Emily VanCamp Celebrates Four-Season Run On ‘The Resident’ As She Exits Series: “It’s Such A Bittersweet Moment For Me”

Emily VanCamp bid a bittersweet farewell as her character Nic Nevin tragically passed away in a car crash during Tuesday night’s episode of Fox’s The Resident.

During her personal period, she revealed the arrival in September–until she maintained her unique little confidential matter hushed, which aided the actress with her gestation and that of Nic, there was some intersection between VanCamp’s gestation and that of Nic, which presently encompasses a daughter, Iris. However, VanCamp affirms she made the correct choice for herself and her expanding family.

Emily VanCamp

Exclusively Deadline reveals that she is pregnant and wants to keep her pregnancy private. She explains that it’s important for her to have some time to herself and maintain a quiet pregnancy. She expresses her gratitude for finally being able to have a little privacy, as wearing a belly over her belly was not the same timing as everyone else. She acknowledges that it’s nice to not have to focus on all those things and instead enjoy the beautiful and precious moments of her pregnancy.

In the first two episodes of the season, Nic explains that Conrad, played by series star and co-executive producer Matt Czuchry, is away on a spa trip, leaving him with no choice but to care for their daughter Gigi while Chastain Park Memorial mourns the heartbreaking loss and Conrad deals with the brain injury caused by an accident at home.

In reminiscences, VanCamp playfully hinted, “Don’t ever say never.” And would “definitely” contemplate returning in the forthcoming days. Regarding her time on The Resident, VanCamp cherishes only favorable recollections.

I am personally grateful that she shared compassion and understanding with me. It was a difficult decision for anyone, but it was the right one for me. There is no exact opposite of respect and love between all of us, but rather the exact opposite. Sometimes you hear about bad blood or something bad happening or someone exiting. For four years, I loved doing The Resident, so it is a bittersweet moment for me.

Currently, my heart lies with my family. It truly cemented the fact that my heart belongs to my family. The majority of us were unable to see our families for nearly a year. This occurred while filming numerous episodes in a different city, compounded by the presence of Covid. The focus shifted from work to family during the production of the show. There is a specific moment in every woman’s and every person’s life when priorities abruptly change. We began discussing my departure from network television some time ago.

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp in The Resident. Guy D’Alema/FOX

The duo tied the knot last season. It was impossible to ignore the bond between Nic and him, but Conrad wasn’t ready for a relationship when he was introduced in the premiere series. Nic, known as CoNic, was one half of the dynamic duo at Chastain, working as a nurse.

Czuchry was the initial individual VanCamp informed about her choice to depart the series.

Deadline reports, “He states… The relationship that has developed over time with the audience and the 70+ episodes we have done together has been a beautiful aspect of television.” “When reflecting on it, I hope that the audience feels like we have given them everything they could’ve ever wanted. Vice versa, there has always been a constant connection between Conrad and Nic.” “It has been rewarding for the audience, and I hope that their journey continues to move forward. We will do justice to their three-episode arc and engage with the audience.”

“I have an abundance of wonderful memories that I have experienced alongside Emily due to the substantial amount of time we have spent together,” he stated. “We possess a remarkable level of trust and mutual respect for each other. We have motivated and supported one another. She was the first to share this information with me. My only desire is for her to find happiness. Having a partnership with her has been extremely fulfilling.”

Emily VanCamp, Matt Czuchry, Shaunette Renée Wilson, Manish Dayal, Jessica Miesel, Tasso Feldman, and Denitra Isler. Guy D’Alema/FOX

VanCamp did not appear in the episode due to the storyline, which celebrates the life of a character who died as she lived, helping others. It proved to be a challenging experience for her, as she shared that all the magic was done using “movie circumstances” and she was not with her castmates during the shooting of the three episodes.

I’m grateful for everything she taught me, and I loved playing on my heart stamp major. She left a legacy that leaves a major character with the route they went, and I’m glad “the representative of the person,” she says. The way her ending goes is as beautiful as it is tragic, and Nic had a very fitting and very beautiful route.

Looking ahead, what can supporters anticipate in that regard? Conrad, as a sole parent mourning the departure of his soulmate, faces a fresh start. With that conclusion.

“Conrad reveals that we will see how he is putting his pain into finding out why the accident happened and everything that happened right after, in Episode four,” teases Czuchry. “He wants answers that make sense,” he’s putting his pain where he’s going back to the site crash in a compulsive way. The loss was sudden and traumatic, so he’s trying to wrap his head around why she died.”

L-R: Matt Czuchry and Manish Dayal Tom Griscom/FOX

“I anticipate witnessing the internal battle Conrad experiences as he attempts to comprehend the complexities,” he contributes. “As we delve into these subsequent episodes, our shared objective in production was to create a genuine and sincere portrayal. It carries a weighty and somber tone, yet possesses a striking beauty. My aspiration is that, upon viewing this particular episode, viewers will recognize that we held nothing back. I hope that we remain faithful to the organic depiction of the profound loss of a loved one in a manner that is truly jarring.”

Going forward, it is expected that Conrad will rely on the support of his father-in-law Kyle (played by Corbin Bernsen). While informing Kyle that he is unable to rescue his daughter, Conrad must compose himself during a poignant moment. In the third season, Nic’s sister Jessie passed away.

VanCamp expressed, “Kyle has endured a lot,” “I feel immense sympathy.” “He played a fatherly role towards me during filming,” “I particularly enjoyed acting alongside Corbin in certain scenes,” “and I simply admire him.”

VanCamp comprehends that followers feel mournful to say goodbye, but she graciously asks that they persist in demonstrating their backing for The Resident, which broadcasts on Tuesday evenings on Fox.

She expresses, “However, you consistently overcome it. It can be challenging initially, when a character with whom you have formed a bond departs. I recall my childhood when I used to religiously watch various shows. Bid farewell to a character is always difficult. Nevertheless, the show will still be fantastic even without Nic,” and it truly is an exceptional series with compelling characters. I urge you to watch.