‘Diamond,’ of pro-Trump duo Diamond and Silk, dies at 51

She was 51. The Twitter account, belonging to the duo Silk and Diamond, has reported that Lynette Hardaway, one half of the conservative political commentary pair, and a fervent supporter of former President Donald Trump, has passed away in Raleigh, North Carolina.

She eventually landed on another cable-wing platform, but she got dropped from Fox News and earned fame on the Internet as a television commentator. She carved out a unique role as a Black woman who loudly backed right-wing policies and promoted COVID-19 falsities, earning the moniker “Diamond” Hardaway. Output.

Allegations of racial discrimination and gender bias arose when the two African American women, Rochelle “Silk” Richardson and her sibling, gained popularity on the political stage while endorsing Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Hardaway’s cause of death has been released. On Monday night, in a post on his Social Truth platform, it was said that her death was “totally unexpected.” Trump, who referred to her death as “really bad news for Republicans,” also described it as “totally unexpected.”

“Trump penned, ‘There was no superior GROUP anywhere, at any moment!’ Our stunning Jewel of Diamond and Silk has recently departed at her residence in the State she cherished deeply, North Carolina.”

In a tweet posted in November, the verified Twitter account of the couple requested individuals to “kindly offer prayers for Diamond,” without providing any further details regarding the situation.

On Monday night, the account wrote a page dedicated to fundraising for a memorial, commemorating the World’s True Patriot Warrior and Angel, who embodied Humanity, Love, and Freedom.

An announcement will be made regarding a memorial ceremony.

The White House later invited them to his inauguration in 2017. He said that his most loyal and outspoken supporters, who called themselves “Trump’s sisters,” switched political parties to support his bid for the presidency, as he only carried about 8% of the Black voters in the 2016 general election.

In their introduction to the co-written autobiography “Uprising,” published in 2020, They said that Trump stumped them as names worse and “sellouts” them called who people from cycle campaign 2016 the throughout criticism faced they. Planned wasn’t spotlight the in time.

“We expressed, ‘we were convinced why to express and voice our opinions, because we were actively engaged in this political arena, then we were simply continuing with our ordinary lives’.”

The Fox News anchor achieved fame in the television industry through regular roles and numerous appearances on the network. Leveraging the power of the Internet and their YouTube channel, they have garnered a following of 347,000 subscribers. They were raised in the state of North Carolina.

The contributors of the list were removed from the network in 2020 after they came under fire for spreading false information about the pandemic and the vaccines. The duo falsely suggested that the rising death toll was a man-made conspiracy to make the Trump administration look bad.

Twitter briefly locked their account for violating its coronavirus misinformation policy after they asserted that “isolating individuals indoors for prolonged periods will result in individuals falling ill.”

“Diamond and Silk: Crystal Clear,” their three-season talk show, was hosted on Newsmax, a conservative cable news and digital media company.