Demi Lovato says vision damage after overdose a reminder ‘to stay on the right path’

Demi Lovato is now sober and in a “more positive state of mind” after experiencing impairments in hearing and vision due to an overdose five years ago.

Recently, on his SiriusXM show “Andy Cohen,” Andy Cohen told them that these disabilities remind them of the reason they are sober.

Blind spots in my vision, I notice something that I never want to happen again. It serves as a constant reminder to stay on the right path.

Following their partial recovery of vision, this rendered them “legally visually impaired upon awakening,” due to the near-fatal overdose they suffered in July 2018. In their 2021 docuseries “Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil,” Lovato disclosed that they encountered numerous strokes, a cardiac arrest, pneumonia, and the failure of multiple organs.

“I simply became exhausted,” Demi Lovato reveals about changing pronouns last year.

Lovato expressed to Cohen, “When it comes to appreciation, the situation could have been significantly more unfavorable.” “And I appreciate that it is merely as it is,” Lovato added. “Hence, it serves as a reminder that I narrowly avoided a much more severe outcome.”

Lovato has described it as “the most difficult time in my life,” formerly recognized as the aspect they have managed to find gratitude for following their overdose.

Lovato informed Cohen, “I would not alter my trajectory as I do not possess any remorse.” Lovato experienced a drug overdose when the nearest thing she experiences as a feeling of regret is. I did not believe it, as I desired for someone to have informed me of my beauty. Furthermore, there is no need to suppress it, as it will eventually subside if you simply endure the discomfort; I longed for someone to have enlightened me on this matter.

“Being sober is the sole path to follow,” disclosed Lovato in December 2021, even though they confessed in the documentary series that they were consuming alcohol and using cannabis in moderation.

I informed Cohen about what occurred and the reasons behind it, and explained the decisions I made in a way that he could comprehend. I also expressed my understanding and empathy for the difficult situation I was in at that time. Instead of dwelling on the shame and negative aspects, I am currently striving to maintain a positive mindset and think more clearly by staying sober. I want you to know that I am in a mentally stable state at the moment.

“However, there is no disgrace associated with it as it was simply a valuable experience that I needed to learn from.”

Demi Lovato’s ‘Overhauled’ album follows ‘reevaluating every aspect of my life’

On September 15, the upcoming collection album “Revamped” will feature a track from their career throughout, with a reworked collection of hits. The track, titled “Sorry Not Sorry,” is a rock version of their 2017 single originally released by Lovato, and it was rereleased on July 14.

Lovato informed Cohen, “I was thinking to myself, ‘What brings me joy is listening to rock music and putting on rock music performances.” Lovato shared with Cohen, “That question is truly significant. I was reflecting on various aspects of my life, including my music, and I decided to become sober. I then pondered, ‘What truly brings me happiness?'”

“The songs that I wrote, posted on Instagram on July 14th, have allowed me to feel much closer to music than ever before, playing a huge role in breathing new life into my career.”

Lovato informed Cohen that they won’t necessarily refrain from pop music indefinitely.

I don’t have fun dancing on stage anymore. I have fun performing live and I’ve really been influenced by rock music. But you’ll never know what will happen because I never say never.