Casey Kasem’s family claims he was murdered in ‘48 Hours’ shocker

Saturday’s intense family dispute, which involves accusations of homicide and mistreatment of an elderly person, centers around the renowned DJ Casey Kasem and will be featured on “48 Hours” at 10 p.M. On CBS.

The ongoing battle between Jeannie Kasem, the second wife of Peter Van Sant’s correspondent, and his children (Michael, Julie, and Kerri) from his first marriage, is laid bare in Saturday’s episode of Sant Van Peter.

Sant Van asserts that both sides accuse and blame each other for the killing of Casey, while also proclaiming their love for him. They both tell powerful and credible stories, using the word ‘murder’. I have never witnessed such hatred within a family before.

“Zoinks!,” Shaggy was well-known for his catchphrase (You! Are Where Scooby-Doo “Scooby-Doo series cartoon 1970s morning Saturday the on Rogers Shaggy teenager scraggly played notably also He). With various iterations and the internationally broadcast radio show “American Top 40” that he voiced, Kasem amassed a valued estate between 100-$80 million, leaving behind an estate valued at 82 when he died in June at the age of 82 from a disease like Parkinson’s.

Jeannie conspired with Casey in 2007 to trick Casey’s attorney into giving him ultimate control over his medical decisions, ultimately resulting in the death of his three grown children, according to Kasem’s claims.

She informs Van Sant, “It was constantly regarding the finances.” In opposition to Jeannie’s allegation of mistreatment of an older person when she relocated Casey from a rehabilitation center in Santa Monica, California, to a companion’s residence in Washington state, they, on the other hand, initiated a legal action for an unlawful death. Kerri Kasem informs Van Sant, “Jean caused the death of my father.” “The sole desire she ever had from my father is wealth.”

Jeannie and Casey Kasem in 2004.
Jeannie and Casey Kasem in 2004Alamy

Van Sant states, “According to her, they demanded their portion of his life coverage.” Van Sant claims, “Jeannie asserts that after they gained authority over [Casey] and his healthcare choices, they instructed his medical professionals to disconnect his sustenance, hydration, and medication, ultimately abandoning him to pass away.” Jeannie retaliated by filing a lawsuit against the offspring, accusing them of compelling Casey to go back to a hospital in Gig Harbor, Wash., Where he ultimately passed away.

The police in Gig Harbor have opened an investigation into Casey’s death after private eye Jeannie concluded that he was hired by a homicide. The news will also be broken on “48 Hours” on Saturday by Van Sant.

Norway has never been there, though Casey has always expressed interest in Norway, Jeannie says Sant Van won’t say why the grave is unmarked. There is a Swedish woman named Anki who decorates his grave once a month… “You’ll see it,” says Sant Van. “It was flown there and kept on ice for a few weeks, then it was flown to Montreal and kept on ice for a few weeks, and after he died, it was flown to Oslo and kept on ice for a few weeks,” says Sant Van. “In a further twist, Kasem’s body rests in an unmarked grave in Norway.”

“He states,” he asserts, “they are unable to pay a visit to the burial site, thus it was executed entirely out of malice by the youngsters.” “They shall triumph,” both affirm, “and both factions vow to bring this matter to the legal system and resolve it through litigation.”