Employee who attempted to disarm gunman among those killed in supermarket shooting, police say

Miller stated that two additional individuals experienced injuries that were not life-threatening. The names of the two victims, 84-year-old Glenn Edward Bennett from Bend and 66-year-old Donald Ray Surrett Jr, who is a resident of Bend and an employee at Safeway, were disclosed by Miller during a press conference on Monday.

According to surveillance video, the police stated that he carried a fruit knife on his hip and confronted the suspect when he came near. Additionally, he strategically placed a shopping cart in a way that provided him with enough time to conceal himself when the shooter approached.

Police said they asked for medical assistance to help Bennett, the victim, get out of the store and re-enter the community, as shown in the two video surveillance footage.

In the upcoming days, we will persist in assisting the department’s inquiry and express our gratitude to the officers at the Bend Police Department for their promptness. Currently, our focus is on providing assistance to our colleagues, patrons, and the community impacted by this unfortunate event, which includes the unfortunate death of a customer and a highly regarded team member at our Safeway branch on Highway 20 in Bend, Oregon. The mindless act of violence has left us profoundly saddened. A Safeway representative informed ABC News in a Monday statement, in response to a query.

As stated by Miller, the purported shooter was also recognized on Monday as Ethan Blair Miller, a 20-year-old resident of Bend who resided in close proximity to the shopping center.

Miller stated that there were no injuries reported at either of those locations. The suspect, believed to have entered the shopping center from the back of the parking lot at Big Lots store and Costco, initially fired into the parking lot on Sunday evening, according to the Police.

As per Miller, Bennett was taken to a nearby medical center where he was pronounced deceased. Authorities speculate that the perpetrator subsequently entered the Safeway and fatally shot Bennett in the vicinity of the western entrance.

The suspect continued inside the supermarket, shooting and killing Surrett, who attempted to disarm him and likely saved other lives, Miller said.

According to Miller, the officers did not discharge any rounds. Inside the store, the purported assailant was discovered deceased by the responding police officers. The police officers entered the Safeway.

Surveillance video later showed that the perpetrator had taken his own life with the firearm, according to Miller.

Investigators told reporters on Monday that the suspect was carrying an AR-15 style rifle and a shotgun, Mike Krantz, the Chief of Police in Bend, said during a late Sunday press conference.

On Monday, investigators informed reporters that they are determined to find the motive behind the deadly shooting. They also noted the size of the crime scene, stating that it will take time to collect all the evidence.