Does Medicare Cover EMDR Therapy?

Does Medicare Cover EMDR Therapy?

What Does EMDR Therapy Treat?

The EMDR Research Foundation reports that since psychologist Francine Shapiro created EMDR in 1987, originally intended for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), over 30 studies have shown the efficacy of EMDR therapy for various issues.

  • Sexual assault and sexual misconduct.
  • Combat trauma.
  • Early life distress and disregard.
  • Life-threatening accidents.
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Substance abuse disorder.
  • What is Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy?

    EMDR is a type of mental health treatment that aids in the recovery of those who have had difficult life circumstances or traumatic memories. It is a psychotherapy method in which the patient recalls traumatic events while receiving bilateral stimulation, such as tapping on each side of the body or eye movement.

    How Does EMDR Work?

    EMDR involves an eight-phase approach focused on treating trauma and symptoms, which allows the person traumatized to safely reconnect with the associated sensations, body and emotions, self-thoughts, and images associated with the trauma.

  • Possible objectives include all recollections, present stimuli, and forthcoming aspirations. Psychological assessments are carried out, along with a comprehensive examination of past events, to establish objectives for treatment. During Phase 1, which involves history-taking and treatment planning, the therapist and the client work together.
  • The client practices the eye movement and other components, after the therapist explains the treatment and introduces the techniques. Preparation: Phase 2
  • In Phase 3, the evaluation activates the memory focused on in the session, identifying and examining all of its components: visual representation, mental processes, emotions, and bodily sensations.
  • During the process of desensitization, when their eyes are engaged in bilateral stimulation or other forms of BLS, the patient focuses on the memory. They share any new insights that have emerged. The therapist identifies the specific objective for each round of BLS using standardized methods. The related content typically pertains to the subsequent set of BLS. The client expresses that the recollection no longer troubles them until this technique is repeated.
  • Phase 5: InstallationThe installation stage enhances the preferred positive understanding.
  • If a client reports a disturbance, it is handled using regular protocols involving the Body: 6 Phase scan to detect any residual distress and track their physical responses while thinking about the positive cognition incident.
  • Phase 7 marks the closure of every session, where specific instructions and procedures are implemented to ensure containment and safety until the next session, particularly if the patient has not fully processed the targeted memory during the session.
  • The next session, which is the eighth phase, begins with a re-evaluation. In this phase, the therapist examines the present state of the client and targets to create work that may have emerged memories. If the treatment has been sustained, it may have effects on the client.
  • How Much Does EMDR Cost Without Insurance?

    The actual cost of EMDR treatment in Tennessee may not reflect what you will pay, as it can vary depending on other factors such as location and the length of each session. Pricing can also vary based on the specialized training required for clinicians, as EMDR rates are often higher than standard psychotherapy rates, especially without insurance coverage.

    On average, desirable results can range from $800 to $2,000 for each session. It is important to note that each session is individually priced, and multiple sessions are typically required for EMDR therapy. The cost per session can vary between $250 and $100, depending on the specific treatment plan.

    How to Verify Medicare EMDR Coverage

    Filling out our online form for insurance verification is the quickest and easiest method to determine your Medicare therapy coverage. Athena Care is in-network with most major insurance plans, including EMDR therapy. Our service is free and there is no obligation.

    Our highly experienced and expert care coordinators will handle the challenges of contacting your insurance carrier to obtain more information about EMDR Medicare coverage. Once the form is completed, a care coordinator will carefully review your policy and provide a clear explanation of your options. You can be confident that any information shared or discussed will be kept private.

    How To Find Medicare EMDR Therapists Near Me?

    The following is the inverted version of the input paragraph: In this section, you will find a comprehensive list of Medicare EMDR providers sorted by city, along with details about their experience and areas of expertise. Athena Care’s numerous facilities in Tennessee ensure convenient access to an EMDR treatment center.

    Our care coordinators are available from 6:00 PM to 7:00 AM, Friday through Monday, to help and support you with any concerns or inquiries regarding Medicare coverage and EMDR.

    When selecting EMDR therapists, it is crucial to inquire and bear in mind the following:

  • Education, certification, and years of professional background.
  • Where were they educated in EMDR treatment?
  • Ask the therapist, “What is EMDR? Is it a test of their ability to explain things clearly and effectively over the phone, and to simplify and explain challenging topics such as trauma and EMDR?”
  • EMDR therapists who are certified typically possess a more profound comprehension of the method. Following the completion of their initial EMDR training, therapists might opt to undergo a focused supervision procedure known as certification. Are the specialties and mental health services provided by them certified in EMDR?
  • Naturally, this is a matter of personal opinion. However, it is important for the ideal therapist to strike a balance between being too careless and ignoring your needs and being too strict with etiquette. It may not be ideal to have a therapist who seems either excessively strict in their methods or, conversely, excessively relaxed. When discussing treatment methods and philosophies, it is common to inquire about their approach to EMDR.
  • The insurance companies with which they collaborate.
  • Office hours.
  • Pricing.
  • Session length.
  • Does Medicare Cover EMDR Therapy?

    First, Medicare coverage for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy requires a referral from your healthcare practitioner. If your EMDR therapy is considered medically necessary, Medicare will provide coverage for it. Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A and B) includes coverage for EMDR therapy.

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