Celebrity Voice Generators

We can immerse ourselves in the world of celebrity AI voice generators, exploring what we can and cannot do with it. Perhaps now, with the power of AI, you can sing a happy birthday to your favorite celebrity just like they would.

With instant updates, you can effortlessly modify your very own vocal tone. By simply pressing a button, you can instantly obtain a renowned public figure’s voice that perfectly resembles a digitally transcribed text being spoken aloud. This is precisely the purpose of a celebrity voice synthesizer.

How does it work when your selected famous person possesses the same accent and intonation as that voice? In the instance of a celebrity AI vocal synthesizer, sophisticated application programming interfaces (APIs), profound machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) are employed to audibly articulate words in a genuine, lifelike manner, resembling any ordinary text-to-speech utility. However, what is the underlying mechanism behind this process?

What can I use it for?

You can use it for entertainment by creating humorous spoof content and sending funny messages to play pranks on your friends. There is a lot of AI technology available in the market, similar to a voice celebrity generator, to have fun with.

You can be mistaken for a real thing, which can lead to fraud and fake news, and now the tech is pretty advanced, which means that realistic-sounding voices can be generated using an AI voice generator. However, you should be cautious because there are legal ramifications for creating deepfakes with celebrity voices.

Which celebrity voices can AI mimic?

Among the extensive array of online celebrity voice generators, you’ll discover a vast assortment of famous voices.

This can give you a unique voice, a legendary meme in particular. Even celebrity AI generators like Dingle Quandale include characters like SpongeBob SquarePants and actors like Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as musicians like Kanye West. You’ll also find many voice generator apps that feature popular Presidents like Obama and Trump, alongside Joe Biden.

There is a website or application available that you might enjoy if you are a fan of celebrity voices. Over time, more and more celebrity voices are being added to all of these applications.

Are AI celebrity voice generators any good?

Premium paid-for apps offer speech-to-text services that sound more realistic and reliable than human-like robotic sounds. However, if you prioritize quality, you won’t be disappointed with a free AI voice generator that allows you to choose from celebrity voices. It all boils down to the sound quality.

LOVO AI provides hyper-realistic AI voices, showcasing the ability of AI to sound completely human. Take a moment to listen to Genny and personally witness the experience.

Best celebrity voice generator websites and apps

If you wish to generate your own amusing celebrity voices, explore the top-notch websites and applications for celebrity voice generation provided below.


FakeYou is an easy-to-use voice celebrity generator that allows you to choose from over 2,000 options, including Hollywood actors, former and current presidents, and more. Simply paste or copy any text into the software. Best of all, it’s free!


The application’s roster of famous personalities consists of Obama, Trump, and Biden. It has the capability to generate artificial intelligence-based speech in more than 70 languages and accents, and boasts a collection of over 3,200 distinct voices. TopMediai is an AI-powered voice generator that also incorporates an AI-driven art generator.


Another great online celebrity voice generator is Uberduck, which offers over 5,000 voices to choose from, including sound-alike voices of John F Kennedy, Patrick Stewart, and Mickey Mouse. Although there are paid versions available if you want better functionality, Uberduck is free to use.

Voice AI

AI Voice is a real-time voice changer designed for content creators and streamers. With AI Voice, you can save and record your voice. From cartoon characters to popular stars to politicians, you can choose from over 1,000 different voices in the Voice Universe Head.


Voicer is one of the more basic online available voice changer apps, which allows you to apply pitch, change, reverb, and echo effects to make your recordings sound more realistic. It’s worth a look if you like the idea of sounding like Darth Vader, Morgan Freeman, or even Beyoncé.

Celebrity Voice Changer

Wait for a few moments to generate the voice of your chosen celebrity, then simply record your own voice using the Celebrity Voice Changer app, including a selection of famous voices such as Jong Un, Kim Jong, Ellen DeGeneres, and Peter Griffin.

LOVO’s AI voice generator

You can use AI voice generators instead to create lifelike voiceovers for videos and podcasts. This is especially beneficial for businesses with limited budgets as professional voiceover artists can be expensive. Additionally, you can use this technology for marketing and business purposes. However, it can also be used for fun things like imitating your favorite celebrities or for various speech to text applications.

Genny, our AI LOVO, offers over 600+ different voices and provides speech-to-text conversion for 25 distinct emotions in various languages.

You can utilize these authentic voices to generate a synchronized voiceover for:

  • Advertisements.
  • Explainer videos.
  • YouTube videos.
  • Corporate training.
  • Audiobooks.
  • Podcasts.
  • Videos on social media.
  • Product demos.
  • Interactions with customer service.
  • It’s a fast and simple method to establish a connection with your audience and communicate details about your products or brand.