Cruise ship that hit San Francisco dock remains in port, waits for clearance to sail

The ship’s departure has been delayed as it awaits clearance to set sail on its upcoming voyage. The vessel, which collided with a dock at San Francisco’s Pier 27 on Thursday morning, belongs to Princess Cruises.

The Ruby Princess was scheduled to depart for Alaska on Thursday afternoon, but the vessel was still docked as of late Friday morning.

Princess Cruises issued a statement on Friday at 4 p.M., Stating that the ship will depart on Sunday at the earliest.

Following today’s inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard, Princess Cruises has been informed that the damaged area in San Francisco has been fully repaired and the Princess Ruby will be cleared to set sail once again.

The new projected departure time from San Francisco is on Sunday, July 9th, at 1600 local time. Our technical experts are currently working on the repairs, which are expected to take more than 24 hours.

The original schedule for disembarkation, set for July 16 in San Francisco, with a return on July 13 to Prince Rupert and on July 12 to Ketchikan, for a 7-day Pacific Northwest/Alaska voyage, is undergoing changes in the itinerary for Ruby Princess and the ship will now set sail. Today, passengers will have the freedom to leave and return to the ship while it is docked in San Francisco.

As we navigate through this unforeseen circumstance, we sincerely apologize for the frustration caused by the delays and value our guests’ comprehension. Princess has chosen this schedule to safeguard as many moments of our guests’ valuable vacation time as we can and has examined all conceivable options.

They may make alternative plans to assist with a better experience, as they may remain onboard until 1100 local time on Sunday, July 9th. Each guest will also receive a 50% Future Cruise Credit from the paid fare for this voyage, which is booked for February 1st, 2025, and any future Princess cruises booked by February 1st, 2024. Guests who have prepaid expenses for port and taxes, items, prepaid shore excursions, and transfers booked through Princess, as well as post-cruise hotel packages, will receive a 100% refund of their cruise fare.

Each guest who decides to continue with their Princess vacation will receive a 75% Future Cruise Credit, equivalent to the amount they paid for the cruise fare on this trip. Additionally, they will also receive a 75% refund of the cruise fare paid, along with any unused pre-paid shore excursions booked through Princess. Moreover, they will be refunded the refundable portion of the taxes, fees, and port expenses for the missed ports. This offer is applicable to any future Princess cruise that is booked by February 1, 2024, and sails by February 1, 2025.

Aboard the ship are 3328 passengers and 1161 staff members. Ruby Princess, when it arrived in San Francisco on July 6, accidentally hit the dock at Pier 27 while coming back from a 10-day roundtrip to Alaska. None of the guests or crew on board were in any danger and there were no reported injuries.

According to the company, there were no casualties on Thursday morning when the ship unexpectedly collided with the pier while attempting to dock.

According to the company, the vessel was heading back to San Francisco after completing a 10-day roundtrip voyage to Alaska, accommodating 3,328 passengers and 1,159 staff members.

As per the company, there are 3,256 visitors and 1,161 staff members on the ship. Boarding for the postponed journey was finalized on Thursday.

After the complete impact of the required fees is determined, the company stated that it would offer appropriate compensation and is making significant efforts to preserve as many aspects of the scheduled itinerary as feasible.