DeSoto Parents Fight to Remove Newborn Child From CPS Custody

Temecia and Rodney Jackson, after taking their 3-week-old baby Mila to the doctor, had a dispute with the doctor over how to treat their jaundiced baby. They allege that the Texas Child Protective Services took incorrect information from them and left the office of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services in Dallas on Thursday.

“I haven’t done anything to refuse to go down without a fight, you know, because we’re all fighting. Why do you think we’re being hunted? I feel hunted.”

According to pediatrician Dr. Anand Bhatt from Baylor Scott & White, as recommended by the CPS complaint, it was necessary to take the baby to the hospital for phototherapy within a day. The baby was brought to the doctor’s clinic three days after being born at home. Mila Jackson entered the world on March 21, 2023.

The court documents state that the timing for the baby to receive treatment was crucial, as complications could potentially result in brain damage. This is further explained by the fact that a message was left.

After receiving no response, DeSoto Police were summoned on March 25th to perform a welfare inspection in order to ensure the well-being of the Jacksons. Subsequently, it was conveyed that the couple had the intention of “nurturing the infant in a holistic manner and harbored reservations regarding contemporary medical practices and immunization.” As stated in the CPS complaint.

As per the complaint, Bhatt messaged the family stating that they could arrange phototherapy at their residence and collaborate with their midwife.

“There was no response. The family was given additional time to seek medical care for the baby before CPS notification. However, there is currently concern. The doctor advised that there is a 30% chance that the baby may end up with complications and may be able to turn the corner and be fine. It is not believed by most people that the correct phototherapy lights are available at home, according to state documents.”

Infant Mila was taken out of the residence on March 28th.

On Thursday, in front of a gathering of supporters, Jackson expressed, “There are numerous children who are being separated from loving families. The color of their skin is irrelevant. Whether they are Caucasian, African American, or of Hispanic descent, there are many other infants experiencing this situation. It is not solely Mila.”

Carvell Bowens, along with the Texas Organizing Project, departed from the Texas DFPS office in Dallas, joining supporters who were rallying in their favor.

Bowens stated, “The fundamental foundation is the family. Family serves as the fundamental framework of governance. The family made a decision. We simply observe instances where they believe they possess superior knowledge compared to the family. We witness it hindering various aspects of life. Examples like that. Disregarding the worries held by the family, the system consistently intrudes into people’s lives, assumes control. Do you understand? It’s just the usual way things happen.”

With a background in CPS and a stranger she claimed to be unfamiliar with, it is actually the woman identified as Mila’s mother who provides a more detailed examination of the arrangement.

A spokesperson told NBC 5 Thursday she was unable to comment on the case but said the name error has been corrected.

At the outset of any investigation, we made a concerted effort to speak directly with the families in order to verify their personal information. As soon as we became aware of the incorrect information given in the affidavit, we promptly corrected the error and included it in the email to NBC.

NBC 5 contacted Baylor Scott & White regarding the issue, since Bhatt is employed by the hospital system.

On Thursday, we read a statement stating that we must comply with the reporting requirements set forth in any other laws and the Texas Family Code. It is inappropriate to comment on this matter, as it violates patient privacy.