through her own mental health issues. From her personal experience, Bianca understood the significance of this work. Her aspiration was to become a psychologist and assist adolescents with mental health problems. Kim Devins issued a statement congratulating Tiana Guzman and expressing her best wishes for her success. The Bianca Michelle Devins Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to provide support to students pursuing a psychology degree.