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Guidelines and Standards for Reviews


The guidelines and standards outlined in this article are designed to ensure that the content on remains relevant and family-friendly, while also promoting freedom of expression and strong opinions. These guidelines apply to all comments, regardless of their tone.

Travel-Related Contributions

Contributions made on should be travel-related and provide valuable information to help other users make informed decisions. Detailed and comprehensive reviews are highly encouraged. Personal, political, ethical, or religious commentary should be avoided in order to maintain the focus on travel experiences.

Prohibited Content strictly prohibits the following types of content:

  • Promotional content: Reviews that serve as advertisements or marketing material will be removed.
  • Illegal activities: Any content that promotes or encourages illegal activities is not allowed.
  • Personal or sensitive information: Reviews should not contain emails, phone numbers, credit card information, or any other personal or sensitive data.
  • Offensive language and hate speech: Swear words, sexual references, hate speech, discriminatory remarks, threats, or references to violence are strictly prohibited.
  • Spam and fake content: Reviews should be genuine and original, without any form of spam or fake information.
  • Animal cruelty: Content that promotes or glorifies animal cruelty is not allowed.
  • Impersonation: Users should not claim to be someone else or impersonate other individuals.
  • Violation of review guidelines: Any violation of the review guidelines set by will result in the removal of the content. reserves the right to remove any content that violates these guidelines.

Review Submission Timeframe

In order to ensure the relevance of reviews, only accepts submissions that are made within 3 months of checking out from the accommodation. Reviews that are older than 36 months may no longer be displayed, unless there has been a change of ownership.

Accommodation Responses

Accommodations have the ability to respond to reviews on This allows them to address any concerns or provide further information to the guests or potential future guests.

Sorting and Filtering of Reviews

When multiple reviews are available for a property, displays the most recent ones at the top, taking into consideration factors such as language and whether the review contains comments or just a rating. Users have the option to sort and filter reviews by various criteria, including time of year and review score.

External Review Scores sometimes displays external review scores from other well-known travel websites. It is made clear when this information is provided.

Translations Disclaimer

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Translations on may be powered by Google. However, Google disclaims any warranties related to the translations, including accuracy, reliability, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. This means that while efforts are made to provide accurate translations, there may be instances where the translations are not completely reliable.

Conclusion takes the integrity of its review system seriously and has established guidelines and standards to ensure that the content remains valuable and relevant to users. Users are encouraged to provide detailed and genuine reviews while refraining from engaging in prohibited activities or sharing inappropriate content. Accommodations have the opportunity to respond to reviews, and users can sort and filter reviews to find the most relevant information. The inclusion of external review scores is clearly indicated, and translations are provided with the assistance of Google, although their accuracy cannot be guaranteed.