Fact vs fiction: All the tiny details in Netflix’s Dahmer series that actually happened

In actuality, these scenes in The Dahmer Jeffrey The Monster, a true crime drama series on Netflix, can be both shocking and unpredictable. It’s likely that you won’t be surprised by the majority of the story, as it remains faithful to the facts rather than relying on fictional elements.

Throughout the 10-part series on Netflix, “The Dahmer Jeffrey Story: The Monster,” Murphy and Ryan are unfortunately stuck in trying to make the exact story, showing more and more of the disturbing and twisted moments and details of the tiny and exact rundown of the case you’re wondering what is fact and what is fiction.

Club 219 is real, and Jeffrey Dahmer went there

A fact vs fiction breakdown of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix

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Dahmer Jeffrey is seen visiting the 219 Club bar, picking up multiple victims and bringing them to his apartment before. The 219 Club, which Dahmer Jeffrey visited, was a real gay bar in Milwaukee. According to the Project History LGBT Wisconsin, the 219 Club, which opened in February 1981, was widely renowned as one of the best spots in the area.

The club, however, closed today as its popularity began to decline when it was revealed to the public that victims were often picked up and struggled custom in the area by Dahmer, and more bars were opened up in the vicinity.

He really did gift his teacher some tadpoles

Dahmer killed the tadpoles by putting them in motor oil, which annoyed his friend. This is based on real events, and Dahmer handed the tadpoles over to a teacher as a gift. In one scene at school, we see Dahmer trying to fit in and grow up.

Dahmer would taunt other prisoners whilst in jail, and make his food into body parts

A fact vs fiction breakdown of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix

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In prison, Dahmer reportedly had a sick sense of humor, as he would use blood that resembled ketchup and parts of his body to create food molds. He would allegedly tell jokes about cannibalism, taunting and amusing his fellow prisoners.

The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer, known as “The Monster,” is now accessible on Netflix, offering a collection of memes, quizzes, and the latest news similar to Facebook and the Church of Holy Netflix.

The incident at the fair ground was real

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In August 1982, less than a year after being arrested for drunken and disorderly conduct, Dahmer was found guilty of indecent exposure at a fair held in Wisconsin State Fair Park. The Netflix show depicts an incident where Dahmer was apprehended for indecent exposure at the fair. This incident led to a $50 fine, with reports stating that “25 individuals, including females and minors, were in attendance.” This event did occur in actuality.

Jeffrey Dahmer was pulled over by police when he had human remains in his car

A fact vs fiction breakdown of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix

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He was pulled over by the police because he was swerving on the roads, but officers were convinced to let him drive away because he had been pulled over at 3am. When he was pulled over by the police, he remained in the back of his car as a human remains were found, and he was taken to court as a result.

Rita Isbell’s court scene is pretty much identical to how it happened in real life

In actuality, the portrayal we witnessed in the Netflix series closely mirrors the reality. Rita, who is well-known for her touching victim impact statement, delivered it in court while directly confronting Dahmer. Rita Isbell, the sister of Errol Lindsey, one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s targets, was the one who gave the speech.

The vile ‘meat’ sandwich scene was based on true events

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This is based on real events, where Dahmer’s neighbors in Cleveland, Glenda, think that the meat offered to them by Dahmer had been human. The moment when we see Dahmer hand over a sandwich made of “meat” to Glenda in the show is particularly stomach-churning.

She exclaimed, “I have most likely consumed a portion of someone’s anatomy.” Previously, Dahmer did offer her a sandwich, and she verified in an interview that the occurrence indeed included a neighbor named Pamela Bass, whose encounters have been merged with those of the authentic Glenda Cleveland to form the character we observe on the program.

Dahmer did work at the Milwaukee Blood Plasma Center

In the Netflix series about Jeffrey Dahmer, this moment is based on a true story. He suggests that he got this job, not from any donations, but rather through a blood donation center where some of the donations were taken home. Although it seems like a big fictional element added to the series, it is actually based on facts.

Jeffrey Dahmer did often show victims The Exorcist III movie

In a chilling interview, he said that the Exorcist III often showed true crimes committed by Jeffrey Dahmer, which brought him back to his apartment and put him in a chilling mood.

The Honour Society Yearbook story was real

At the start of the four-episode Netflix series, Dahmer is seen sneaking into the background of the Honour Society’s Yearbook photograph, but in reality, he had done nothing with the group and his face has been blacked out in the photo.

It’s true Dahmer would phone the family members of his victims

Cease your search for their relatives, Dahmer indeed contacted the family members of his victims and informed them. While engulfed in his dark desires, Dahmer advises his sister on Netflix that the family should refrain from pursuing him any further after he murders Tony Hughes.

The police did return Konerak Sinthasomphone to Dahmer

Afterwards, the police were called and Cleveland Glenda, a neighbor of hers, confirmed the truth of what happened in her real life. Konerak is an adult and the police inform them that they are his boyfriends, according to Dahmer. After being drugged and covered in blood, we witness a shocking scene where Sinthasomphone, a 14-year-old, escapes from Dahmer’s apartment.

A fact vs fiction breakdown of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix

Via Netflix.

Dahmer did say to Tracy Edwards ‘I want to hear your heart because I’m going to eat it’

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Tracy Edwards confirmed that this truly happened in real life, and he wants to hear it from Jeffrey Dahmer himself after putting him straight in the Exorcist III, in a particularly eerie scene in the series.

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