Errol Spence survived two horror car crashes to make it to Terence Crawford super fight

No one else stood out above all others except for Errol Spence.

Spence, who was widely regarded as the most skilled among the three, would have been the only one who had not yet made his professional debut if Mayweather vs Pacquiao had taken place as anticipated in 2009. However, Spence effortlessly outperformed his experienced opponents, while the talented Keith Thurman also demonstrated exceptional skills against established opponents. Meanwhile, Shawn Porter solidified his reputation as a formidable puncher when he defeated Paulie Malignaggi in 2014.

Spence is the unified WBA, WBC and IBF welterweight world champion, just needing Terence Crawford’s WBO belt to become undisputedCredit: Amanda Westcott/Showtime
Spence and Crawford will finally meet on Saturday night in Las VegasCredit: Ryan Hafey/PBC

Vikas, who had committed multiple infractions, was later rightfully acknowledged as the individual who reversed his 13-11 loss to Krishan Vikas of India, consequently making Spence the focal point. Following a defeat in the quarter-finals by Russia’s Andrey Zamkovoy, Spence departed London without any medal. Due to his involvement in London 2012, where he was the final American male contender, Spence’s professional debut was postponed until November 2012, resulting in a third-round knockout of the relatively unknown Jonathan Garcia.

Mayweather, who had spent two months in jail, was getting ready to make a comeback when he allegedly engaged in a spirited and intense sparring session with someone who recognized his skills and saw the benefit of stepping into the ring with him. His fame increased even more as he prepared to return months before his inaugural professional bout.

I could be a fighter from hell, and I was ready. Once I was in top condition, he made me get in top condition and pushed me. Errol was giving me really good work, and I started looking to spar with Robert Guerrero, who is a southpaw and was the first guy I sparred with. Later, Mayweather said, “Errol was giving me really good work, and I started looking to spar with Robert Guerrero, who is a southpaw and was the first guy I sparred with when I was getting ready.”

Joshua Anthony, whom James Derrick respected, is now aligned with his professional trainer. It was perhaps inevitable that he would be introduced to boxing by his father, Sr. Errol, after being born and raised in the suburbs of Texas, Dallas, and Long Island. Similarly, Spence was introduced to boxing at the age of 15. Kenny Porter also worked with Spence while he remained an amateur. Kenny, who is Porter’s trainer and father, witnessed the sparring session between the two fighters.

In terms of comparison, Thurman vs Porter, which Thurman won in June, drew a crowd that was one-third the size of the attracted figures. This fight, which was watched by approximately six million people in the USA, added to the excitement surrounding Spence’s career in August 2016. At that time, Thurman held the title of reigning WBA world champion, while Porter had been dethroned as the IBF world champion by Kell Brook.

He achieved maturity, confidence, and admirable composure as he came of age, but he did not win his first world title until June 2017 at the age of 27. He faced an undefeated fighter, Spence, who had gained momentum, and demonstrated his skills as a champion by stopping him in the 11th round. The fight took place at Lane Bramall United’s Sheffield, which is Brook’s hometown, and Spence was able to progress further by stopping Bundu in the sixth round.

Spence won every round in a lopsided fight, defying the pre-fight predictions that considered Garcia, an undefeated lightweight fighter, to be highly accomplished. Spence, widely recognized as one of the finest fighters in the world, entered his highest-profile fight against Garcia. This came after Spence’s 11th consecutive victory by stoppage, against Carlos Ocampo. In his first defense, Spence came up against Lamont Peterson, who had once attempted to mentor the younger Spence.

The remarkable advancement of Spence’s recognition and fighting skills became evident as he faced tougher opponents. Porter, the former WBC champion, provided valuable insights for Spence. Unlike Peterson, Porter truly tested Spence’s abilities and pushed him to his limits. After their split-decision fight, Spence’s position in the world of boxing was undeniably solidified.

“In terms of technicality, Leonard Ray Sugar moves in a way that almost seems choreographed. He breaks down opponents with the power of his moves and the speed of his hand. Leonard Ray Sugar is considered to be the finest among all welterweights, without any comparison to others.”

Everyone understood. He can fight and he can box. It’s very challenging to overcome – it’s a talent that Spence possesses, just like Tommy Hearns, and being a southpaw is also a significant advantage for him in terms of weight.

Almost everything Leonard was talking about was taken away from Spence, regardless of whether he knew it or not. He was violently thrown from it and miraculously survived, although he had facial lacerations, a concussion, and a fractured jaw. He somehow survived, even though he was thrown from it violently, and his car was destroyed. He was involved in a high-speed crash in his $300,000 Ferrari, without wearing a seatbelt, early in the morning hours of October 2019, just weeks after Porter’s victory. Almost everything Leonard was talking about was taken away from Spence, regardless of whether he knew it or not.

Spence was incredibly fortunate to emerge from his 2019 crash with no broken bonesCredit: CBSDFW.COM
The second incident in 2022 was less dramatic, but still a scary moment for Spence

In August 2021, James managed to schedule a meeting with the renowned Pacquiao, who had previously handed Thurman his sole loss. After defeating Danny Garcia upon his return, James began to doubt whether his top fighter could fully recover. Despite enduring persistent neck and hip pain, which he referred to as muscle ‘trauma’, as well as post-traumatic stress from a car accident, he continued to experience suffering even after being discharged from the hospital following a nearly week-long stay in the intensive care unit.

Instead of entering the ring again in April 2022 and risking his career once more, Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao decided to retire and was replaced by Yordenis Ugas from Cuba as his opponent. Although he had charged with a DUI and suffered a potentially retinal tear in a car crash, Spence managed to avoid time in prison. However, he was forced to withdraw from the bout due to the account of his injury.