Cinco De Mayo Memes And Funny GIFs To Celebrate May 5, 2022

Did you know that it is a legitimate Mexican holiday, but you might not judge it? While sharing a happy Cinco de Mayo meme with your friends, you can enjoy margaritas, tacos, and tequila on this day, which is May 5th. Let’s learn about this Mexican holiday while enjoying all the funny memes and GIFs about Cinco de Mayo.

Firstly, let’s address the fact that the Battle of Puebla, which took place on May 5, 1862, during the Franco-Mexican War, resulted in the Mexican army’s triumph over France. However, it is important to note that Cinco De Mayo is not synonymous with the Mexican Independence Day.

cinco de mayo memes 2022
cinco de mayo memes 2022

It’s not a major holiday in Mexico, actually! So, where do chips and queso (and let’s not forget the salsa!) Fit into the picture? We’re all for it! The United States never fails to commercialize another holiday. But that’s alright.

happy cinco de mayo americans - three amigos cinco de mayo meme
three amigos cinco de mayo meme

Here in the United States, Mayo de Cinco is celebrated as a commemoration of Mexican heritage and culture, and we mean it when we say that we have the best 2022 memes for this occasion.

Discover further information about the historical background of this festive occasion.

cinco de mayo tequila meme cinco de mayo is just st patricks day with tacos and tequila
cinco de mayo tequila meme

In the 1980s, the United States saw an opportunity to create a larger economic force by continuing to grow the Latino population, which started commercializing on May 5th.

cinco de mayo drink all the mexican beer meme
cinco de mayo mexican beer meme

During the holiday, the Gambrinus Group, the importers of Corona and Negra Modelo in Texas, can express gratitude for initiating a marketing campaign that promotes the consumption of Mexican beer among Mexican Americans.

According to CNET, the marketing director at the Gambrinus group in 1993 stated that the May 5th holiday, which is considered one of the beer industry’s largest promotions, was becoming such. This Cinco de Mayo meme is essentially just a way to promote the beer industry.

 matrix - what if i told you cinco de mayo is just an excuse for white people to drink
white people cinco de mayo meme

Now I can affirm that Mexican eateries, particularly in Texas, profit from this promotional drive.

Happy Cinco de Mayo Memes

Share the joyful Cinco de Mayo memes when you are gathering your May 5th festive hour group.

happy cinco de mayo meme homer simpson
happy cinco de mayo meme

We don’t talk about Seis de Mayo very much because we probably are too busy dealing with a headache and fighting dehydration.

happy cinco de mayo and seis de hangover
funny cinco de mayo quote

I get it. I see our memes! I get tequila, margarita, taco, and Mayo de cinco. You just need to know the basics, even if you don’t know any Spanish words. But it’s important for your friend who celebrates on May 5th.

happy cinco de mayo to someone who only knows those 3 spanish words. feliz cinco de mayo meme
feliz cinco de mayo meme

When it comes to being unable to speak Spanish, this comical meme about Cinco de Mayo genuinely cracks me up. It’s the quintessential Cinco de Mayo jest.

sinko de mayo meme
sinko de mayo meme – Cinco de Mayo pun

Drinking on Cinco de Mayo

On this upcoming weekend, the Kentucky Derby will take place, so while enjoying tacos, burritos, margaritas, and tequila, it is important to stay properly hydrated, my friends, and consider the well-being of your liver.

sexy cinco de mayo meme kentuck derby, cinco de mayo, my liver thinking about the next 3 days
sexy cinco de mayo meme

Remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, my friends. I cannot stress enough the importance of staying hydrated, especially during siesta and fiesta. This is essential, especially on Cinco de Mayo.

first fiesta then ciesto cinco de mayo meme funny
dog cinco de mayo meme funny

When tequila hits, this cat knows. Please do not feed your cat tequila if you love (or hate) cats, too.

when the tequila hits - cinco de mayo cat meme
tequila cinco de mayo meme

Get ready, the margaritas are on their way. Or if you’re looking for margarita memes, we also have those!

brace yourself margarita cinco de mayo meme are coming
margarita cinco de mayo meme

Here we go with May 6th once more. You all stay hydrated.

my face on cinco de seis meme
cinco de seis meme

Working on May 5th

This Cinco De Mayo, while you take a break for lunch in the office (or Zoom), celebrate with a meme that is dedicated to all of you, who are working on the 5th.

me coming back to work after celebrating cinco de mayo lunch
cinco de mayo work meme

Enjoy the funny memes on the 5th of May! Shout out to everyone who is sick of calling it Cinco de Seis!

happy cinco de mayo to everyone calling in sick on cinco de seis
funny happy cinco de mayo meme

Star Wars Cinco de Mayo Memes

(May the 4th be with you.) These hilarious memes are the perfect math day after Star Wars Cinco de Mayo.

Baby Yoda Cinco De Mayo Meme - cinco de mayo is here. tequila and eat tacos you must
Baby Yoda Cinco De Mayo Meme

The fifth of May is known as Revenge of the Sith.

cinco de mayo star wars revenge of the fifth meme
cinco de mayo star wars meme

Don’t overlook any of our Star Wars jokes.

may the 5th be with you - wait thats not right Star Wars Cinco De Mayo Meme

Best Cinco de Mayo GIFs

Did we mention that we were also sharing our beloved Cinco de Mayo GIFs? Have a blast with this entertaining animation!

cinco de mayo gif

Nothing epitomizes the American Cinco de Mayo celebration quite like the Three Amigos! (Bless your heart if you haven’t watched this film.)

three amigos cinco de mayo gif

And we couldn’t conclude this without a margarita gif to commemorate the day.

margarita gif

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