Do Insurance Companies Go After Uninsured Drivers in Georgia?

A woman sits on the street infront of her wrecked car and calls the insurance company for help with her uninsured motorist claim.Insurance companies have the legal right to pursue compensation from anyone who causes them to have to pay out a claim. This is called “subrogation,” and it means that if you have to file an uninsured/underinsured motorist claim (UM/UI), the insurance company may take legal action against the uninsured/underinsured driver to recoup their expenses. However, they generally do not hold up your claim to do this.

From pursuing a lawsuit, the company may not think they can recover costs for the same reason. However, it is likely that you will sink a lot of time and money into a lawsuit without any real reward.

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In situations where another driver’s negligence leaves you in a situation where you could find yourself with a pile of bills to repair your car and cover medical expenses, sometimes there is nothing you can do to avoid an accident. However, defensively driving can be an excellent way to reduce the risk of being involved in a car crash beyond your control. It is important to protect yourself and your finances in case you end up in an accident.

If an uninsured driver is responsible for a car accident, your insurance will not provide assistance. It solely covers the damages of another driver if you are deemed at fault in the collision. If the other driver lacks insurance coverage, your main source of compensation will be your own insurance. Pursuing legal action against the uninsured driver is unlikely to fully cover your expenses in the majority of cases, as previously mentioned.

What if My UM/UI Claim Was Denied?

If any of these situations occur, immediately contact a lawyer. However, your insurance adjuster may find various other clauses in the policy to rule out coverage for damages caused by another car accident. This is not a concern if you have Collision or MedPay policies, as they will cover those damages. Dealing with your own insurance company, you may encounter less common claims with UM/UI. In cases where the at-fault driver’s insurance is liable, it is a common excuse for them to claim that the accident was your fault. Always look for excuses not to pay, as insurance companies will frequently do so with other types of claims.

What if I Was Hit by an Uninsured Motorist While Walking or Biking?

Your bodily injury insurance, specifically UM/UI, provides coverage for you, regardless of whether you are walking or driving. It is important to note that you can access your UM/UI benefits in cases where the driver at fault is either uninsured or underinsured, regardless of the mode of transportation.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Have?

If you’ve recently had an accident, it can be very confusing to quickly find out what your insurance covers and what options you have, especially when you purchased it. It’s understandable that it can be hard to remember exactly what kind of coverage you bought. It’s possible that you may have had the same policy for years. Many people have a hard time answering this question, so we often need to talk with them in order to clarify.

There are three types of insurance that we look for when trying to get a client compensation after an uninsured/underinsured driver accident:.

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage acts as a tool to rewrite English sentences by replacing words with contextually appropriate synonyms. The minimum requirements for liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury are the same, starting at $25,000 for these policies. If the other driver is insured for a lower amount of damages and repair/replacement costs for your car, as well as related medical expenses and injuries, it becomes relevant and falls under the category of “underinsured.” It is important to understand that not all UI/UM policies are the same. The limit of the policy, or whatever the top coverage limit is for the underinsured driver, will provide another $25,000 in coverage (or whatever amount is lower). Policy stacking will not be provided by a non-stacking policy.
  • This type of insurance is designed to cover your medical expenses for any accident, regardless of fault, through coverage payments called medical or MedPay. It can also cover crashes caused by uninsured drivers and can be used in collisions where you were at fault. Additionally, if your medical bills exceed the limit of your UM/UI coverage, MedPay can also be stacked on top of your UM/UI coverage.
  • If you have collision coverage, you will be responsible for paying a deductible after which the insurance will take care of the expenses involved in repairing your car. However, if you are unable to collect from another driver’s insurance, there is no coverage available for your car, similar to MedPay.
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