Body camera footage of Louisville bank shooting released

On Tuesday afternoon, the Louisville Metro Police made public the footage from the body cameras of Officers Nickolas Wilt and Cory Galloway. Galloway, who was Wilt’s training officer, arrived at the location alongside Wilt. Unfortunately, Wilt was shot during the incident and is currently in a critical state.

Sturgeon, the marksman and bank staff member, aged 25, opened fire at the law enforcement officers from the entrance hall of Old National Bank. Towards the front of the establishment, Wilt was struck by a bullet and fell to the ground. Galloway, positioned behind a large flower pot, also sustained injuries but managed to relocate.

This is the complete video published by LMPD.

The police stated that on Tuesday, an employee of a bank in Louisville legally purchased a rifle and then opened fire at his workplace, specifically targeting certain individuals.

Sturgeon purchased the AR-15 firearm on April 4th at a nearby car dealership, according to Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel during a press briefing.

Authorities stated on Instagram that a shooting occurred during a live stream on Monday, where five individuals, including a close friend of the Kentucky governor, were killed by Sturgeon with a rifle, while eight others were injured.

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg (D) said at a news conference the 911 emergency calls from the shooting would be released when available.

Meta, the parent company that owns Facebook and Instagram, swiftly took down the video as the tragedy unfolded. The shooter, who was livestreaming on Instagram, was fatally shot inside the premises while gunshots were still being discharged. The police promptly arrived.

The website of the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods will provide additional information later today. Free parking will be offered at the Muhammad Ali Center located at 144 N. 6th Street for the community vigil, where individuals will come together to honor the victims and offer prayers for healing. This event will take place on Wednesday at 5 p.M. ET. Furthermore, authorities have also disclosed their proposed initiatives.

Greenberg stated, “As we deal with the aftermath of Monday’s shooting and address the gun violence across our city, we must remember that we may be tested, but we need to break not. It has become all too familiar to us.” Greenberg expressed, “The strength of our community has been heartwarming in the face of this horrific event.”

As part of the investigation, police descended on the neighborhood where the suspect lived, about 5 miles south of the downtown shooting.

Dr. Jason Smith from UofL Health partnered with Greenberg to highlight the importance of blood contributions in times of emergencies like the one that took place on Monday. Other injuries and illnesses require nearly 10 times less blood in comparison to gunshot wounds. If feasible, he encouraged everyone to provide blood to the Red Cross today or make arrangements for future donations.

“When you take out two days or an hour of your day to give blood, Greenberg said, you are taking a huge step in saving someone’s life.”

The hospital’s inventory dwindled as physicians attended to individuals injured in the shooting, Smith remarked that blood from the nearby Red Cross potentially preserved lives.

Five others have been discharged. Now listed as fair and stable are the other two, while Officer Nickolas Wilt is still in critical condition. UofL Health is currently treating three people for their injuries.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.