Delaware Rest Area Rules

Delaware Rest Area Rules

Delaware only has two rest stops….

  • The rest area in Smyrna, located just north of Smyrna on Highway 1.
  • The Welcome Center on I-95, located just southeast of Newark.
  • The Department of Transportation in Delaware has not published any guidelines. The State of Delaware has also not adopted any formal rules or laws regarding the use of its other areas.

    The staff enforces a maximum limit of 8 hours for parking in the lot and for RV trucks. There are posted signs in the Smyrna Rest Area stating that there is no camping allowed, and the parking limit is 6 hours.

    Many reviewers have reported incidents of being able to park overnight without any signs posted prohibiting overnight parking or camping at the Welcome Center on I-95.

    How Long Can You Stay at a Delaware Rest Area?

    Vehicles parked in the car parking area at Smyrna Rest Area are subject to a time limit of six (6) hours, while vehicles parked in the truck and RV parking lot are subject to a time limit of eight (8) hours.

    Is Overnight Parking Allowed at Delaware Rest Areas?

    Yes, overnight parking is permitted. There are no signs prohibiting either, nor are there any rules prohibiting overnight parking. The Rest Area Smyrna is open 24 hours a day, although the Rest Area Smyrna enforces a maximum time limit. Therefore, you are allowed to arrive and stay overnight, up to a full day and night. However, The Welcome Center I-95 has not adopted any time limits.

    Can You Sleep in Your Car at a Delaware Rest Area?

    smyrna rest area no camping
    Sign posted at Smyrna Rest Area stating “No Camping”.

    While at a picnic table or on the grass, they would rather have you rest in your vehicle instead of sleeping in their rest area before resuming driving. The State advises tired drivers to sleep at their designated rest areas; however, Delaware does not have any regulations prohibiting sleeping in vehicles. So, yes, you are allowed to sleep in your car.

    Is Camping Allowed at Delaware Rest Areas?

    If the Welcome Center on I-95 is heavily trafficked and busy, it is likely that you wouldn’t have much space to spread out at space camp. Moreover, there isn’t a lot of green space or parking available to support recreational activities. Generally, the facilities at the Welcome Center on I-95 are not conducive to camping, as there are no specific rules or signs prohibiting camping. However, camping is not allowed at Rest Area Smyrna.