Evening financial news on 20/6/2023

Pouring VND 26,000 billion, Deo Ca Group wants to “encroach” on airport and railway projects

This is information revealed by the leaders of Deo Ca Group Joint Stock Company at the 2023 annual general meeting of shareholders held on June 20.

According to the report of the Board of Directors, in 2022, the net revenue of Deo Ca Group reached VND 4,184 billion, an increase of VND 331 billion compared to the same period last year; profit after tax reached 419 billion dong, a slight increase of 2.2% over the same period, corresponding to a profit margin of 10%.

This enterprise has also successfully mobilized capital to implement the Cam Lam – Vinh Hao project with a total investment of VND 8,925 billion. Also in 2022, Deo Ca Group won many bidding packages in Binh Dinh coastal road projects, the project of upgrading and expanding Prenn Pass in Lam Dong, Hai Giang bridge project…

In 2023, Deo Ca Group continues to be appointed as the general contractor for the construction of the Quang Ngai – Hoai Nhon expressway with a length of 88km, a total investment of 20,469 billion VND. Next, Deo Ca led the consortium to execute the package XL1 for the Chi Thanh – Van Phong section with a value of more than VND 4,300 billion.

The business side has set a plan that the consolidated revenue in 2023 is expected to reach more than VND 6,700 billion, an increase of 50% compared to 2022. With this business plan, Deo Ca Group sets a plan to pay maximum dividends. 80% profit after tax.

The leader of Deo Ca Group said that in the period of 2023 – 2025, this enterprise will focus on main activities of construction and installation, accessing and participating in bidding for airport, railway and some highway projects. in many different localities… The total investment of the projects is about 26,000 billion VND. In which, it is expected to participate in about 11,500 billion VND worth of construction and installation contracts deployed from the end of 2023 to 2025.

Along with increasing the scale of construction and installation activities, Deo Ca side also said that it will promote investment in transport infrastructure projects in the form of public-private partnerships, continue to promote the implementation of traffic infrastructure projects. PPP projects are being studied in Lang Son, Cao Bang, Lam Dong, Dien Bien, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Tien Giang…

Discussing more about upcoming activities, Deo Ca’s leader said the investment strategy to build high-speed railways and metro metro systems in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City has been determined to be implemented in the period 2025-2030. Therefore, the leader of this business identified this as a type of transport infrastructure project of great value, high technology and part of the strategic direction of Deo Ca.

“To prepare to seize this opportunity, Ca Deo has cooperated with experienced foreign partners such as Sany, PowerChina … to develop human resources, prepare modern equipment for construction, prepare sufficient capacity. organized for bidding,” said the leader of Deo Ca.

CII wants to divest more than 32 million shares of Saigon Water Infrastructure

The transaction is expected to be carried out from June 6 to July 5, 2023, according to the method of agreement and order matching, 

Currently, CII owns 50.62% of charter capital at Saigon Water Infrastructure Joint Stock Company. If the transaction is successful, CII will no longer hold any SII shares.

Previously, in mid-March, CII approved a plan to divest from the water infrastructure unit – SII and authorized the Board of Directors to decide related procedures.

Not long ago, CII announced a BOD resolution on investing in a business. The identity of the enterprise expected to invest has not yet been announced by CII, however, CII said that this is an enterprise listed on the HNX and has complementary industries for CII’s infrastructure investment.

In addition, the CII Board of Directors also approved the company to guarantee a medium and long-term loan (maximum term of 84 months, total value of nearly VND 2,398 billion) of the BOT project to expand Hanoi Highway and National Highway 1 from The old junction of station 2 to Tan Van intersection.

Previously, CII approved the sale of 31,797,370 treasury shares and authorized the Chairman of the Board of Directors to carry out procedures related to the sale of treasury shares.

As of March 31, 2023, CII is recording a value of treasury shares of VND 737.02 billion, equivalent to 31,797,370 treasury shares.

At the end of the first quarter of 2023, CII’s net revenue reached more than VND 748 billion, up 5% over the same period. Notably, CII’s net profit this quarter was just over 7 billion dong, down 99% over the same period.

It is known that in 2023, CII sets a target of total revenue of VND 5,155 billion and net profit of VND 469 billion, down 30% and 50% respectively compared to the results of 2022. With the results achieved in the first quarter, CII only implemented achieving nearly 15% of the revenue target and nearly 2% of the year’s profit target.

VN-Index reversed spectacularly in the afternoon, real estate stocks made an impression

Session 20/6, VN-Index increased 6.32 points, or 0.57%, to 1,111.72 points. Green color permeates most industries.

In the banking sector, CTG increased by 2.1%, STB increased by 1.74%, HDB increased by 1.91%, LPB increased by 1.02%, EIB increased by 1.22%. Most of the remaining stocks increased slightly below 1%, except VCB, which decreased by 1.77% and SHB, TPB, and OCB all recorded a slight decrease.

Securities stocks were quite positive as SSI increased by 1.18%, VND 2.08%, HCM increased by 0.74%, VIX increased by 1.38%, FTS increased by 2.92%, BSI increased by 2.75 %, ORS increased by 1.03%, CTS increased by 1.54%.

The real estate group performed very positively. Accordingly, BCM increased by 1.23%, NVL increased by 3.57%, KBC increased by 3.6%, DIG increased by 3.07%, VCG increased by 3.94%, PDR increased by 6.5%, DXG increased by 5.17 %, ITA increased by 2.58%, KHG increased by 3.33%, FCN increased by 4.28%; HHV, CII, NTL, EVG, LDG all hit the ceiling price.

The production team is also covered in blue. In which, HPG increased by 1.28%, GVR increased by 5.03%, DGC increased by 2.78%, DHG increased by 2.42%, SBT increased by 2.3%, NKG increased by 3.35%, HSG increased by 2.15 %, PHR increased by 2.18%.

Energy, aviation and retail stocks: GAS increased by 1.37%, POW increased by 0.37%, PLX stood at the reference price while PGV decreased by 0.6%; HVN increased by 0.75% but VJC decreased by 0.52%; MWG and FRT gained 2.41% and 2.23%, respectively, while PNJ stood at the reference price.

On HoSE, there were 298 stocks of increasing price, 61 stocks of standing at the reference price and 127 stocks of decreasing. Matching liquidity was lower than average, reaching VND 11,224 billion.