Danish police say the deadly mall shooting was apparently a random attack

Police in Denmark said on Monday that the attack, which took place in a crowded shopping mall, was an act of terrorism. The lone gunman apparently selected his victims at random and opened fire, resulting in the deaths of three people.

Police have indicated, without providing further details, that the individual was already familiar to mental health professionals. According to prosecutor Søren Harbo, the authorities have formally accused a 22-year-old Danish man of murder and attempted murder. The suspect will be detained in a secure mental health facility for a period of 24 days as the authorities carry out their investigation into the crime.

The police chief of Copenhagen, Inspector Thomassen Søren, stated that the man was quickly arrested and firearms were illegally obtained, but no further details were provided. He also mentioned that the man had access to another gun. The suspect, who was carrying a knife and a rifle, was apprehended. The police have not yet identified a motive for the attack inside one of Scandinavia’s largest shopping centers on Sunday.

“It was the most dreadful nightmare imaginable,” Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said Monday, describing the assault as “exceptionally savage.”

At the Field’s shopping center, located on the outskirts of the Danish capital, gunshots were fired, resulting in a chaotic stampede and the injury of a total of 30 individuals. Four people with gunshot wounds were among those injured, and they are currently in critical but stable condition. The individuals who lost their lives were a 17-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl, both of Danish nationality, as well as a 47-year-old man from Russia, as confirmed by Thomassen.

In the capital, after a shootout with the police, a 22-year-old man was killed when an attack left five officers wounded and two people dead. This was the last shooting on this scale in February 2015. Gun violence is relatively rare in Denmark.

The suspect, who cannot be named by the court, was brought before a judge on Monday to face preliminary charges of attempted murder and three counts of murder. This is a short step in the formal process, allowing authorities to keep the person in custody during the investigation.

The authorities stated that he will stay in detention until July 28. It was not immediately evident how the accused entered a plea. The judge requested the press to depart and conducted the detention hearing privately.

Thomassen stated that the police had no indication that anyone assisted the individual.

Thomassen, who previously referred to the individual as an “ethnic Dane,” a term commonly used to describe someone as Caucasian, stated that there is no evidence from the witnesses’ testimonies, the collected items, the examined documents, or our investigation to support the claim that this is an act of terrorism.

The alleged gunman appeared to be holding a rifle in his right hand, and he was wearing either a sleeveless shirt or a vest, along with knee-length shorts. A grainy photo of the man was published by Danish broadcaster TV2.

TV2 eyewitness Mahdi Al-Wazni stated, “He appeared extremely aggressive and furious.” While I was recording him, he claimed that the rifle he was holding was not genuine. He seemed to take great pride in his actions.

Images from the incident depicted individuals fleeing the shopping center, where individuals placed floral tributes on Monday.

Amidst the disorder, which involved a man snatching his child from a baby carriage, she quickly recognized the feeling of panic. However, she, along with her sister and father, initially believed that the commotion was due to someone spotting Styles. Chassandra Stoltz, an 18-year-old student who was en route to a nearby Harry Styles concert scheduled for Sunday night, depicted a chaotic rush of people as the gunshots echoed.

Stoltz stated, “individuals were shedding tears and in the entire area, everyone was in a state of panic, and for some time, we were all trapped, but then we hurriedly climbed up to the roof, and individuals directed us towards the exit sign.”

The Styles concert was called off because of the gunfire.