Daytona Beach Shores condos: Which properties remain restricted due to tropical storm damage?

Around 30 establishments in Daytona Beach Shores were considered hazardous in the days following consecutive tropical storms Ian and Nicole.

As of Tuesday morning, entry to approximately one-third of them, as stated in the city’s compilation of building conditions, still has limitations.

The Sage ‘n Sand apartment complex was excluded from the most recent list after the destruction of the two-story 29-room beachfront building.

The properties that are identified are buildings released with conditions for “R,” engineer-specified limited access with posted buildings for “P (limited access),” or posted buildings for “P.”

What is the significance of the different building statuses?

  • The city’s chief building official has posted that except for one portion specifically defined as unsafe, all other parts of the building involved in the structural assessment by the engineer are deemed safe.
  • The engineer’s post-storm assessment, which designates the building as unsafe, establishes the building safety report as the sole means of entry. The condominium association or owner has enlisted a structural engineer to determine the building’s safety and has consequently implemented restricted access measures for the buildings.
  • The chief building official has authorized the release of buildings after receiving the post-storm building safety report from a state-certified structural engineer. However, it is important to note that the unsafe building notice does not specifically mention any potential building or fire code issues that may not have been included in the report. Nonetheless, residents are now permitted to return to the property.
  • Seeking assistance from FEMA? The deadline is approaching for individuals affected by Tropical Storm Nicole; here’s the process to apply.

    ‘It has been distressing’: Daytona Beach Shores residents on evacuating beachfront condominiums during tropical storms.

    Some property managers and owners are using the property’s website or social media to keep the community updated on the phone numbers of a couple’s disconnected properties.

    A couple watch as the Sage

    As of Tuesday, the properties listed below were still awaiting release.

    Flamingo Inn, located at 2011 S. Atlantic Ave.

  • Status: P….. (restricted entry).
  • Update from property owner/manager: Not accessible.
  • Hawaiian Inn, 2301 South Atlantic Avenue.

  • Status: P….. (restricted entry).
  • The swimming pools, deck for the pools, access to the beach from the pool deck, and the barrier along the shore will not be prepared, but as per the Hawaiian Inn’s Facebook page, the anticipation is that it will be accessible again by the conclusion of February. The latest information is provided by the owner/manager of the property.
  • Ocean Court Beachfront Hotel, located at 2315 S. Atlantic Ave.

  • Status: P…..
  • Update from property owner/manager: Renovation is in progress, as stated on the Facebook page.
  • The hotel located at 2323 S. Atlantic Ave in Daytona Beach Shores.

  • Status: P…..
  • The hotel, which will join the Tapestry Collection by Hilton, is currently taking reservations for Jan. 29, 2024, and beyond. Renovations are currently underway to transform Rushhh into a beachfront Daytona Beach hotel, with updates being provided by the property’s manager/owner.
  • Sun Viking Lodge (Rooms 101-103 and 201-203), located at 2411 S. Atlantic Ave.

  • Status: P…..
  • Website and Facebook page for the lodge are currently unavailable, however, guests still have direct access to the beach and waterslide. The outdoor pool is open, as well as the hot tub and indoor pool. This information has been provided by the manager/owner of the property as an update.
  • Sand & Surf Resort, located at 2535 S. Atlantic Ave.

  • Status: P….. (restricted entry).
  • Communication from the property owner/manager: According to a Facebook post published on February 1st, the condominium remains inaccessible and the removal of debris is currently underway.
  • South Shore Motel, located at 3225 S. Atlantic Ave.

  • Status: P…..
  • Update from property owner/manager: Not accessible.
  • Pirates Cove Resort, located at 3501 S. Atlantic Ave.

  • Status: P….. (restricted entry).
  • Update from property owner/manager: As of Tuesday, bookings were not being taken.