Boat Tours in Seattle, Washington

One of my favorite ways to explore the city of Seattle, Washington is by taking boat tours, duck tours, train tours, bus tours, and walking tours.

The tour of Seattle offered by the Ducks Ride of Seattle provides a 90-minute tour by boat and land, taking you to many famous attractions from Pike Place Market to the Space Needle, both on water and land.

Duck boat tours in Seattle
Duck boat tours in Seattle

The company’s 90-minute Ride the Ducks Seattle Tours have been chosen as the top City Tour in Seattle for over ten years. The commentary is not only informative but also entertaining and enjoyable.

The Ducks Ride uses occasional props and songs to tell the stories of Seattle, and the tour guide may even use a funny hat or a rubber chicken to surprise you. But beware, at Market Place Pike, you might see a “flying” salmon that is not real, it’s just a fake spoiler warning.

The tours offered by Ride the Ducks of Seattle are smart and unforgettable, and the experience of traveling should be pleasurable. Relax a bit and savor the journey, that’s the objective, although it might sound somewhat foolish, of course.

A duck boat is an amphibious landing craft that was used in WWII
A duck boat is an amphibious landing craft that was used in WWII

What exactly is a Duck Boat?

The DUKWs, originally known as Duck boats, were amphibious landing crafts designed by the United States Army for use during WWII. They were designed to deliver cargo from ships directly at sea to the shore, and they could easily move through the choppy water and breakers without losing traction, even on soft sand or water exits.

Many of them have found a new life riding the Ducks of Seattle. Several DUKWs have been restored and preserved for civilian use. After the war, the DUKWs were decommissioned.

You’ll see many famous Seattle landmarks on your Ride the Ducks of Seattle boat tour

What Can I Expect to See on a Seattle Duck Boat Tour?

The Great Fire of 1889 and Seattle’s Underground have transformed the city, even impacting their sanitation facilities. By exploring Seattle’s historic district, you will gain knowledge about the city’s history. Afterward, take a leisurely stroll along the Seattle Waterfront, where you can visit popular attractions such as the Seattle Aquarium and the Great Wheel. To experience a unique tour, hop on the 20-mile duck boat tour that takes you from the eccentric Fremont neighborhood to the historical Pioneer Square.

You will then head to Downtown, the very first home of the famous Pike Place Market and Starbucks. Later, you’ll get to watch as your amphibious duck boat turns into a bus and splashes into Lake Union.

“Sleepless in Seattle,” the movie, popularized the houseboats and Gasworks Park, as you glide across the water, you’ll enjoy a distinctive perspective of the city’s shoreline on Lake Union.

Ride the Ducks of Seattle tour guides have a fun sense of humor
Ride the Ducks of Seattle tour guides have a fun sense of humor

Will My Children Find It Enjoyable?

Splashes of water can be particularly enjoyable when on a boat tour, especially for kids. Jokes that are age-appropriate and clean are enjoyable for everyone. The Seattle Ducks Ride is a family-friendly activity that is fun for all.

Sometimes, guides will let children sit on the seat of the water, but the guide up to that entertains children in their own little way by making drawings for them. Each tour guide makes their own guide for children.

The guest of honor is presented with a unique paper crown and is serenaded with a joyous birthday tune by Ride the Ducks of Seattle. Numerous visitors commemorate their birthdays by enjoying a delightful duck boat excursion.

How Much Does a Seattle Duck Boat Tour Cost?

Senior citizens and children are eligible for discounts. The Seattle Ducks Ride offers an affordable ticket price of $38 for adults. Some city tours may charge up to $100 for a five-hour tour.

Adult: $38 Senior (65+): $35 Child (4-12): $23 Toddler (0-3): $5.

Discounts are available for groups of 20 or more and private occasions.

What Are the Available Times for Duck Boat Tours?

Ride the Ducks of Seattle, which operates throughout the year and is open for 362 days annually, advises checking their online schedule as the tour itinerary is subject to change based on the season.

To ensure your warmth and protection from the rain, the Ducks are equipped with a canopy and clear vinyl windows that can be rolled down. This is particularly useful in Seattle, where tours operate regardless of the weather conditions.

Where to Purchase Tickets

You have the option to purchase tickets either online or at the company’s walk-up sales window in Seattle. I highly suggest buying tickets in advance online, particularly if you have a specific date and time in mind for the tour.

To reserve a group, you can either complete the online booking form or call if you are making a reservation for a sizable group. Tickets for tours from now until the end of the year are available for purchase.

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