Experience: I am the tallest woman in the world

Travelling is challenging for me because I am the tallest woman in the world with a rare genetic condition called Weaver syndrome, which only affects around 50 people. I stand at a height of more than 7 feet (2.15 meters).

It was very difficult for me to find tall women, and this made things very difficult; people expect women to be taller and bigger than men as a social norm. I felt like a child trapped inside an adult’s body. I knew I looked different from other people as early as I can remember, because of my physical condition, and I was homeschooled. My childhood was not easy.

Being creative gives me an opportunity. I always make sure that the bottoms are tailored to fit perfectly. I will find a dress that I can get into like a top. I usually buy clothes from brands that specialize in plus-size clothing and then alter them. There are also many positives, but it can be very difficult to find everything that needs to be altered to suit me. I often need to adjust things due to my height.

I actually applied for the holder record of the shortest time I have seen myself. I received the title for the tallest teenager living when I was 17 in 2014. I have always been a very ambitious individual.

In 2021, I was named the tallest living woman, receiving titles for having the longest fingers and largest hands. I also use these titles as a platform to empower people, raise awareness about my condition, and inspire others who are facing similar conditions to know that they are not alone and to encourage them to hope and empower themselves.

Due to the pressure on my spine, I will need to rest and lie down after, as sitting for more than two hours at a time can exacerbate my muscle and joint problems, as well as my spinal curvature, which is a result of my condition. I had always thought that flying on a plane would be impossible, and the journey from Turkey to Silicon Valley would take a staggering 13 hours. However, I have been dreaming of developing my career as a web developer for years now.

Last autumn, I had agreed to make my dreams come true by flying with an airline. However, it was delayed because of the pandemic. I was hoping to fly in 2020, but due to the circumstances, it was not possible. Over the past few years, I have researched travel options that could work for me.

I had an amazing time, but there were a lot of curious people on the fully booked commercial flight. I was the first person to use it as a regular passenger – usually, this option is only available for medical emergencies. I would lie down throughout the flight. They placed me on a stretcher and closed off six seats in the economy section of the plane to accommodate it.

I’m hoping to go on a trip to the UK soon. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next, now that I’ve achieved my dream of travelling on a plane. My next goal is to bring her over here, so I was devastated to have to leave my friends in Turkey. I’m proud to be Peri’s mom, which means fairy in Turkish. At the moment, I’m living in California to pursue my career in tech.

You should always believe that you are special and it’s your uniqueness that makes you unique. I always say that you should be aware of your potential. I believe that something negative can often be turned into a positive.

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I feel proud to have won them. Winning doesn’t mean I have as many world Guinness record titles as some. People on the internet make negative comments. Sometimes I still get used to being bullied.

Outside and inside, both contribute to the beauty that surrounds us, highlighting the differences that make us unique. It is important to remember that everyone is different and to be kind, but I hope that people can also try to understand my circumstances and learn from my story.