FBI offers $50,000 reward for capture, conviction of jail escapee Alder Marin-Sotelo

Recently, one of the escaped convicts from jail in Virginia was arrested, thanks to the information provided by the FBI, who is now offering a reward of $50,000.

According to the FBI, Alder Marin-Sotelo is deemed highly dangerous. If anyone sees him, they should immediately call 911.

He is one of two individuals accused in relation to the August 2022 killing of Wake County Deputy Ned Byrd.

He was held in Piedmont Regional Jail in Farmville, Virginia, for federal firearm violations on April 30, as it has been observed that he made a break and was seen not.

Tony Godwin, the Chief of the County Sheriff’s Office, stated that the tremendous effort has now been completed and we will continue to work with all our partners. We have no remaining unused resources. In this endeavor, we are being assisted by all our federal, state, and local partners.

Legal documents identify sibling as an accomplice

On Tuesday morning, ABC11 uncovered federal court documents that revealed Adriana Marin-Sotelo, the 31-year-old sister of Marin-Sotelo, had been arrested on accusations of helping him escape from the Virginia jail.

According to investigators, Alder utilized alder wood to facilitate his getaway, compensating an individual with a sum of $2,500 to discreetly position a vehicle within the prison premises for Adriana.

Alder and it are still at large, but the FBI has released images of the vehicle. The surveillance video recorded Alder jumping over the jail fence around 1:40 a.M. On Sunday, getting into a burgundy or red early 2000s Ford Mustang with a temporary tag that reads “day-30”.

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The vehicle was collected in High Point and brought to the detention center by midnight on April 29. According to the federal criminal complaint, relatives and acquaintances of the accused collaborated with inmates in the jail to coordinate this. The preparations for this undertaking commenced on April 28, preceding its actual execution.

Departing the scene, Alder enters the Mustang and is captured on video climbing over the prison barrier three hours later. According to investigators, on April 29, the Mustang was observed in the parking area at approximately 10:45 p.M., As evidenced by surveillance footage.

The payment never arrived, but the individuals who dropped off the Mustang in the parking lot were expecting to receive a second $2,500. This incident was later reported to the federal court as a complaint.

Her upcoming hearing is set for 3 p.M. On Friday. She informed the court that she was not a citizen of the United States. On Tuesday afternoon, the court directed her to stay in the custody of the US Marshal’s Office. Adriana Marin-Sotelo is accused of conspiring to provoke or aid in escape.

Theory of Escape Explored by U.S. Marshal

According to ABC News, the US Marshals are leading an investigation into the escape of inmate Bruce Callahan and another individual, Alder, who are familiar with the investigation.

In a one-on-one interview with ABC News, Larry Moltzan, the US Marshal for the Eastern District of North Carolina, revealed, “Subsequently, they climbed over two fences in order to escape from the prison. It appears that they managed to skillfully manipulate certain locks, and consequently, crawled through an aperture that guided them outside into the recreation yard.”

They might’ve talked about the escape, but he said he believes one left 20 hours before the other, Moltzan told ABC News.

Moltzan stated, “However, they did not flee simultaneously and did not necessarily assist one another in that manner.” “I believe it’s reasonable to speculate that they might have discussed it, considering how alike it was.”

Arturo and his brother Alder have been indicted on murder charges in August 2022 for the killing of Deputy Ned Byrd, who was shot three times in the head and once in the chest while checking a suspicious activity near the Battle Bridge on Auburn Road in Knightdale.

Law enforcement authorities informed ABC News that both individuals are suspected to be “men of threat.”

If anyone sees them, we should contact law enforcement immediately. They could definitely pose a danger to the community. We certainly believe that they are both dangerous men. Mr. Sotelo is wanted for homicide by a law enforcement officer in Wake County, North Carolina. Additionally, he was federally charged with possession of weapons by an illegal alien. Moltzan stated that Bruce Callahan has an extensive criminal history involving drug and firearms offenses.

He stated that he thinks they both have the capability to acquire arms.

He stated, “We firmly believe that both individuals possess the capability to possess weapons and both of them pose a significant threat.” “Given the nature of pursuing escaped criminals, they could potentially be located anywhere. We strongly suspect that they might be in North Carolina and could be considering other destinations.”

Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone is well aware of the grim situation surrounding a prison escape.

He experienced one in 2019 when prisoners walked up beneath the fence and escaped.

Stone informed ABC11 that the sheriff stated there are more than 10 issues with officers’ detention findings across the state.

Stone mentioned, “Each sheriff I converse with is quite petite. We urgently require detention officers.” Stone emphasized, “It is imperative to have competent individuals employed in these detention centers who possess integrity, honor, and a strong work ethic to oversee the prisoners.”

Regarding the Marin-Sotelo case, Stone mentioned that there are valid justifications why law enforcement officials are diligently striving to locate him.

Stone said, “The man was missing for 25 hours. The case is where he is. He is a police officer who is a killer. He needs to be caught, he needs to be caught right away.”

He stated that the likelihood of prisoners escaping is constantly genuine and existing.

Stone said, “It’s not impossible.” After walking into our county jail in Nash County a few years back, I looked at the sign that says there’s an exit in the back of the building and inmates have access to it, and I saw about 40 inmates.

Stone added, “He has a family and there’s a possibility that he won’t return home. What’s truly frightening is that some law enforcement officer has the responsibility of apprehending him again.” In other words, “A fugitive who has murdered a police officer is an individual of great peril and it is impossible to predict where he might ultimately end up.”