¿Cuándo es Black Friday y cómo hacer para ahorrar?

In this post, we want to show you 4 things or steps you should know about saving a lot from shopping on Black Friday in Colombia and the USA.

Many stores and departments are celebrating Black Friday this year, offering discounts of up to 70% off on their promoted products. This day, which falls on November 25th, marks the beginning of the holiday season and serves as a great opportunity to sell on a large scale.

Black Friday 2022, for offers with thousands of stores, let’s see if we’re not surprised, especially with the much-needed attention that businesses have coupled with the new digital demand on this special date.

In the last Black Friday century, other pioneers in both digital and physical massive sales are Amazon, Zappos.Com, Target, Walmart, Buy, Best, among many other electronic pages. We are taking into account the boom of e-commerce, which has migrated sales to a slightly more digital environment in recent years.

If you desire, you also have the option to explore the TOP 10 retailers in the United States for shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

2. How long does Black Friday last in the USA?

For 24 hours, you can get discounts of up to 60% OFF where it was intended for E-Commerce and online shopping, celebrating “Cyber Monday”, an event that tends to extend to the following Monday. The event ends at 12:00 pm on the same day and starts at 12:00 am on Friday, November 25th.

3. What deals can I get?

Entre las ofertas más destacadas en Black Friday, se pueden obtener descuentos en: tecnología, calzado, ropa, suplementos y vitaminas entre otros productos.

Next, we will provide you with a list of 5 places in the USA with exclusive discounts on selected merchandise.

  • You can find thousands of original shoes and sneakers from brands like Reebok, Adidas, and Nike at discounted prices on this E-commerce website: Zapppos.Com.
  • Do we recommend this store designed for the most demanding technology-savvy customer? Are you passionate about PC items, memories, hard drives, gaming computers, and all these related products? NewEgg.Com.

    Rosegal.Com is a clothing store that exists in the USA and caters to pregnant women, offering a wide range of sizes and styles.

    On Black Friday, this store does not fall behind with unique and limited discounts, although Amazon has its own Black Friday celebrated in July with the name “Prime Day”.

    On Black Friday, Best Buy offers absurd discounts to boost its online sales by reinventing itself every year as an online store.

    You can also explore more stores in the United States to do your shopping on Black Friday 2022.

    4. How can I shop on Black Friday if I’m in Colombia?

    On Black Friday, you will be able to participate in Encarguelo.Com on November 25th and buy whatever you want, and if you follow the corresponding steps, this will not be a problem!

  • Por favor, envíanos el enlace del producto lo más rápido que puedas.
  • Buy your deal on Black Friday this Friday, November 25th, if you don’t have a way to acquire it because it’s in the USA there’s no problem. Encarguelo.Com will take care of making the purchase for you and receiving a payment from you in Colombian pesos in order to facilitate your purchase.

    You can run out because as soon as possible make the payment, which means that you have to remember that Black Friday deals are very limited.

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