‘Demonic’: Uber Eats driver killed, dismembered during delivery, Florida sheriff says

However, he disappeared; as per the sheriff’s office, the driver, whose identity remains unknown, informed his wife that he had one final shipment to complete before returning home. The last communication from the driver was reported at approximately 6:30 p.M.

The sheriff’s office said that Adrian Oscar Solis, a 30-year-old convicted felon, had ties to the MS-13 gang. Detectives from Uber Eats provided the last known location of the house, which was in the 3400 block of Moog Road, where one of the occupants resided.

As per the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, the camera that detects motion suddenly loses its video feed shortly after, precisely at 6:45 p.M. Law enforcement officers acquired surveillance footage from Solis’ housemate, revealing the individual approaching the residence on foot.

According to an arrest affidavit, while he was walking, it seemed like one of the individuals was pulling a cumbersome bag along the surface. The arrest affidavit mentions that the following morning, Solis was captured on camera strolling around the residence with another individual, both holding garbage bags.

Nocco stated that “multiple” bags were discovered to contain the remains of the absent delivery driver.

According to jail records, Solis was apprehended for not complying with the requirement to register as a convicted criminal in Florida and for breaching the terms of his parole. Solis, who Nocco described as an “extremely aggressive individual,” relocated to Florida earlier this year after being released on parole in Indiana following a four-year imprisonment for assault and burglary.

According to the arrest affidavit, detectives later saw Solis with small cuts on his arms and hands, indicating that he heard “loud noises” coming from his roommate’s room at around 2 a.M.

The detectives thoroughly investigated the neighborhood to gather evidence for the case against Solis. According to the arrest report, blood was discovered in several areas of the suspect’s home. “The driver was seen carrying a red DoorDash bag, similar to the one found in the suspect’s home, containing blood-soaked towels, paper, and rags.” The driver’s car was later abandoned approximately 0.3 miles away from the home.

He was charged with committing murder while allegedly robbing a car and a wedding ring. Investigators determined that he allegedly pulled the delivery driver inside and murdered him while delivering an order for Solis’ father.

According to the arrest report, an unidentified person told Solis detectives that they were asked to throw the garbage bags in a construction dumpster in Pinellas County, resulting in their decline to do so.

Nocco stated that investigators are striving to establish a motive for the purported homicide.

“This is diabolical,” Nocco stated. “What he did was evil, but simultaneously, we couldn’t answer the question ‘Why?'”.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office is currently searching for a man and woman who reportedly left Solis’ home shortly before the alleged murder. Anyone with information about these individuals is asked to call Line Tips Crime at 1-800-706-2488. This information could help with the investigation.

Nocco stated that Solis’ roommate and father are currently not being charged.