Club Q Shooter’s Dad: My Child Might Be a Murderer, But at Least They’re Not Gay

His child’s relief is that he is not homosexual. Specifically, he expressed relief for his child, but not for the individuals who were killed and harmed. During an interview with San Diego’s CBS 8 after the shooting, he stated that his main concern was for his child, who caused the death of five individuals and injured 20 others at Club Q in Colorado Springs. Brink is the father of the individual.

Brink tells a CBS 8 reporter that he recently discovered the truth, which contradicts what his ex-wife had previously told him about their child’s suicide. For a considerable period, he believed his child was deceased.

Brink, a former porn actor and mixed martial arts fighter, goes on to say that he hasn’t seen his child in over a decade, but he received a call last year that the child ended up telling him well and didn’t want to kick his ass.

“I am an expert in jujitsu, he has no experience in jujitsu,” Brink states.

Formerly engaging in methamphetamine use and experiencing head trauma, he claims to have sustained “irreversible harm,” which may contribute to the difficulty in comprehending his speech. Brink expresses his bewilderment, stating, “I am unaware of the activities he was involved in at a homosexual establishment.” Regarding the connection to a gay bar, his knowledge solely extends to the fact that his child has been accused of engaging in “bizarre behavior,” of which he claims to have no knowledge.

“Well, he’s reportedly involved in a mass shooting at a gay bar and responsible for the fatalities of five individuals,” the journalist informs him.

“Well shit,” Brink replies. “I’m just glad he’s not gay.”Output: “Well darn,” Brink responds. “I’m just relieved he’s not homosexual.”

Similar to dancing or conversing with an attractive gentleman, it is disconcerting to me that this father hastily assumes that his child cannot be homosexual simply because his child embarked on a shooting rampage at a gay establishment instead of committing a truly dreadful act. Not only is it an atrocious statement, but it may not even be accurate. Take a moment to absorb this. I am unaware of the shooter’s sexual preference.

“I’m a Mormon. I’m a conservative Republican, and we don’t engage in homosexual activities,” Brinks clarifies.

Brink states that he desired his offspring to pursue the same path as him.

“He claims that it is immediate and you will receive instant outcomes,” he affirms. “I informed him that it functions. I commended him for his aggressive conduct at a very early stage. I desired him to pursue a career as a professional boxer similar to myself.”

The objective is to eliminate violence, particularly when fists are used instead of guns. The immediate consequences of his child witnessing a horrific night at the Q Club affected everyone.

Brink speculates, “Once he began growing hair on his buttocks,” when questioned about the time his child might have initially developed an interest in firearms.

“He says, raising his fists, that if necessary, I have instructed my son on the art of transforming into a formidable weapon solely with the power of his hands. Furthermore, I have personally demonstrated to him the proper utilization of these very fists.”

It is easy to obtain a gun in this country, which is why there is a risk of using your fists as a weapon. Multiple reporters have indicated that the weapon used was an AR-15, which is a fully automated long-range weapon. However, they did not use their fists as weapons.

In this interview, Brink genuinely wrestles with the dreadful truth of what his child is alleged to have done.

He says, “There is something wrong with this, and I suspect there is hope for someone else.” “There is actually nothing wrong with my son, and I suspect there is hope for someone else,” says he. If people are killing you, there is something wrong, and there is no excuse for going.

There appears to be no other suspect. It’s quite evident who committed this act.

When Brink says he lost contact with his child, he learned some valuable lessons before the age of 10, but it seems that his child’s life has been out of control for quite some time. The issue is that fighting and wanting to fight seem to be the answer to their problems. Teaching your child violence does not make you a bad parent, but it is clear that addiction does not make you a good one either.

Brink asserts, “It holds immense worth and life is incredibly delicate.” Surprisingly, he seems to lack any recognition of the irony, considering he has essentially expressed that being homosexual is more reprehensible than murdering individuals who identify as gay.