Family of Brianna Grier, Georgia woman who fell out of moving police vehicle, files wrongful death lawsuit

The law enforcement officials implicated in the occurrence are facing a lawsuit from relatives of Brianna Grier, the Georgian lady who passed away the previous year after being ejected from a moving police car.

The complaint was obtained by ABC News, which names Primus Tomlyn, Sheriff of Hancock County, and Deputy Legette Timothy, as well as Lieutenant Primus Marlin.

The lawsuit claims that the deputies willfully and unlawfully restrained and seized the decedent, falsely arrested the decedent, unnecessarily handcuffed and picked her up multiple times, ignored her cries for help and deprived her of medical assistance, ultimately causing her death and brain and head injury.

At the press conference on Wednesday, Mary Grier, the mother of Brianna Grier, voiced her dissatisfaction, stating, “I believe they treated her unfairly.” The officers, being well-informed about Grier’s mental health problems, acknowledged her concerns.

According to Mary Grier, the person who struggled with her mental health and happened to her was a good daughter.

“We inform them that she has returned home to reside with God,” mentioned Mary Grier in response to her granddaughters – the twin daughters of Brianna Grier – when they inquired about their mother.

ABC News’ inquiries for a response from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office went unanswered.

ABC News’ attempts to directly reach the officers named in the lawsuit were unsuccessful. It is unclear if they have retained attorneys.

The reason she discovered that she fell out of the moving police vehicle was because the door wasn’t properly closed, and last year, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation conducted an independent investigation into Grier’s closed case and the incident.

During an interview with WGXA, the ABC affiliate in Macon, Georgia, District Attorney T. Wright Barksdale III discussed his choice to not present the case to a grand jury in November. He stated that his decision was made after his office thoroughly examined the GBI report from the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit.

He stated, “We didn’t arrive at a decision without careful consideration.” “We have made our judgment based on the facts and evidence, finding no criminal wrongdoing on the part of those two deputies.”

ABC News has contacted Barksdale for additional remarks but has not obtained a reply.

Grier, a 28-year-old mother of two, was apprehended by Primus and Legette on July 15, 2022, after Grier’s mother, who contacted 911, stated that she was going through a mental health emergency.

The released body camera footage, which was released by the GBI in July 2022, shows Grier resisting officers as they try to put her in the patrol car. In the 10-minute clip, Grier can be seen struggling to get into the back seat of the police car, but she does not show how she ended up falling out of the moving vehicle.

The final summary report from the GBI stated that the indicator light for the open door on the cluster of vehicles could also be seen. It was reported that at the time of the arrest, the rear passenger side door was not latched and had already been opened, allowing Grier to exit the vehicle. Lt. Primus and Deputy Legette were unaware that the door was not closed, as it was not clear from the investigation.

The medical examiner at GBI’s Division of Forensic Sciences determined that the cause of death for Grier was “accident,” with “delayed complications” resulting from “blunt force head trauma.” Furthermore, an independent autopsy, requested by Grier’s family, identified severe head injury caused by blunt force as the cause of Grier’s death.

Barksdale informed WGXA that he comprehends the reasons behind the family’s decision to initiate a civil lawsuit, emphasizing his dedication to upholding the law and utilizing the available evidence and facts.

“He emphasized that Grier’s case underscores the importance of reforming mental health care and the necessity of allocating additional resources to address these needs within the state.”

Kendall Ross from ABC News made a contribution to this report.