Don’t Expect Cheryl Hines to Denounce Husband RFK Jr.

Kennedy later insisted that his comments about the coronavirus, which were captured on video, were taken out of context. In an explanation to The Daily Beast, his spokeswoman, Hines, stated that she is receiving too many “daily requests” to weigh in on the matter. He rebuked his own family members and even claimed that his wife, Enthusiasm, has taken a monastic vow of silence regarding her husband’s combustible claims.

The article, titled “A Clear Answer,” reported that Hines’ husband paused for 49 seconds before politically diverging from her views on vaccines. She asked Hines some questions about her views, including parsing difficult or vague answers. The author called Hines’ responses skeptical or flattering intermittently, on more than one occasion. The profile of Hines appeared in the New York Times last month, instead of being directed to the Daily Beast’s spokeswoman.

She informed the media outlet, which acknowledged that she is enrolled as a Democrat, “I endorse Bobby and I desire to stand by him, and I wish for him to experience affection and backing from me. Simultaneously, I don’t perceive the necessity to attend every political gathering, as I do possess my own profession.”

In recent years, Kennedy has frequently made numerous dubious assertions, often using scientific-sounding and flowery rhetoric. He has argued that “chemical exposures” are causing children to become transgender, despite there being no clear evidence that HIV may be the sole cause of AIDS and that Wi-Fi poses a serious health hazard.

Prior to this incident, her husband has distanced himself from Hines on at least one occasion. In January 2022, he drew comparisons between COVID-19 restrictions and Nazi Germany, even suggesting that life under the fascist regime was, in certain aspects, less oppressive. “One could travel across the Alps to Switzerland. One could seek refuge in an attic, similar to Anne Frank,” he remarked, “Even during Hitler’s reign in Germany.” Hines took to Twitter to clarify that Kennedy Jr.’S opinions did not align with her own, stating, “We hold differing views on various current matters, despite our love for one another.”

“It was exasperating to listen to Bobby utter statements that could be easily distorted into fragments that misinterpreted his intention and failed to accurately portray his character,” she elaborated on those remarks in her conversation with the Times.

David informed the Times that he extended his “affection and backing” to Kennedy but was not actively “endorsing” his bid for office. They began a romantic relationship in 2011, amidst his acrimonious legal dispute over the dissolution of his marriage with his second spouse, Mary. Kennedy and Hines initially crossed paths 17 years ago via Curb creator Larry David, an alleged friend of Kennedy’s.

Hines, despite Kennedy’s controversial public persona, finds Bobby to be very intelligent and amusing. Although many people fail to see his humorous side, he also possesses an adventurous spirit that will thrust me beyond my comfort zone, a prospect that I find exhilarating most of the time.

She stated, “And I comprehend that… Because they’re uncertain if the vaccine is secure. And there’s the faction that feels anxious if they do receive the vaccine, because there’s one faction that feels anxious if they don’t receive the vaccine. There’s one faction that feels anxious if they don’t receive the vaccine, and at least she supports his inclination to “inquire” (occasionally to the dissatisfaction of public health experts). And Hines appears to hold similar viewpoints.”

She contended, “that appears to be the appropriate inquiry,” “If Bobby is asserting, ‘Well, are we certain that they’re secure and each vaccine has been adequately tested?'”

Kennedy notified the Times that his partner will be incredibly significant to his ambitions for the presidency, portraying her as “enchanting when she appears on television.”

“I believe in the end, if I am elected, Cheryl will have played a significant part in that,” he stated.