Crime and Courts

Authorities have stated that she is expected to make a court appearance in the near future. She was given a summons and subsequently released. Her intention was to register as a juvenile student at New Brunswick High School, and she provided the New Brunswick Board of Education with a fraudulent government document. Hyejeong Shin was officially charged on January 24th with one offense.

“In a Wednesday update, the department stated that New Brunswick police detectives will persist in examining every possible aspect of this investigation and gain a deeper comprehension of Ms. Shin’s reason for enrolling at the New Brunswick High School. “At present, no information has surfaced indicating that Ms. Shin’s purpose for enrolling in the New Brunswick High School was to cause harm or violence to the students, staff, or faculty,” the department affirmed.

They are still curious about how she managed to avoid getting caught for days. Moreover, they are interested in understanding the reasons behind her desire to enroll.

She said school officials that she had been pretending to be a teenager for four days before they caught onto her and ordered her off the property. Police said Shin was already an adult, one of the students at Brunswick New High School where more than 2,000 students attend. It’s amazing how teenagers learn to become adults.

The local newspaper in Brunswick, New Today, told the school that she may have feared trying to recruit girls for sex trafficking. They said she allegedly faked her enrollment and lied about her age. Once they learned about it, they immediately caught her and made it clear to the students how they were caught.

“According to Abrianna Martin, a senior at the school, she was really trying to address the needs of the young women who are aware of their surroundings. I heard that she was still attempting to reach out to some of the young girls even after we discovered them here.”

Other teenagers in the vicinity referred to it as a frightening possibility during Shin’s apprehension.

16-year-old Desiree Daly expressed her genuine fear, stating, “To be honest, it would terrify me. It’s truly unsettling to have someone who lacks good intentions present in my school and among my friends. It’s especially daunting when someone unfamiliar to my school or anyone I know approaches me, being older than me and attempting to engage in conversation.”

At a school board meeting, Dr. Aubrey Johnson, the Superintendent of Schools, addressed the issue, stating, “We have certainly cautioned all of our students who may have encountered this individual while she was in our school.”

Shin, who was in contact with the parents of students, directly contacted the district’s superintendent. The students were instructed to cease all contact, whether in person or online, with her.

The police say they will immediately review state law and school policy to see how they can prevent any similar occurrences. District officials said they figured out that they were dealing with fraud once they called them.

News 4 has been unable to contact Shin for a comment on the case. The attorney information for her was unclear.